YOP – Year 4 week 9


Finishes for the month of August consist of


Two items from the gift section – Rainbow Squares Blanket which has a FO post here and tealight holders

One item from the shawl section – Drops of Firelight which has a FO post here.

One item from the garment section – Caoimhe’s Sunday Sweater

One item from the design section – Flowing Uphill Cowl

Just like July 5 FO’s but this month they are larger.

Work on projects this week has consisted of,

Sporadic bursts of work but yet reaching the top corner of the Rainbow Corners Blanket, you can see I’m now decreasing on one side until I reach the bottom corner so it’s coming together quickly despite the small amount of time dedicated to it. I had hoped to have this one finished by now as I still have one more to complete but it’s nearly there.

Rainbow Corners Blanket

Rainbow Corners Blanket

I’ve also been working away on the Eole cardigan for Evelyn. I’m now further on than this picture, I’ve about a further 10cms left to go on the body before I can start on the arms, I do just want to check lengths against Evelyn before doing that.

Eole cardigan for Evelyn

Eole cardigan for Evelyn

I’ve been working away on the secret project this week, sometimes making progress and sometimes just ripping back all that was done because it wasn’t quite right.

If you are on my Celtic Knit Facebook page here, you’ll have seen some updates during the week about some of those designs. Over the coming months I’m hoping to work more of this end of the design section certainly until Christmas. I will be showing where I can both here and on the Facebook page.

For September I’m setting out a smaller mini list as I want to concentrate more on the design section, I do still have some items to get done first especially in the gift section so I shall continue at those, this will give at least some progress pictures weekly when I can’t talk about a design.

September Mini List – 

  • Complete Eole cardigan for Evelyn
  • Cast on Miss Marple cardigan for Elizabeth
  • Complete Rainbow Corners blanket
  • Start and finish the third and last rainbow blanket
  • Design section

I’ve updated my main list which you can see now and my project page on Ravelry is also fully up to date with notes and pictures where appropriate and can be found here, you might also see I’ve a separate tab on the project page  now for Celtic Knits. The new Celtic Knit design of Ériu is now listed on there.

To read more blogs taking part in the YOP year or to take part yourself, head over to the group here.

YOP- Year 4- Jul 14/Jun 15- List

Garments :-

  1. Sunday Sweater for Caoimhe – started 5th July 14- finished 2nd August 14
  2. Miss Marple for Elizabeth
  3. Eole for girls for Evelyn – started 19th August 14
  4. Gathering Stripes for Ruairí
  5. Gathering Stripes for Benjamin
  6. Featherweight wrap to knit 
  7. Ravello
  8. Paulie
  9. Old Romance
  10. Idlewood
  11. Old Town
  12. Lawrence

Shawls :-

  1. Drops of Firelight – started 31st October 13 – finished 19th August 14
  2. Carradal
  3. Ishneich
  4. Sonetto Shawl
  5. Kir Royale
  6. Dark Champagne
  7. Malgven
  8. Morvarch
  9. Taliesin
  10. Nine Maidens
  11. Ocean Breeze
  12. Kyna

Crochet Blankets :-

  1. Rose Gingham Blanket – started 19th May 14- finished 27th July 14
  2. Flanders Poppies Blanket – started 18th April 14 – finished 26th July 14
  3. Sam Entrelac Blanket – started 27th June 14
  4. Hills of Home Blanket – started 19th April 14
  5. Lavender Blanket
  6. Dahlia Blanket
  7. Sunflower Blanket
  8. Blackberry Salad Stripe Blanket
  9. African Flower Blanket
  10. Crayon Blanket
  11. Superhero Dreamcatcher Afghan
  12. Tetris Blanket

Designs :-

  1. Flowing Uphill – started 4th July 14- finished 29th July 14
  2. Equinox Stone – started 6th July 14
  3. Secret Project – started 23rd August 14
  4. Ériu – started 26th August 14

Gifts :- 

  • Rainbow Blankets x 3-
  •                                               a. – Rainbow Squares – started 2nd August 14 – finished 17th August 14
  •                                               b. – Rainbow Corners – started 20th August 14
  • Dishcloth sets x 6 –
  •                                         a. – Vintage Strawberry Ruffle Set – started 14th July 14
  • Baby Blanket
  • Purple, Black and Cream Blanket
  • Apple Ruffle Cloth – started 7th July 14 – finished 8th July 14
  • Tea Light Holders – started 20th August 14

Ruth x

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13 Responses to YOP – Year 4 week 9

  1. dottyrobins says:

    love the c2c rainbow blanket… it is making up fast. Your FO’s for August are lovely too… my favourite is the flowing uphill cowl x

  2. Renee Anne says:

    I’m really liking the blanket. It reminds me of everything that’s knit corner to corner (like Grandma’s Favorite Dishcloth) and now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t just use up some of my bulky stash to make a blanket…but then I’d have to handwash it and that’s just not feasible around here sometimes. Or, alternatively, I could just not spill on it (haha, with Little Man, Husband, Puppy, and soon enough Stormageddon….oh, and me).

    Also, you’re kind of a rockstar 🙂

  3. Ahh it must be just lovely to be decreasing as you go. I find the toe of a sock enjoyable for just that reason – every rounds a bit shorter than the last 🙂 I’m trying to finish up my interminable blanket – maybe by this time next week? I shouldn’t say that, as it’s actually lovely but I’m so tired of it!

    You’re lists are very impressive and somewhat intimidating. It’s taken me 4 weeks for a pair of socks, and here you are knocking shawls and blankets out of the park!

  4. Lily Razz says:

    Oh the Rainbow blanket looks gorgeous!! I love the way you put your august finishes together, with such beautiful items! And you’re so organized, you’re inspiring me to make more lists 😉

  5. Lucy Bowen says:

    Loving the rainbow blanket, although not finished, I’m sure it won’t take you long to finish it now. Looking forward to seeing your new designs.

  6. Marsha says:

    Oh you are killing me with the ‘secret’ project teasers. I am looking forward to seeing what it is and also to see your new designs you are working on. Good job on the 5 finishes this month. Those were much bigger projects.

  7. Look at you go! Evelyn’s sweater is so sweet and it looks like my Millie doll with the waste yarn where the arms will be. I adore that rainbow blanket as it brings back sweet memories of working on my shawl, I’m resisting the urge to cast on another until after Christmas as I have so many gifts to make. Your shawl is beautiful. I think it and you deserve a night on the town so you can wear it. When will we get to know what the “secret project” is? LOL!

  8. Nicky says:

    Wow!!! You’ve been a crafting demon for the month of August. They’re all so lovely, I can’t even pick a favourite. 😀

  9. Kepanie says:

    That is an impressive collage. You go.

  10. silkandwool says:

    I really like how the Eole cardigan looks, and its spekly yarn. I think it’ll be very pretty!

  11. Iris says:

    Wow, so many FOs! And I love the rainbow corners blanket and Eole – so pretty!

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