YOP – Year 6 week 5


This week I’ve been working steadily away on this new design. It’s been the main item to be worked on all week.

Deirdre 3

I have also worked on my Weasley Rib socks on and off this week when I’ve needed a quick project to pick up and put down. Because I’m knitting them concurrently they are both on the foot part. Heel flaps and heel turns have been completed along with the gussets on both. I don’t have a picture of those today, probably tomorrow on social media if you follow me, otherwise I’ll have one next Sunday.

It is a long weekend here in Ireland and this weekend I am concentrating on my Simones Wedding Shawl. I have three sections left and I want to get this off the needles and blocked and added to my shawl drawer for the autumn.

Simones Wedding Shawl 3

I did work up the swatch for my Herbarium. It took a couple of attempts but I finally made gauge so that will be cast on this week.

Herbarium 2

There has been some more yarn and yarny related purchases this week. Some haven’t arrived yet. In the last year I’ve purchased very little personal stash and yarn related items so I feel no guilt what so ever by the splurge of the last couple of weeks but I think we can safely say personal stash is now looking healthy 🙂 This particular skein came from Karena in Strand Designs, it was a new colourway she posted on Instagram and I nabbed it immediately. This one she called Peach Cobbler and it’s going to be my next pair of socks!

Yarn Stash 3

So there you have it for this week. I’m going to be pretty much working on the same items this coming week and I hope to have a couple of those items very near being cast off. If they were cast off by next Sunday that would be even better but we shall see.

So the list looks like this;

A Year of Projects, The List, 2016 – 2017 

Garment Rail  – min 3

  1. Herbarium – started Jul 24th

Shawl Drawer  – min 4

Sock Box  – min 6

Design Corner  – min 6


My page of current projects for this YOP year can be found here.

To read other blogs taking part in YOP – Year 6 or indeed to take part yourself, check out the Ravelry group here.


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18 Responses to YOP – Year 6 week 5

  1. Cyra says:

    Love your chosen colours in Simone’s Wedding Shawl, it’s very refreshing.
    Can’t wait to see your new design in full. I wonder what it could be. The Herbarium is going to be great in that gorgeous colour, and it’s so nice to see the yarn worked up in the sample.
    Peach Cobbler, lol, great name for a pair of socks too hahaha.

  2. dorothyoz says:

    Love that green yarn in the top picture – wonder what you’re making??? The hand dyed yarn looks really beautiful and will make great socks. Enjoy your long weekend. xox

  3. MrsMcD918 says:

    Your pictures are so gorgeous, I love looking at them!

  4. Dianna says:

    Can’t wait to see the new design when it is all done. Love the color you have picked. The shawl is going to be stunning. Yay for socks. I’m thinking about socks all the time now and just starting my second pair LOL The Peach Cobbler is beautiful.

  5. Becki says:

    Everything is beautiful, Ruth. I know I’ve seen the Simones Wedding Shawl before, but I truly love the close up picture – seeing the detail of the different yarns used, and the stitches in the lacy section.

    • Ruth says:

      Thank you Becki, I just love the lace sections on that shawl and just before you get fed up of them you are switching back to garter stitch stripes!

  6. Love everything here – including all your cute stitch markers.

  7. Stefanie says:

    *sighs at the sight of these lovely yarns* Your wedding shawl is always enjoyable to see. The peachy-apricot yarn is lovely. I can’t wait to see more of that jumper evolve. Would it be too much trouble to ask if you could blog how you attach the sleeves to the body tube? I’m intimidated by this construction. I have yet to try a pattern like that. The Peach Cobbler yarn made me smile. What a terrific name.

    • Ruth says:

      Of course it’s no bother, as I come to the different stages I will blog about them(please do remind me if I forget, which does happen with me and I don’t mean to). I will also be keeping notes going on my project page for this so other info should be in there. Peach Cobbler just says Autumn and deserts and I’m thinking of it with custard…must stop!

  8. Marsha says:

    I am so in love with the wedding shawl. I just know it will be smashing when it is blocked. Your socks are coming a long nicely also. The green in the new item is most rich looking. I also like the peach color for your sweater (jumper) and the new sock yarn is splendid too.

  9. Karen says:

    Your photography is lovely!!

  10. Lucy Bowen says:

    Your new yarn is delicious! Can’t wait to see your new design.

  11. Donna says:

    All of the yarn you use is beautiful. I just love that emerald green which makes me think of Ireland. I’ve always wanted to go there. My husband and I bought a large poster of Ireland when we were newly married to put on our wall in our apartment. Now we have been married for almost 25 years (Sept) and we still have that poster on our wall in our house. We will get there someday.

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