YOP – Year 4 – Year End Wrap Up


This week is the last week and the end of our 4th Year of Projects. It is a week about looking back at our original lists and seeing what was accomplished. A round up of what was before the new lists for YOP- Year 5 are revealed.

YOP- Year 4 was a funny year for me as I started off with my list and was working fine but my Christmas I was designing more and wanting to concentrate more on that so I changed my list in January to reflect that but what then happened is 90% of what I was working on then couldn’t be shown until it was released and so I was posting snapshots and it all got a bit boring so from the end of January until end of May I dropped off the radar and I missed the blogging, the setting goals, seeing them achieved and the weekly drop in and see how everyone was getting on. I’ve been doing this from the very start and I missed the connecting in with fellow yopers the most.

So as I broke my yop year into two halves I’m going to look at it in two halves. I started off with my list down in 5 sections and most of what was contained in the sections were patterns on my favourites list or patterns already in my Ravelry library.

On Ravelry I have a YOP 4 folder with links to all the patterns, that can be found here.

The first section was Garments. Out of all 12 garments that was listed for this section I got 6 done. 3 of those were officially on the list and the other 3 were added in just before Christmas. I actually never did get finished pictures of the three Westlynn Wraps I did for the girls. They got great wear out of them last winter and will fit again this winter. I may not have knit all in this section but I also have no wip’s from this section to carry forward which is sometimes just as good.


The second section on the list had been shawls. Now I love shawls, I love everything about them from knitting them to wearing and all parts in between so I had a list of 12 shawls that I wanted for my collection. These were a bit of my own selfish knitting, these were just going to be for me. I got one done and it had been a wip from YOP 3! Again I have no wip’s from this section and in fact have no shawls on my needles at all….yet!


The third section was a section of crochet blankets. I enjoyed very much working on these in the first 6 months of YOP 4. Some are still wip’s such as the Lavender Blanket the     Sam Entrelac Blanket and the Hills of Home I did complete two of the patterns and I made three other blankets for gifts and one of those was a corner to corner pattern so from the original section three were done and considering these were all done by mid October I was pleased as I didn’t return to this section.

FotorCreated 1

The fourth section was gifts. This section was relatively small and consisted of dishcloth sets and three of the above blankets, the rainbow ones were in this section to be gifted. There were two other blanket items for gifts that I’m not even sure who they were for but they were never started. I had aimed to complete 6 dishcloth sets and I tend to gift 3 cloths in a set so a total of 18 cloths. On counting back through the projects I managed to complete 24 different cloths and I still could have done with more.

FotorCreated 2

The last section to this list was a design section and this is the section I concentrated on most after Christmas until as I said I felt the posts were getting boring with a “sorry can’t show you yet” type of theme. Right now many of those projects and ideas are becoming patterns for sale so although I’m not going to show you right now what was produced from this section over the next few months in my group here you will get to see them all as they are released. What I can say is there was enough worked on to keep me busy writing up and releasing for the next few months. Which hopefully should let other ideas come forward for designs.

So out of the originally posted 57 proposed projects listed at the start of YOP 4  I completed 36 projects. This does not count any projects in the design section or the two or three randomly made projects that I made just because. Considering I also went a.w.o.l. for 5 months I rather pleased with that number and didn’t quite expect it to be so high for only counting 4 out of the 5 sections. This also doesn’t count present wips from this year. All in all I think I can call that a successful YOP year.

This past week I’ve cast on a second pair of Danu Fingerless Gloves, I’m now close to finishing the second glove which I hope will be finished this afternoon. I also cast on the Hulst sock I’m knitting as part of a KAL in the Blue Peninsula group. I’m now as far as the foot.


That wraps up the YOP -Year 4 list and its projects.

Next week YOP – Year 5 will begin with fresh new lists, old and new members and hopefully as much excitement and anticipation as ever.

Should you wish to join in or read more about the actual YOP year or other blogs taking part then just check out our Ravelry group here.


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11 Responses to YOP – Year 4 – Year End Wrap Up

  1. Renee Anne says:

    This is about the time of year when I reassess my list because I’m 6 months behind you. So, that may or may not happen next week…we’ll see how things go 🙂

  2. I kinda fell of the radar too. Too busy with work I think, and no real knitting progress to report. I sure hope to do better in Year 5! Your blankets are all so lovely. It’s a feat for me to finish one project that size, never mind a whole bunch of ’em! I don’t know how you do it!!

    • Ruth says:

      This is the first year life and other things got in the way and I missed it so like you I’m hoping to do better this year. I’m not quite sure I could crochet blanket after blanket like I know some do, also I think I’d run out of options for what to do with them 🙂

  3. Lucy Bowen says:

    You have achieved so much this year and your designing particularly has really taken off. I think I love the crochet blankets the most and the colours you used, but everything as always is impeccable!! Looking forward to your new list and watching your progress this year.

  4. Kepanie says:

    63% is nothing to be shy about. I like that you are blogging again. Please continue and I want to see your babies!

    • Ruth says:

      I’m rather pleased with 63% considering the dropping off I did. I need better scheduling and pictures of the babies will have to feature in yop 5 or indeed just randomly won’t they.

  5. Kim says:

    It is so good to see you back Ruth! I missed reading about your projects and your beautiful family and life in Ireland. You did have a great year–even with dropping off for several months you still completed more items than I did. 🙂 I am looking forward to seeing what year 5 keeps you busy with.

    • Ruth says:

      Thank you Kim and I missed reading your blog and seeing what was happing over in Seattle. Like you I’m looking forward to seeing what year 5 brings for you and I hope it’s a fun one.

  6. Iris says:

    What an enjoyable post! You’ve been so busy this year and have achieved so much, and good on you for having all your projecs (and yarn!!) sorted out for next year too! I’m not nearly as far along as that. Beyond some vague ideas of Christmas presents and dipping my toe in at designing a pattern I have not had a chance of really getting my list together yet. Hopefully next week…

    • Ruth says:

      Thank you, I think because I had eased off towards the end of YOP 4 that was really why my list for YOP 5 came together so quickly. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s on your list and what your design might be.

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