YOP – Year 4 week 2


This week was one of those weeks where things started off on the right foot and continued to do so project wise all week.

Lots of progress was made even when some areas had to be halted.

The border for the Rose Gingham Blanket was started and then half way through I ran out of the fondant pink I was using so I had to lay that aside while I ordered more. I’ll hold on for a picture of it until it is complete. Blanket wise I switched over to the Flanders Poppies Blanket and if your following me on instagram (link in the picture on the side) you’ll have spotted the progress.

I had a little over a dozen squares to complete before joining and an afternoon watching the Tour de France, which has completely captured my imagination this year, got those done.


Flanders Poppies

That meant they were all ready to be joined together which I started yesterday and having pulled a muscle in the side of my neck it was about all I could do. I’m a little better today but will be taking things gingerly for the next day or so still. I’m joining these as I go and this is what the first row is like, I am further on than this but this was the last picture stage it was at.


Flanders Poppies

My own design for a cowl has been moving along nicely also with the help of the Tour de France, this project makes quite a good tv project, it would perhaps be further on if I were not stopping the other day on stage 5 with each fall!


Water Path Cowl

After my walks each evening I’ve been steadily working on Caoimhe’s Sunday Sweater, the neck shaping and yoke are complete with the arms sectioned off and I’m now onto the body of the cardigan.

Caoimhe's Sunday Sweater

Caoimhe’s Sunday Sweater

I also managed a little FO this week which was talked about here on a FO post. I was having a go at the Tunisian Simple Stitch and it’s easier to work them into a cloth so I can have something useful at the end of the practice. This was a new to me yarn being 50/50 Cotton Acrylic so I’m trying it out before doing any more in this yarn.

Apple Ruffle Cloth

Apple Ruffle Cloth

So there you have the progress made on projects this week. Behind the scenes I’ve been keeping project pages up to date, added the links on the side bar for both bloglovin and instagram for anyone interested, I even remembered to get a FO post done up, now to aim for a WIP and a Yarn Along one 🙂 Designing has been also making progress with one idea in particular coming to the fore front this week. I got part of the numbers worked out with the rough sketch on paper, next is the swatch before seeing what needs tweaking here and there. All in all a pretty good start to yop-year 4.

YOP- Year 4- Jul 14/Jun 15- List

Garments :-

  1. Sunday Sweater for Caoimhe – started 5th July 14
  2. Miss Marple for Elizabeth
  3. Eole for girls for Evelyn
  4. Gathering Stripes for Ruairí
  5. Gathering Stripes for Benjamin
  6. Featherweight wrap to knit 
  7. Ravello
  8. Paulie
  9. Old Romance
  10. Idlewood
  11. Old Town
  12. Lawrence

Shawls :-

  1. Drops of Firelight – started 31st Oct 13
  2. Carradal
  3. Ishneich
  4. Sonetto Shawl
  5. Kir Royale
  6. Dark Champagne
  7. Malgven
  8. Morvarch
  9. Taliesin
  10. Nine Maidens
  11. Ocean Breeze
  12. Kyna

Crochet Blankets :-

  1. Rose Gingham Blanket – started 19th May 14
  2. Flanders Poppies Blanket – started 18th Apr 14
  3. Sam Entrelac Blanket – started 27th Jun 14
  4. Hills of Home Blanket – started 19th Apr 14
  5. Lavender Blanket
  6. Dahlia Blanket
  7. Sunflower Blanket
  8. Blackberry Salad Stripe Blanket
  9. Corner to Corner Blanket
  10. Crayon Blanket
  11. Superhero Dreamcatcher Afghan
  12. Tetris Blanket

Designs :-

  1. Water Path Cowl – started 4th Jul 14

Gifts :- 

  1. Dishcloth sets x 6
  2. Rainbow Blankets x 3
  3. Baby Blanket
  4. Purple, Black and Cream Blanket
  5. Apple Ruffle Cloth – started 7th Jul 14 – finished 8th Jul 14

To check out others participating or to join in the fun check out our Ravelry group here.


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22 Responses to YOP – Year 4 week 2

  1. dottyrobins says:

    Wow… You have been busy and very productive. I really like how the Flanders poppy blanket is coming together and the apple ruffle cloth looks just the job…I love that green colour!
    I hope your neck gets better soon… I have managed to trap a nerve so am in a similar position x

  2. Renee Anne says:

    You’ve been busy 🙂 I need to learn how to crochet…it may eat up some of this yarn I have hanging around. For some reason, I feel like I should have a granny square blanket of some sort. Or a hippo. Or a dragon. Something…

  3. Isn’t it lovely when things are going swimmingly?! The poppy blanket looks great. Looks like that’ll be an FO soon 🙂

  4. Look at you go! Right out of the starting box….I love your Celtic Shawl patterns and the Flander’s Field is gorgeous. I didn’t care for the black and red until you said what it represented and then the green really pulls it together….stunning! Lovely sweaters too. I really want to use inspiration as my muse this year as I so admire your colors and the meaning behind your projects. I have to start over on my Blackberry Salad…maybe we could have a CAL even if it’s just the 2 of us! LOL!

  5. That blanket is going to be so gorgeous! But take care of your neck 🙂

  6. Marsha says:

    Great progress on all your items. I love the sweater color and the poppy afghan is such a happy looking thing. Congrats on learning tunisian crochet. It is not my favorite to do. I think it is because being a lefty crocheter, the stitches just don’t fall right for me.

    Looking forward to your cowl and the new design you are working on.

  7. You have been busy!! Sorry about your neck, I hope it feels better soon!

  8. Lucy Bowen says:

    Flanders poppies are gorgeous – I love the red and black. Hope your neck heals quickly. Lovely colour of the sweater.

  9. Iris says:

    Wow, great progress! Love the Flanders Poppies – beautiful!

  10. Julia says:

    Gorgeous Flanders poppies blanket. Such a special way to remember WW1.

  11. mmmyc6 says:

    Tunisian crochet is fun isn’t it? I need to practice it more… Such a fun project that Flanders poppy blanket! I always love seeing your progress 😉

  12. Jessica says:

    Sorry to hear about your neck. The Flanders poppy blanket is looking so lovely!

  13. Kepanie says:

    The cowl is awesome. I like how the color work looks like it’s rippling. 48 squares? They are vibrant. And having to connect them to one another is a whole other accomplishment. You go.

    • Ruth says:

      I have to admit, I’m loving the cowl and rippling is just right, go you for spotting it! 48 squares for a lapghan for Evelyn, the gingham one though had 63 and it seemed to take forever to do the squares but worth it then in the end.

  14. Gwenyth Love says:

    Such a productive week! So proud of you!

  15. Iris says:

    Thank you for your comment on my blog. Your Flanders Poppies look beautiful – I love the stitch definition on the black!

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