YOP- Year 4 week 6


This week has flown by in a flurry of running round doing jobs and preparation for the return to school so not as much progress was made on projects as I would have liked.

The most worked on project this week was the Rainbow Squares Blanket, the first in the trio of rainbow blankets I need for gifting.

All the squares are complete and later today I can start to edge and join them as I go.

Rainbow Squares Blanket - Rainbow Trio Blankets #1

Rainbow Squares Blanket – Rainbow Trio Blankets #1

After checking over my mini list I’m going to concentrate on the rainbow blankets this month in a bid to get three of them nearly done and should by some miracle of time warp I will work on the Sam blanket with any remaining time 😉

In the evenings I’ve worked a bit on my Drops of Firelight shawl, this is strictly an evening project, counting yo’s and adding beads, teeny tiny beads with a 1mm hook is not a project you do when you have active young children about. I have a couple of rows to complete this evening on the third section and then I have one remaining small last section with bind off. It theory is should be complete ready to be blocked by next weekend but well you know theory and practice and all that!

Drops of Firelight Shawl

Drops of Firelight Shawl

I did cast on the swatch for my new Celtic Knits design, note to self I must invest in a ball winder, I did roll these centre pull yarn cakes by hand much to everyones interest during the week but it would be so much quicker with a ball winder, bish bash bosh job done kind of thing!

Anyway, these are the colours and this is about all I can show you obviously for now 🙂

Celtic Knits Design

Celtic Knits Design

That’s it for actual projects worked on. Behind the scenes I gathered the yarn to start the Eole cardigan for Evelyn (I’m really hoping to get that started soon), I ordered the yarn needed for the Miss Marple for Elizabeth (I now have the yarn for all the projects for the younger children on my list so can now just proceed with them), I wrote up the Sam Burrow pattern ready to get tested, I’ve a couple of other items I’ve done for A Land Close By this week that I can’t mention just yet and I have been playing around with other design ideas for Celtic Knits. I also got Caoimhe’s Sunday Sweater blocked and once it’s dry and the weather clears a bit I hope to take some photos of it. I also need to snap some good photos of Flowing Uphill which is currently at the testers.

This week project work is going to consist of the above projects with all going well a start on the Eole cardigan.

My Ravelry projects page is up to date with all projects and where each is at at the present moment and you can check it out here.

To check out our YOP group and to read other blogs taking part or indeed to join in just check out the group here.

My YOP list currently looks like this;

YOP- Year 4- Jul 14/Jun 15- List

Garments :-

  1. Sunday Sweater for Caoimhe – started 5th July 14- finished 2nd August 14
  2. Miss Marple for Elizabeth
  3. Eole for girls for Evelyn
  4. Gathering Stripes for Ruairí
  5. Gathering Stripes for Benjamin
  6. Featherweight wrap to knit 
  7. Ravello
  8. Paulie
  9. Old Romance
  10. Idlewood
  11. Old Town
  12. Lawrence

Shawls :-

  1. Drops of Firelight – started 31st October 13
  2. Carradal
  3. Ishneich
  4. Sonetto Shawl
  5. Kir Royale
  6. Dark Champagne
  7. Malgven
  8. Morvarch
  9. Taliesin
  10. Nine Maidens
  11. Ocean Breeze
  12. Kyna

Crochet Blankets :-

  1. Rose Gingham Blanket – started 19th May 14- finished 27th July 14
  2. Flanders Poppies Blanket – started 18th April 14 – finished 26th July 14
  3. Sam Entrelac Blanket – started 27th June 14
  4. Hills of Home Blanket – started 19th April 14
  5. Lavender Blanket
  6. Dahlia Blanket
  7. Sunflower Blanket
  8. Blackberry Salad Stripe Blanket
  9. African Flower Blanket
  10. Crayon Blanket
  11. Superhero Dreamcatcher Afghan
  12. Tetris Blanket

Designs :-

  1. Flowing Uphill – started 4th July 14- finished 29th July 14
  2. Equinox Stone – started 6th July 14

Gifts :- 

  1. Dishcloth sets x 6 – a. – Vintage Strawberry Ruffle Set – started 14th July 14
  2. Rainbow Blankets x 3- a. – Rainbow Squares – started 2nd August 14
  3. Baby Blanket
  4. Purple, Black and Cream Blanket
  5. Apple Ruffle Cloth – started 7th July 14 – finished 8th July 14


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20 Responses to YOP- Year 4 week 6

  1. Kim sabel says:

    Your rainbow squares are so pretty, I love the ‘join as you go’ method, so much easier than all that stitching. Your Drops Of Firelight Shawl is beautiful, I can imagine how much patience is needed to attach such tiny beads. Can’t wait to see what your new Celtic knits design will be.

  2. dottyrobins says:

    Ruth, you always amaze me when you say not much done and then go on to say all that you have done… your not much done would be a good week for me…!
    I absolutely adore your drops of firelight shawl x

    • Ruth says:

      I’ve begun to suspect my version of not a lot done doesn’t match too many others, what can I say I seem to aim big, must be something to do with my small height haha.
      The shawl is my piece of indulgence knitting, all the shawls end up for me to wear and I’m slowly filling a drawer full of them 😀

  3. Gracey says:

    Wow..that shawl….gorgeous….lots of projects!

  4. You have been busy and with school starting too? Do we knit/crochet faster under pressure? I love the rainbow blanket and that shawl is drop-dead gorgeous! I too can’t wait to see your Celtic Knits and I would love to get my hands on some of those Celtic knit markers…so pretty. I have lots of catching up to do with missing last week. Always love all your projects.

    • Ruth says:

      School here starts last week in August for the older boys and towards the end of the last week for the younger ones but with a few to have ready I need to start early. Aren’t those knit markers wonderful, I love them 🙂

  5. Your firelight shawl is looking great! And yes, I know all about how theory and reality sometimes fail to align 🙂

  6. Lucy Bowen says:

    Your shawl is simply stunning and I fully expect to see it finished next week! I can’t wait to see the rainbow blanket in its full glory.

  7. Lily Razz says:

    Love the rainbow squares and the celtic knits colors! Your shawl is so beautiful, you’re so talented!!

  8. mmmyc6 says:

    I love those rainbow blanket squares… Thinking I might start something like that in the new year…

  9. Kepanie says:

    That shawl is crazy beautiful! I will try a beading project one of these days. Love seeing those squares stacked up like that. They are in a great array of colors. I like how you wound up the cakes by hand. They look rustic but so cool. Mine don’t look like that when I do it for leftover yarn.

    • Ruth says:

      I found a you tube tutorial on it that showed how to do it using a spoon which is the egg shaped one second from the right and the tut also showed using your thumb which is what I found easiest and what I did the other three with 🙂

  10. Marsha says:

    I am so love with your shawl. I can hardly wait until it is finished and modeled.

  11. silkandwool says:

    I’m looking forward to seeing your blanket assembled. Do you know which border you will use?

  12. Iris says:

    The rainbow squares look lovely and so does the Drops of Firelight shawl. Can’t wait to see it finished and blocked.

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