YOP- Year 3 Update


The last post for this years Year of Projects, next week sees the round up week where we will take a look back at what was and wasn’t accomplished for the year.

This week I worked up a design which is now gone off to be tested and I worked on some more of these squares for the Rose Blanket, I’m steadily working through them but it will be a wip that is carried over to next years yop list.


I have also been sorting through lists, projects, wish lists, favourite lists and stash seeing what I have and what I really want to accomplish for the next year project wise.

This coming week I’ll be gathering up project pictures and getting them into some folder to make Sunday’s post a little easier, I’ll also be working on the Rose Blanket and the Flanders Poppies Blanket.

So although last week and this seem a little short on both words and pictures a lot is happening in the back ground winding up and sorting out for next year.

If you want to learn more about Year of Projects check out the Ravelry group here or indeed if you’d love to join in, we love new members as much as old.


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7 Responses to YOP- Year 3 Update

  1. Lucy Bowen says:

    I know what you mean about lots of lists! I can’t wait to see that blanket completed.

  2. Yes, lots going on in the background here too. Gathering the FO photos in a folder is a good idea; I think I’ll start that tonight. Can’t wait to see everyone’s wrap-ups next week!

  3. Kepanie says:

    Been waiting for this year to wrap up. When I feel of of the wagon, I totally lost mojo for this meme.

  4. I love your squares for the rose blanket. So, next week we wrap up and then the week after that we show our new project list? How exciting! I have things still from the year before last that haven’t been finished or that I frogged but I sure feel like I have come a long way since then thanks to my many friends here in this group.

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