YOP- Year 3 Wrap Up


Made it! another YOP year comes to an end today, next week sees the first post of YOP- Year 4 so for today we look back at the YOP year that has been.

At the start of YOP year last year I had a very loose sort of list with more section headers to fill in as I went along.

I had no set patterns or yarn just sections I wanted to fill in as I’d realised in the previous years I never stuck to the chosen pattern and I also had a very ambitious list, but then when don’t I. Over the last few years it seems to be the only consistent part of me an ambitious list ūüėČ

I also wanted to keep my YOP3 project page on Ravelry done and I did this for most of the projects, some I had multiples of so I obviously didn’t list all of those and you’ll see why in a moment.

Before we look at lots of lovely FO pictures, lets take a look at what my list was and see how I fared.

Socks –¬†I had hoped to knit 26 pairs as part of a group and well I managed to knit¬†3 pairs a little off the 26 pairs but other things cropped up towards the end of the summer put a stop to that aim. I do love knitting socks and do want to improve, YOP 3 just didn’t seem to be that year.

Shawls-¬†I wanted to knit a few at the start of the year and in the end completed¬†3 shawls with another on the needles. I love shawls, I love knitting them and wearing them and they always end up as my selfish bit of knitting as they are just for me. I’m glad I got a few done.

Garments –¬†This I think is one of the sections I’m most sorry I didn’t get to complete more on. I did and still do want to knit up some garments for the children and myself. I managed¬†1 garment a Milo vest for Elizabeth which she got so much wear out of.

Gifts-¬† This section was for anything that was to be gifted. ¬†I had¬†13 gifts in this section that included everything from stacking bowls, blanket buddy’s, summer hats for the girls, dishcloths for christmas, teddies for the children. All in all this was a very successful category.

Hats and Cowls-  This section saw 5 hats and 1 cowl completed. Of those 5 hats one I designed for my husband (waters edge) and I designed a hat for the girls and did three versions of it (Rose Hat). The cowl was a gift for my Mom which she loved and wore all winter.

Household Items-  8 items got completed 4 of which were the cloths already counted in the gift section, I also did 3 tea cosies and I made over my clock that now hangs in my living room, this was one of my most fun projects.

Crochet Afghans– This was a section I started to fill in late and managed¬†2 completed afghans I have a further 4 afghan wip’s that will be coming forward to next year. These I loved doing and were great fun, I can see that this will be addictive.

Thread Crochet– This section was set up for me to try my hand at crocheting with thread and I managed¬†1 complete project a doily. I did enjoy this but unfortunately other things just cropped up during the year that meant I couldn’t give as much time to this section as I may have wanted.

I had two other aims one was to get better with listing my projects on my ravelry page and this I’m happy with the extent that I did it, as I said multiple sections I didn’t list down.

The other thing I wanted to do was colour work and I didn’t manage this, it was a loose kind of hope but it didn’t make it any further than that and we shall see exactly why in a moment, first lets take a look at these sections in pictures.








23 Finished Projects from the list

In the bottom picture you will also see I touched a little on spinning with a drop spindle, I loved it and hope to do a lot more of that this coming year.

There were also projects that weren’t on the list. In August I made Flora McBunny and I soon received some orders from friends for ones similar and in different colours and others then looked for boy options which then produced Billy McBunny and his whole range of colours. This opened up the door to what has now become A Land Close By and once I started creating characters a whole range of characters and their stories soon came to life, all living in A Land Close By, which I then started to make other items related to them.

At a rough count I ended up making 19 Floras, 10 Billys, 17 Rusty Reindeer, 5 Sam Burrows, 3 Rose Burrows and 3 extra sets of the rainbow nesting bowls.

This was all an unexpected falling into a business and¬†A Land Close By is in the works for becoming just that. I can’t say for definite I’m going to take on taking orders to that extent again as it took up an extreme amount of time, all of them I enjoyed doing but it ate into every other aspect of life, one bunny was even being finished christmas morning.

