YOP- Year 3 Update


With 3 weeks left to go in this Year of projects year I worked on exactly none of the yop projects this week!

I was finishing off the sampler with less than a week to now go it was needed.

With a little bit more to do today it should see if finished and the drama of the frame which continued on until yesterday, yes taking up the whole of MAY!, a frame has been gotten so with a few days to go I should be framing it ready for Friday evening’s family dinner.

Next week there will be pictures, possibly in a separate thread but I will let you all know.

What I did do was finish adding projects to my yop header on Ravelry in my projects page.

You can check out this years projects here.

I’ve added in my Yop4 project page all ready for July and I’ve been thinking about my two lists and I may run them both with the book for yop Sundays and then the other list for a Keep On Knitting Ā 12 Projects/12 Months post I’m thinking of running on maybe Fridays, it’s still in the thought process and I’ve to whittle down both lists into something more manageable, obviously the second list to 12 projects lol but we shall see what gets sorted this week on that.

So with the sampler coming to an end I’m really hoping to get back to the Flanders Poppies blanket, I missed the June 6th 70th commemoration for D-Day but never mind and I’ve more work to do on Rose’s Blanket but that’s for A Land Close By so doesn’t really count.

Looking forward to checking in with you all and if you don’t take part in YOP and would like to check out the Ravelry group for it here where we are organising our 4th year and love new participants, all are welcome.

Ruth x

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8 Responses to YOP- Year 3 Update

  1. Edith says:

    Some lovely projects on your YOP year 3 page Ruth, so looking forward to be joining in with year 4.

  2. Thinking about and planning Year of Projects stuff is kinda like working on them, isn’t it?

  3. Lucy Bowen says:

    I have been quite excitedly planning for next year having learned so much this year. I can’t wait to see your sampler.

  4. Kepanie says:

    I like Lynn’s logic. Planning is like working on them.

  5. How you get so much done is beyond me but what a great year you had. I;m in the same boat as you as I have 3 grand boys and my daughter’s birthday this month and not a thing finished for any of them but getting there.
    I am moving ahead with the planning of YOP year 4 as when I put the needles down to rest my hands I must have something to do. LOL!
    Can’t wait to share another year with you and to see the gift for your parents.

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