YOP – year 7 week 1

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It’s that time of year when we gather our to do lists and mix them up with our crafty wish lists and come up with our planned list for another, Year of Projects list, more affectionately known as YOP.

I may have fallen off the blogging wagon for YOP but I didn’t fall off the knitting wagon and I found last years set up for a list worked for me. It concentrated on those main areas that I wanted to work on, garments, shawls, and socks. I added in design work because lets face it that’s going to be going on anyway and is my working week. If you missed my wrap up post and are wondering how I did with last years list, then check that out HERE.

While I want to keep a similar layout to last years list, this year I want to concentrate more on garments. This is the one area that suffered with last years list and I want to concentrate on it more this year. I’m carrying forward my Herbarium jumper as a WIP and adding into it the three other garment items I’ve purchased yarn and patterns to make. As the Herbarium is so close to being finished I don’t think it should count towards this years minimum list, so I am leaving the garments section at wanting to knit a minimum of three but those are three new garments started and finished this year. These are the main focus of what I want to complete this year.

This is my Herbarium today.


Yarn for Grace.


Yarn for From Way Back.

From Way Back

Yarn for Sammal.


I’m keeping the Sock Box section, to mix it up with a few things and keep it interesting, and who just doesn’t need more socks. I tried to knit some of the various sock challenges last year and I may attempt to try and co-ordinate with one of those challenges again because let’s face it, I’m going to be knitting them anyway. I just need to pick a sock challenge that is going to work for me, if you have any ideas or recommendations, please do let me know in the comments section. I have no patterns or yarns picked but I am hoping to knit a minimum of 10 pairs of socks. If I am attempting a sock challenge and need particular patterns or colours used I will pick those when I decide and add them to the list.

For now I am carrying forward one sock WIP from last year and that is My Dearest Loveliest Elizabeth socks.

My Dearest Loveliest Elizabeth

The Shawl Drawer is staying for this year where I have committed to the shawl KALs I’m knitting in my Knitterarium Ravelry group. This commitment is up until Christmas then it will be easing off and I can see the amount of shawls I knit also easing off as I concentrate more on the garments I’m knitting. For this reason I am aiming to reduce the minimum knit in this area from 4 to 3, this 3 will include a shawl WIP that I have.

The shawl WIP that I am bringing forward is Twilight Dying of the Light, this is where it is at the moment and I’m unlikely to get working on this until after Christmas.

Twilight Dying of the Light

I am casting on Gráinne this weekend. This is part of the Go Your Own Way Shawl KAL that I am running in my Knitterarium Ravelry group. I am choosing to knit a two colour version of Gráinne and I’m using beads.


I am removing the Design Corner from my list. While I am a designer and this is my bread and butter and it makes up the majority of my working week. Mostly I can’t show what I’m working on fully and I don’t think it should count towards my YOP year. I will show you releases as I have them but I just won’t be counting them towards the YOP year. There are also a number of ways to already keep up with what I am working on, such as Instagram, my Ravelry Group, my podcast and my  website, either on the words tab or the newsletter ( Never Miss a Story, at the bottom of the main page) and I feel I would just be repeating the same information again.

So there you have the ideas and plans behind the sections. What I want to accomplish and what I aim to do. I have set up a folder on my projects page for YOP 7 so all projects this year will be visible in it. Links to it will, as usual, be after the list which will appear at the end of every post as well as the links to the group if you are interested in joining in the fun at any stage, it’s never too late. In the sections of my list I’ve provided links as usual to each of my project pages and these are all linked to patterns available.

So that just leaves me with showing you the official YOP  year 7, 2017 – 2018 list.

A Year of Projects, The List, 2017 – 2018 

Garment Rail  – min 3

  • Herbarium – started Jul 24th
  • Grace
  • From Way Back
  • Sammal

Sock Box  – min 10

Shawl Drawer  – min 3

My page of current projects for this YOP year can be found here.

To read other blogs taking part in YOP – Year 7 or indeed to take part yourself, check out the Ravelry group here.


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18 Responses to YOP – year 7 week 1

  1. Welcome back! Lovely projects and yarns! I especially like your socks and your twilight shawl….lovely.

  2. Lucy Bowen says:

    It’s so good to have you back! I love the simplicity of your list so that it is very flexible. I am looking forward to seeing herbarium finished and am looking forward to seeing your from way back – I knit that last year and love it.

    • Ruth says:

      Thank you Lucy, I found last years simplicity really worked for me in completing what I wanted to. I loved your From Way Back and I had the Black Tulip yarn by Eden Cottage Yarns in mind when I saw yours.

  3. Ella says:

    I love your colour choices, especially the colours you picked for the socks. Can’t wait to see them once they’re finished.

  4. Marsha says:

    Ah Ruth…………Nice to see you blogging again. Your list is once again lovely and I will be looking forward to seeing your work each week. Your latest shawl, Grainne, is lovely and it just might have to be added to my library.

    • Ruth says:

      Thank you Marsha, it’s lovely to be back blogging again and I’ve returned with ideas for other posts. Perhaps the break did some good.

  5. Stefanie says:

    So organized and you always choose interesting yarn.

  6. Lynn says:

    Gosh, Sammal is a gorgeous pattern, and I love the yarn you’ve chosen too!

    I keep an eye on the SoildSocks Group on Ravelry. They have a monthly KAL, which alternates between a colour theme – June was green – and a subject theme – July is archeology. You can use whatever yarn and pattern you like, as long as the yarn is solid coloured and as long as they fit with the monthly theme. You can also use any colour of sponsor yarn as long as its solid. They also have 2 month mystery KALs, but I’m not keen on being restricted to following a pattern without modification, sight unseen. As a designer you could use your own patterns, thereby boosting exposure, as long as they can work into the monthly theme.

    In fact, you could even design a pattern for the group for an upcoming MKAL I suppose.

    Anyhow, welcome back for another year. I still don’t know ho you juggle it all – a big family, designing,test knitting, supervising your own group and knitalongs, as well as all the beautiful photography that all that entails!

    • Ruth says:

      Thank you Lynn, like you I think Sammal is going to be great, I love the yarn and it is a project I’m really looking forward to. Thanks for the heads up on the SolidSocks group. I think that one might fit in more with what I like to do.

  7. PJ says:

    What a great list. I especially love your sweater list. Beautiful patterns, beautiful yarns. I can’t wait to see your projects develop.

  8. Becki says:

    “Craft wish list” – I like that. 🙂 Your Herbarium is beautiful, Ruth. I look forward to seeing all you create this year and am so glad you’re back with us!

  9. You are very organized with all your ideas and I envy that. I look forward to your designs to and I love all the colours you have chosen for your various projects. You are going to have a great yopping year, I just know it!

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