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Stitching Update

This week seems to be the week of returns, returning to regular blogging on projects, reading and now stitching. It has been many years from I had cross stitch out and having recently come across a tub of projects intended … Continue reading

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Threads that did wed…

40 years ago on the 13th June my parents got married. When it came to deciding on an anniversary gift to mark the occasion it required a fair amount of thought. Afterall how do you capture 40 years worth of … Continue reading

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Stitching- Sampler

Later this week than expected is the stitching update. The border of the sampler is finished. It is going to be an odd size, why couldn’t I design a sampler that would fit a ready-made frame? I don’t know I’ve … Continue reading

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Return to Stitching.

Now there is a title I didn’t think I’d be using just yet. I’ve had no desire in the last two years to pick up my needle and thread, and I do have lots of both, and stitch something. But … Continue reading

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Stitch an Update

I’ve just checked and it’s been some weeks from a stitching update. I have been stitching, just slower than my normal pace but I’ve been enjoying just working on a piece when the desire hits. I’m still working on just … Continue reading

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Stitch an Update

Stitching time this week has been sparse. I got caught up with crochet and when I had it done I was just to tired at the end of the week to stitch much. Poor Rosey only has a face, Last … Continue reading

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Stitch an Update

Stitching this week has been moving along on Rosey the piece from Little House Needleworks. I’m enjoying this piece so I left it on the frame. I’ve decided to relax some on the stitching challenges I’m doing as I’m more … Continue reading

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