YOP – Year 4 week 3


This week’s progress is as follows;

The Flanders Poppies blanket is half way, joining in four more mores and the border is all that remains. I’m joining these squares as I go with the green, while all the time thinking of what I want for the border which is for the most part decided. I am hoping the end of this coming week will see me beginning the border.

Flanders Poppies

Flanders Poppies

On and off this week I’ve been making progress on Caoimhe’s Sunday Sweater, many of the evenings have been busy this week with different things so it’s been hard to get a good amount done but progress is progress no matter how small right?

Caoimhe's Sunday Sweater

Caoimhe’s Sunday Sweater

I have made a lot more progress on the cowl pattern I’ve been designing and I’m just deciding on the exact number of repeats it needs before being written up and sent to my testers, they are ready for it. So I’m going to show last weeks photo and will snap some finished ones when it’s all complete. It will most likely have a slight name change when done.

Water Path Cowl

Water Path Cowl

I had another small FO, post is here. Another cloth this time this one is part of a set. A Vintage Strawberry Ruffle set.

I’m using the same pattern as the Apple Ruffle Cloth of last week but this time I’m using a bamboo/cotton mix yarn, my favourite for cloths.

Vintage Strawberry Ruffle Cloth

Vintage Strawberry Ruffle Cloth

The second cloth in the set has been started and this will be coming with me today when I head to Galway for my nephew’s birthday party.

The project page for this set is here.

Vintage Strawberry Ruffle Set - cloth 2

Vintage Strawberry Ruffle Set – cloth 2

That is really all the physical projects worked on this week and progress made.

Behind the scenes I’ve been setting up my name for Celtic Knits for the knitted designs I’m working on, you may have noticed my name change on Ravelry and I’ve added a page at the top of the blog as well for easy access. As you can guess all the designs have a Celtic feel around the stories and legends I heard growing up and still do living here in Ireland. Our history is long and full of legends of  how strong brave warriors and maidens of great beauty and grace loved, fought and lived.

This lately I’ve been referring amongst friends as my ‘grown up’ line as it’s a million miles away from A Land Close By, and speaking of A Land Close By I have started this week writing up the official patterns for the characters. They will need testing to iron out any little bugs but I’m hoping in the coming weeks those are going to start being released. Keep an eye on their blog here for further updates.

l-r Cassie Pillar, Rose Burrow, Sam Burrow, Billy McBunny

l-r Cassie Pillar, Rose Burrow, Sam Burrow, Billy McBunny

I’m expecting this week work to continue on all of the above projects with hopefully some of them nearing completion. Many of the projects on my list are in groups of 12, one a month, so I would like to see these finished by July 31st.

The list now looks a little like this –

YOP- Year 4- Jul 14/Jun 15- List

Garments :-

  1. Sunday Sweater for Caoimhe – started 5th July 14
  2. Miss Marple for Elizabeth
  3. Eole for girls for Evelyn
  4. Gathering Stripes for Ruairí
  5. Gathering Stripes for Benjamin
  6. Featherweight wrap to knit 
  7. Ravello
  8. Paulie
  9. Old Romance
  10. Idlewood
  11. Old Town
  12. Lawrence

Shawls :-

  1. Drops of Firelight – started 31st Oct 13
  2. Carradal
  3. Ishneich
  4. Sonetto Shawl
  5. Kir Royale
  6. Dark Champagne
  7. Malgven
  8. Morvarch
  9. Taliesin
  10. Nine Maidens
  11. Ocean Breeze
  12. Kyna

Crochet Blankets :-

  1. Rose Gingham Blanket – started 19th May 14
  2. Flanders Poppies Blanket – started 18th Apr 14
  3. Sam Entrelac Blanket – started 27th Jun 14
  4. Hills of Home Blanket – started 19th Apr 14
  5. Lavender Blanket
  6. Dahlia Blanket
  7. Sunflower Blanket
  8. Blackberry Salad Stripe Blanket
  9. Corner to Corner Blanket
  10. Crayon Blanket
  11. Superhero Dreamcatcher Afghan
  12. Tetris Blanket

Designs :-

  1. Water Path Cowl – started 4th Jul 14

Gifts :- 

  1. Dishcloth sets x 6 – a. – Vintage Strawberry Ruffle Set – started 14th July
  2. Rainbow Blankets x 3
  3. Baby Blanket
  4. Purple, Black and Cream Blanket
  5. Apple Ruffle Cloth – started 7th Jul 14 – finished 8th Jul 14

 To read more blogs taking part or to find out more information just check out the Ravelry group here.


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17 Responses to YOP – Year 4 week 3

  1. I’m always amazed by how much you have going on and how much you get done! Love the vintage ruffle cloth. I can totally imagine it in a vignette with a scone on a flowery plate and a chunky silverplate knife slathering homemade strawberry jam. Hmmm, maybe I’d better make some breakfast before I catch up on any more blogs 🙂

  2. dottyrobins says:

    I think that’s good progress… your cowl looks like its going to be beautiful. I’m looking forward to more pictures of that… It’s just a shame I can’t knit!!!

  3. mmmyc6 says:

    I love that sweater!
    Great progress on everything too.

  4. Marsha says:

    You amaze me, Ruth. You manage all your lovely children and still have time for lovely knits and crochets. Your blanket is just lovely and the sweater is gorgeous. I am anxious to see the cowl when finished. I like the name you have for it now. Congratulations on a very productive week.

  5. iknead2knit says:

    I always look forward to your Sunday updates!

  6. Lucy Bowen says:

    I only noticed your name change as I clicked the link!! The blanket is coming on nicely and I love the Sunday sweater. I have been watching your progress on the cloths- they are all gorgeous. My favourite character so far is the caterpillar!!

  7. There’s a border yet to go around the Flander’s Fields? I thought it was lovely the way it was. I can’t wait to see it with a border. The water cowl is lovely and the dressy sweater will be so pretty on her. You’ve gotten a lot done. I love the cloths as always. Have fun at your party today!

  8. Kepanie says:

    Every time I see your dishcloth, it makes me think of strawberries and cream. I love how you’re inspired by Ireland’s history and mythology.

  9. Gwenyth Love says:

    The poppy blanket is looking awesome! Can’t wait to see the finished cowl!

  10. Julia says:

    The poppy blanket is one of the nicest things I’ve ever seen!

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