YOP – year 7 week 5

YOP 7 banner 2

I always like a week where I can see the progress that has been made. This past week has been one of those weeks.

Thank you all for your sweet comments on my finished Herbarium jumper last week. I am delighted with the finished garment and as soon as it’s cool enough for wearing I’ll take some modelled shots.

With Herbarium being cast off I mentioned that I would be getting ready to cast on Grace by Jane Richmond. I swatched earlier in the week with the stated 3.5mm needles and was out a little on both stitch and row gauge. I did debate re-working the numbers to the gauge I had but decided on Friday that this really wasn’t something I wanted to do. I spend my working week taking a lot of notes and working to numbers in my knitwear designs that what I really wanted my personal projects to be was relaxing and as mindless as I could make them, so I re-swatched on 4mm needles and hit both stitch and row gauge spot on. Today I will be casting on Grace and I’m really looking forward to having the next garment on the needles.

Grace 1

My Dearest Loveliest Elizabeth socks have seen both heel flaps and heel turns put in, in the contrasting yarn and I’m 3/4 of the way down the foot on one sock. This really is the result of one evenings knitting on Monday after a visit to the dentist and I really wasn’t up to much more than just knitting round and round and round.

My Dearest Loveliest Elizabeth 5

My Gráinne shawl is working up just wonderfully, even if I’m saying that myself. But it is just what I envisaged when I picked these colours. The last minute decision to only add the beads to the lace at the start and end of the lace sections is working perfectly adding just another line of colour into the palette. This second section of garter stitch is nearly complete.

Gráinne 5

So that just leaves me with showing you how the list is looking at the moment.

A Year of Projects, The List, 2017 – 2018 

Garment Rail  – min 3

  • Herbarium started Jul 24th/finished July 19th
  • Gracestarted Jul 30th
  • From Way Back
  • Sammal

Sock Box  – min 10

Shawl Drawer  – min 3

My page of current projects for this YOP year can be found here.

To read other blogs taking part in YOP – Year 7 or indeed to take part yourself, check out the Ravelry group here.


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14 Responses to YOP – year 7 week 5

  1. Marsha says:

    The color for your new sweater is so yummy. I am glad you got your gauge. This is why we are told to swatch, huh. And we all hate swatching! Your Elizabeth sock is so pretty. I love the little bows on it. Your shawl is a nice blend of the colors and I think the beads to make it pop a bit more.

    • Ruth says:

      Thanks Marsha, I love swatching, for a wee small thing it tells so much and with getting gauge I can just get right in there now and get started.

  2. Love all your colors for everything. I really like the beads in your shawl and the band of color….very pretty. Glad you got gauge although I don’t swatch for shawls but maybe I should? I love your sock design and may have to try it later. I am trying to learn new techniques at the moment.

    • Ruth says:

      Thanks Sam and I don’t tend to swatch for shawls either and just go with the stated needle size. I always figure I can stretch it out a bit more in blocking if need be but for garments I always swatch. I can’t just imagine doing all that work and it not fitting properly.

  3. Stefanie says:

    Lovely progress, Ruth. Do you possibly have a trend in your swatching? Meaning…for example, I know that I will not be able to get gauge with the designer’s used needle size. I’m usually about 2 sizes under and start with that size. If I’m off, I count up or down with needle size paired with gauge. Your intended Grace is something Elizabeth Bennet would wear! If she wore your sock and shawl designs they would be such a luxury for her.

    • Ruth says:

      Thank you Stef, as these are both garments from two different designers I decided to swatch both times. on the stated needle. If I were to knit a garment by either of these designers again I would start, like you do, one needle above. I think designers tend to have a similar gauge on all their projects and it may only differ if gauge is in a particular pattern like lace or cables if you get what I mean. Then the different fibres I’m using this time, merino+silk opposed to merino+nylon in the last one had a difference also. I think this cardigan and socks would make a terrific combination, can’t you just see it over a dress!

  4. Rain Frances says:

    Hi Ruth 🙂 Your projects are all so feminine and pretty, I’ve likely said that before, but the colours always take me aback when I see them. They really are beautiful! Great progress!!

  5. You have had a great week, and good for you for swatching. It is something I tend to ,ahem, overlook from time to time.

  6. Lucy Bowen says:

    I love the yarn you are using for Grace, that will be perfect for autumn days. Your Elizabeth socks look great and Grainne is splendid.

  7. Becki says:

    Your Gráinne shawl is just lovely. I do love that addition of variegated yarn on the lace (or open mesh?) section. And as always, your pictures are beautiful, Ruth. Even your swatch picture is pretty. 🙂

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