Rainbow Corners Blanket.

Rainbow Corners Blanket

Rainbow Corners Blanket

The second of a trio of rainbow themed blankets got finished up this past weekend. This one was a corner to corner blanket.

Having watched a you tube tutorial on how to work a corner to corner I started off with again a rainbow palette of colours in Stylecraft Special DK yarn. This being gifted to a baby it needs to be washable and it needs to withstand some wear and tear and use so I find this yarn perfect for that.

Rainbow Corners Blanket - Rainbow blanket #2

Rainbow Corners Blanket – Rainbow blanket #2

As a blanket it worked up quite quickly and a basic repeat pattern of two rows of white and three of the next rainbow colour made this project one of this mindless switch off and relax kind of projects.

Rainbow Corners Blanket

Rainbow Corners Blanket

I measured it against the Rainbow Corners blanket for size so I knew when to start decreasing on one side to give a rectangular shape and keep it the same size as the rainbow corners.

Rainbow Corners Blanket.

Rainbow Corners Blanket.

After that it came together quickly and once reaching the bottom corner it was just a matter of decreasing into the last corner which made this such a wonderfully quick project.

Bobble Edging on Rainbow Corners Blanket

Bobble Edging on Rainbow Corners Blanket

As these rainbow blankets are being gifted to a set of triplets I want them the same yet different so the same part comes in the form of them all being rainbow and them all having a similar edging. I went back again to the bobble tutorial on ayarnyrobin’s blog which can be found here and added it on in the purple shade, after all you want to be able to tell one triplets blanket from the other quickly so giving them each a different bobble edging seems logical to me.

With the second one now complete and the triplets just after being born I need to move smartly onto the third blanket, stay tuned for that coming in a couple of weeks.

Rainbow Corners Blanket

Rainbow Corners Blanket

EDITED- The project page with all notes and links to tutorials can be found on my Ravelry page here for anyone who would like to make one similar.

Ruth x

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16 Responses to Rainbow Corners Blanket.

  1. Mrs P says:

    I love the blanket, tell me the truth on a scale of 1-10 how hard is it to do ??

    • Ruth says:

      This one was by far extremely easy, I would say it’s a bout a 2/3 with 1 being a total piece of cake. There is a good you tube tutorial that I watched, I can find it for you if you like but it grows easily and finishes quickly as well

    • Ruth says:

      I have posted a link on the post now linking back to my Ravelry notes which now contains all the links I used both the you tube tutorial and the link for the bobble edging I used, if your not on Ravelry just give me a shout on facebook and I can message the links over to you πŸ™‚

  2. soknitsome says:

    Oh gosh. This is so lovely. I’m sure the parents will be absolutely gobsmacked!

  3. dottyrobins says:

    I love this c2c blanket… it was so quick too x

  4. Jenny says:

    I love it, so bright and lovely!

  5. Kepanie says:

    Love πŸ’ž! I looked on your project page and didn’t see the first blanket. Are you following a pattern or jumped off from the YouTube video? I’d be interested in your notes.

    • Ruth says:

      Both blankets can be seen under the yop4 tab for definite, the rainbow corners blanket might be far down for that I followed a square that I’ve linked on Ravelry, this corner to corner blanket though I pretty much went from the you tube tutorial, making up my own colour sequence, I will add the link I used to my notes so you can find it when you want it πŸ™‚

    • Ruth says:

      I have updated the Rainbow Corners project page with all the links now and have written in the rest of my notes if you want to know anything else just give me a message and I’ll be happy to tell you. xx

      • Kepanie says:

        Thank you. I’m debating on whether or not to make a blanket for my December niece or nephew as my brother and SIL will wait till his/her birth.

  6. Lucy Bowen says:

    Gorgeous – I love it, and it will make such a fabulous present πŸ™‚

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