Lets take a look at some of the Flora McBunny’s


Here are some of the Billy McBunny’s that got made,


Once the door opened then to¬†A Land Close By it brought some new characters, these by the way are only some there are at least 4 more that have been created.Top left we have Rose Burrow with underneath that a Rose Security Blanket and Rose hats, in the centre is Rose’s friend Cassie Pillar and on the right hand side top we have Sam Burrow, Sam’s new friend ¬†Billy McBunny and the Sam Tartan Security Blanket the newest design, I’m hoping the patter for which will be released this week.


Then we did have some other new creations, top left Colin Town Bear designed for Alan for his birthday, top right Rusty Reindeer who is not my creation, bottom left Fudge and Truffle two christmas time bears I designed and bottom right Alfie Alien designed for Benjamin.


That brings the completed project total to somewhere around the 74 projects completed total.

Wow! ¬†now even I’m impressed with that, as you can see most of these made it onto the project list but the multiples didn’t otherwise it would be a very boring page to look at. Looking at the pictures though there may even be one or two that didn’t make it so I need to improve that for next year.

I know I veered away from the list from September through to the end of January and then got back on the list but I think it was a successful veering off course, whether I’d take that road or not again like I said I’m not sure it ate a lot into family time and that’s what means I won’t likely do it again, I’m very protective of family time and what eats into it.

Next year’s list is drawn up and will be revealed next week with any progress made this week on it, lets see if I managed to control the ambition????

If you’d like to know more or have a go at joining in with Year of Projects do check out our Ravelry group here for more information, we love seeing new members just as much as we love having old members.

Ruth x

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11 Responses to YOP- Year 3 Wrap Up

  1. mmmyc6 says:

    You are an inspiration Ruth! Love the project finishes. And the characters from “A Land Close By” are amazing! I think that this happy accident has been an amazing ride for you, and I look forward to more and more!

  2. Renee Anne says:

    Yep, I feel like a slacker over here…but I’m only at my midway point for my third year. But still, I feel a bit lazy.

  3. Marsha says:

    Ruth, you did a fantastic job this year. With all the ‘mcbunnies’ thrown in the mix, I think you completed far more than you ever set out to do. I am so in love with the tea cozies. We don’t have those here where I live so I think that is what fascinates me the most about them. I do have family member that loves tea. Might be something I will consider for gift giving in the future. Looking forward to your list for next year.

  4. Amazing woman you are but I must admit I did miss your not posting as much and your variety of projects before you got into business. I had no idea you had made that many for A Land Close By! My fingers would have fallen off by then!
    On top of that you got so much done on your YOP list too! I love the photo montage and I should have done something like that as it really is nice to look back like that. I still love that cowl you made for your Mother and the tea cozies and your clock! This will be the year of a shawl for me. I never did get that purse made from your year before that I so admired. It’s been great fun and I have learned so much from you! Looking forward to another great year of projects with you! Hopefully we’ll both get more socks done this year.LOL!

  5. Lucy Bowen says:

    Wow what a list of finishes! You have done so well and you are such an inspiration. I hope this next year sees new challenges and a land close by taking off!!

  6. Annie says:

    A most impressive year, Ruth! You’ve worked each of your characters into someone unique, too, which seems to me an entirely different feather in your cap from the other categories. I’ve never tried going back and tallying things up that way, but I do like the idea of having a list of goals/categories to accomplish going forward. Something to think about.

  7. You have an unbelievable amount of patience to crochet that many bunnies. I seldom do the same pattern twice. 74 projects is huge!

  8. Ylva says:

    You are such an inspiration with you designing and balancing business and a lovely family ūüôā It will be really exciting to follow you on this journey for another year!

  9. Kepanie says:

    What an impressive show!

  10. Lily razz says:

    I think you had an epic year indeed, what an adventure! So much loveliness to take in! Love how you show off your finishes.. Kuddos to you Ruth!

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