YOP – year 6 week 19


It has been awhile from my last yop update, in part due to not having much to show, in part due to starting a podcast and in part due to life just happening on a personal front.

I have made progress on my Vanilla Toe Up socks that I was knitting. I am loving how these are knitting up and I am really enjoying knitting the pattern, which is the sockmaticians toe up pattern.


I’ve also cast on a pair of Cobblestone Socks, the pattern is by Mina Philipps. These are back to being cuff down and I’m using this denim colour by Schoppel as a contrast for the cuffs, heels and toes.


My Herbarium has moved on a bit as well. I’m now nearly at the end of my increases. I am still really enjoying knitting this pattern and I’m planning lots more garments already.


I’ve not cast on any new shawls for myself. Mainly because that is what I am designing at the moment so when I’m not working I find both the socks and my jumper far more relaxing of a knit.

Speaking of designing, I’ve had a new release from I last blogged. Fionnuala was released on Ravelry and can be found HERE.


As I mentioned I’ve also been pod-casting! I know can you believe it! I’ve got two episodes and they can be found on You Tube on my Knitterarium Channel if you are interested. I’m glad I did them and I am enjoying doing it, even if I don’t look like it so much.


So that leaves my list looking like this;

A Year of Projects, The List, 2016 – 2017 

Garment Rail  – min 3

  1. Herbarium – started Jul 24th

Shawl Drawer  – min 4

Sock Box  – min 6

Design Corner  – min 6

My page of current projects for this YOP year can be found here.

To read other blogs taking part in YOP – Year 6 or indeed to take part yourself, check out the Ravelry group here.


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10 Responses to YOP – year 6 week 19

  1. Leah says:

    Your design Fionnuala is amazing. Great progress made on your other knits. I like the haloween theme of the project bag you are using for your cobblestone socks.

  2. Becki says:

    Oh, such prettiness, Ruth! Everything is gorgeous – even your project bags. 😉 I love your Fionnuala. That is elegant. Perfect to wear for so many things. And now I can’t wait to check out your podcast!!!

  3. Stefanie says:

    Lovely progress, Ruth. You are doing great on your podcasts. It’s nerve racking to look at a camera and start talking.

  4. Marsha says:

    I love the yellow heels and toes on your socks. Am anxious to see the new socks you just started too. Your sweater is coming along so nicely and the color is yummy. Your shawl patterns are so lovely and Fionnuala is absolutely gorgeous. I am going to listen to your pod casts while hubby is watching football. Looking forward to that.

  5. Elka says:

    Your design is really nice. I like the self made wavy edging very much.

  6. Lucy Bowen says:

    I often wonder how you find time to do many of the things you do! I have really enjoyed watching your podcasts. Even though we have seen your face in your ravatar, it is lovely to hear you as well. I love those socks and your new release is gorgeous as always.

  7. Your post is so halloweeny. All that orange and your cute knitting bag and needle holder. I hope to get to your podcast soon.

  8. diannamcheck says:

    Love the bright color on the socks! Your design is gorgeous. I need to take a day and catch up on podcasts, including yours, I need a few more hours a day lol

  9. Gwenyth Love says:

    Herbarium is going to be lovely when it’s done. I am completely in love with the colour.

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