YOP – Year 5 week 18

YOP 5a

For mid-term week I worked mainly on a new design. It was easy to memorise and I could take it up and leave it down  when I needed to and in just this week I’ve the body of the shawl complete and under no real pressure. I think this may be a design I return to, to knit again and again. This coming week I aim to work on it’s border. It’s a busy week with lots going on each day so I am hoping to get some progress on that. This is a picture of where it was earlier in the week, looks nice and simple now doesn’t it but I wonder what could be hiding in those scrunched up folds?


I did, as predicted last week, finish off The Forest Moon of Endor socks and in time for Septembers challenge, really it wasn’t the pattern holding me back it was just me and my snails pace on these. I like the finished sock and working the fleegle heel was interesting, I kind of like the process of knitting a regular heel though even though I’d say the fleegle is easier.


I did start working on Fledermaus last Sunday after casting off the above socks. I really must get some more sock needles, of course that would just mean I could cast on more. Today I am working these so I hope to have progress today.

10369358_1005170436201757_974528045_n_medium2 (1)

Streusel still didn’t make it to the blocking mats this week. I was making Christmas puddings. I think we shall aim for this one to be a surprise one of the weeks a “look what I blocked” kind of statement.

No progress made on any cloths but then it was mid-term, wonderful and relaxing and it’s back to normal tomorrow, wonder how long it is until the Christmas holidays?

So the list, let’s see how that is looking now;


Year of Projects 5 List


  1. Hulst Socks KAL started Jun 21st – finished Jul 19th
  2. Paraphernalia
  3. Basic Ribbed Socks
  4. The Forest Moon of Endor  started Sept 1st – finished Oct 25th
  5. Zigzagular Socks
  6. Hedgerow Socks 
  7. Vanilla Latte Socks
  8. Hermione’s Everyday Socks
  9. How I Make My Socks started Jul 22nd – finished Aug 16th
  10. How I Make My Socks
  11. River Rapids Socks
  12. Fledermaus started Oct 25th
  13. Willowherb
  14. Dawlish
  15. Milfoil


Over the next 12 months my aim is to publish 10-12 patterns

  1. Cosán Cowl
  2. Alban Eilir Cowl
  3. Dagda


  1. Streusel started Sept 13th – finished Oct 11th


  1. 2 Cloths finished Sept 25th
  2. 1 Cloth finished Oct 2nd
  3. 1 Cloth finished Oct 21st


My Ravelry project page for this YOP -Year 5 can be found here.

To read other blogs taking part in YOP – Year 5 check out the Ravelry group here.


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8 Responses to YOP – Year 5 week 18

  1. STOP SAYING “CHRISTMAS”!!!! It’s freaking me out that we’re already in November. Fortunately Gavin and I plan to be in Vegas over Christmas so I think I’ll just cancel any Christmas crafting plans I might have had.

    Your Forest Moon of Endor socks look fabulous! And I can’t wait to see Fledermaus 🙂

    • Ruth says:

      Haha I just really want the holidays that come from them, all the rest I don’t want, except where I can get to Christmas and shut the door and just enjoy 🙂

  2. Stefanie says:

    Your new design is pretty in that colour. It looks squishy. Great finish on your socks. And what a nice, vivid purple for your latest pair. What is a Christmas pudding?

    • Ruth says:

      It’s like Plum Pudding, I think that’s what you may know it as, now though I’m wondering if you have plum puddings in the US, I think so, I’m intrigued so do let me know, I find it fascinating. Well anyway I don’t like any of the shop bought ones and so I make them in the traditional way my Mom and her Mom before that make them and between soaking fruits and letting the mixture settle and then boiling it can take up most of the week but boy are they delicious. I love them warm with custard or ice cream or cream and even just cold it’s pretty yum. This week I’ll make my christmas cakes 🙂

  3. Lucy Bowen says:

    Your new design looks fabulous and I love those socks. Your comment above reminded me I have to get organised on the Christmas cake and pudding front – I usually like to make them this holiday!!

  4. Ruth…those yarns and projects are gorgeous! I love those socks and the purple yarn for the next pair…wow! I think your shawl design looks very interesting and I like those folds….hmmm…..what is inbetween them?
    I remember last year this time you started your puddings because they have to sit for weeks don’t they? I was going to try them this year but with trying to pack and maybe move it won’t happen this year. I’m already planning “new home” projects…..I’m really jumping the gun but that’s okay. The only thing we have in the U.S. would be fruit cake which does not have a good reputation…many jokes about our “traditional” fruit cake. Yours sounds wonderful! I just, for the first time in my life saw a picture of my great grandmother from Ireland…..if I remember she was from Pettigo in County Donegal. I was so thrilled and I will cherish it! We still have relatives there but I don’t know them. I found a cousin who has done a lot of research on it. I love family histories….anyone’s! LOL! Take care and keep the kids out of the puddings until Christmas!
    P.S. Saw your ad on Ravelry….very nice!

  5. Becki says:

    Well, now I’m wondering what’s hiding in the scrunched up folds of your newest shawl Ruth. ;^) Can’t wait to see it revealed. Your Forest Moon of Endor socks are beautiful.

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