YOP – year 7 week 4

YOP 7 banner 2

I have missed a few other blog posts this past week between one thing and another but I was determined not to miss an update at least for YOP. Progress has been made on projects and the size of progress well, that’s always relative I think to what is going on around us.

First project up is indeed my Herbarium jumper. It was finished during the week, ends woven in and it got blocked. It just made it off the blocking mats yesterday evening in time for today’s post. I love how it turned out. The size was exactly to what I’d gotten gauge to and I love the fit, the pattern and the colour. Definitely a winning project to my mind.


I’ve gotten the yarn and pattern together for my Grace cardigan by Jane Richmond. I decided to knit this next as it was what I had originally planned to knit next, way back when. I am hoping to swatch for this later today and hopefully at some stage this week to get a start made on it. The yarn I’m going to be using is Eden Cottage Yarns, Millburn 4ply in the Autumn Fields colour.


I’ve completed both legs of My Dearest Loveliest Elizabeth socks and have moved onto adding in the contrasting heel on one of them.

My Dearest Loveliest Elizabeth 4

My Gráinne shawl has two more rows of the first lace section left to be completed before I switch back to the next garter section. As I was working the lace section I made a last minute decision to add beads to the first and last row of the lace sections only. This I’m hoping will give a line of colour between the sections, we shall see though as I progress through the shawl.

Gráinne 4

I did purchase this gorgeous skein of yarny goodness and it arrived on Friday morning. It is called Yellow Submarine and this is most definitely going to be socks! I think I may have a yellow sock addiction, hmmm.

Yellow Submarine

And there you have it, short and quick and to the point. Work knitting took over with test knits beginning and other designs needing to be finished and started which ate a little into my personal knitting time but it goes like that at times. I’ve also been reading away, but I just didn’t get time to get a book report blog post done, on Wednesday, and as for stitching, well I’m hoping to get a second post of that up this coming Friday.

So that leaves us with just having to take a look at the list.

A Year of Projects, The List, 2017 – 2018 

Garment Rail  – min 3

  • Herbarium started Jul 24th/finished July 19th
  • Grace
  • From Way Back
  • Sammal

Sock Box  – min 10

Shawl Drawer  – min 3

My page of current projects for this YOP year can be found here.

To read other blogs taking part in YOP – Year 7 or indeed to take part yourself, check out the Ravelry group here.


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23 Responses to YOP – year 7 week 4

  1. PJ says:

    LOVE the yellow submarine yarn. That color is gorgeous. Your jumper looks beautiful, I really like that stitch pattern. I have a feeling that Grace pattern is going to end up going from my favorites to my queue in the near future. I can’t wait to see yours!

  2. Marsha says:

    ooooohhhh the jumper turned out swell. You must take a photo when you wear it. I like the fiber you chose for the Grace cardigan. Of course your new sock yarn is yellow. LOL. The nice thing about socks is………..you can make them any color you love, even if the color normally looks horrible on you. They are under pants and it won’t make a difference. So whatever makes you happiest.

    • Ruth says:

      I will try to remember to get some shots when I’m wearing it Marsha and I knew you’d get the yellow and yes I’d never dream of wearing yellow anywhere above my feet but somehow I feel any colour goes on the feet, specially yellow!

  3. Stefanie says:

    OMGosh! I lurve your new jumper! It is frothy and looks comfy and airy. And the progress on your shawl is beautiful; what a lovely colorway. Your Pride and Prejudice socks always make me smile.

    • Ruth says:

      Thank you Stef my new jumper is so comfy, I tried it on and modelled it but really it was just too warm to be able to wear it long enough even for pics.

      • Stefanie says:

        What temperatures have you been having in Ireland?

      • Ruth says:

        Today it was in the low 20s (celsius) today, I’m not sure what that is in your temps but for us here that’s hotish enough, once it climbs over 25 we all tend to melt a bit because year round we are used to have temps constant in the mid teens so all our seasons are pretty much the same temp wise.

      • Stefanie says:

        20° C is about 68° F which is almost cold for us in the east bay. 80° F (27° C) is when I start feelin’ it. Back in the north bay of San Francisco, 68 would be hot for us, LOL. Thanks for sharing.

      • Ruth says:

        I find that fascinating and I must admit I can’t do much more above that so I’d say anything over your 70 and I’d be a puddle, Marshas temps just completely boggle my mind and I can’t imagine the heat and temps you guys get.

  4. Look at you go! Your sweater turned out beautiful and what a lovely color. I am really liking that rambling rose colorway in your shawl and the beads are really pretty with it. I have yet to try contrasting heels and toes and/or cuffs….I need to try that this year. The socks are so feminine and pretty. They will see you coming with those yellow socks! My favorite color! Have a great and productive week!

    • Ruth says:

      Thank you Sam, I love how my jumper turned out. Now to just be quicker knitting the next one. I seem to be just feeding my yellow sock addiction 🙂 I hope you have a good week also Sam.

  5. Lucy Bowen says:

    Oh my, Herbarium looks fabulous! And your Elizabeth socks are coming along perfectly. I love the new yarn and am looking forward to seeing that made into socks.

  6. Becki says:

    Sigh. Your Herbarium is just beautiful, Ruth. What a lovely thing to be able to wear. And the Grace cardigan – another sigh… That will be beautiful in the yarn you’ve chosen for it. I am in awe.

  7. Dorothy says:

    Oh my goodness you have been busy. Your jumper looks amazing and beautiful looking yarn for your next project too. Isn’t it exciting to receive yarn in the post? I think your yellow Alice will make nice socks. Have a good week. xox

  8. Yay for finishing things and starting new ones! I love your sweater and oh my that yellow yarn (soon to be socks) is just the happiest colour imaginable!

  9. Rain Frances says:

    Hi Ruth 🙂 The jumper is so lovely. Beautiful stitching! That Yellow Submarine yarn pops! I love it! 🙂 I can’t wait to see your socks!

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