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Stitching Update with another Finish

Last week I was switching my stitching rotation round to my Turtle Trot pieces. I had the Beds of Roses piece out and was so near finishing that I decided to press on with that rather than switching to a … Continue reading

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Kris Kringle

Spring has come with a bang this morning. The sun is shining, showing up all that needs a spring clean, guess what I’m going to be doing with the remainder of my week lol. The daffodils are starting to peek … Continue reading

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A start ! is a start ! is a start !

Last night I got some much needed stitching time in and have started my Elizabeth Simon Sampler by the Scarlet Letter. Elizabeth Simon I started on the very outside sawtooth edge barely visible in this picture but its started and … Continue reading

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Theme-a-licious and more !!

Its been awhile since I updated my stitching, its not where I’ve not been stitching it is just going a little slower. This past month I’ve been working on my theme-a-licious pieces. With the theme being Jardin January..I was working … Continue reading

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Turtle Trot and Scarlet Letter Year.

This year as I’ve said I’m taking part in the Turtle Trot happening here on BAP Attack I’ve listed the rules and my 13 projects under its own special page at the top of my blog.This month I’ve been working … Continue reading

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