Ériu is complete



Ériu is my newest shawl design.

Many thousands of years ago legend says there were three goddesses Ériu, Banbha and Fódhla and each wanted Ireland as it is now named after her.

There are many stories about how Ériu won the right for Ireland to be named after her but I prefer to leave that bit up to my imagination even after reading all the stories. With a legend I think some parts are always open to a bit of imagination. And so Ériu became Éire over the years as the language changed.



This Ériu is a collection of thin cables that weave and wind its way from top to bottom, much like the mountains that flow through the island. It has one continuous hugging cable border round the edge to pull it all together.



Running alongside the cables are rivers of lace eyelets and beads. This shawl has 1000+ beads which will sparkle and glitter and catch the light as the shawl is worn.



This Ériu is knit in a 100% merino yarn that was hand dyed right here in Ireland by Life in the Long Grass in the colourway called Bracken. It was a wonderful yarn to work with, very soft with no splitting. She used in total about 600m of yarn.



After blocking Ériu grew to a huggable wearable 59 1/2 inches wide with a drop of 29 1/2 inches.



Once blocking was complete her beauty really became apparent and she became elevated from an ordinary shawl into one truly deserving of her name Ériu.

Fit for a goddess to wear.




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22 Responses to Ériu is complete

  1. dottyrobins says:

    absolutely stunning x

  2. nanacathy2 says:

    Lovely story and a gorgeous shawl for autumn.

  3. Mrs P says:

    WOW I’m totally in awe of your workwomanship 🙂

  4. That is absolutely stunning. I love it!!!

  5. Selena Rea says:

    Incredible details!

  6. Lucy Bowen says:

    Beautiful – great design and lovely to hear the story behind it.

  7. Kepanie says:

    What a beautiful green. And it’s fun and fascinating how you were inspired.

  8. mmmyc6 says:

    breathtaking Ruth. you are an inspiration 🙂

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  10. lottloft says:

    Ruth, this is so beautiful!! It’s there a way to buy the pattern yet? I’m a little behind on blog reading. =)

    • Ruth says:

      Thank you, I’m working on it at the moment and I’m hoping to have it early in the new year. I’m on Ravelry as Celtic-Knits so if you want to find me there it might be easier for you to see when it goes on sale as it will go on sale there first.

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  12. Kepanie says:

    Revisiting this post to refresh my memory…
    Just wanted to say, i feel like if i wrapped myself up in this, I’d feel the sisterhood.

    • Ruth says:

      That is the kindest most on the ball comment I’ve heard yet. Having two sisters myself I’d like to think that’s the feeling you’d get particularly off Ériu, she was always going to be the star of the collection.

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