YOP – Year 3 Update


I have been crafting this week, honestly…I just only have one picture to show.


This is the Rose Blanket, I’ve one more dark pink square to go and then I’m onto the light pink.

This is going more slowly than expected mainly as the main project for this week has been my parents wedding anniversary sampler.

It needs to be finished and framed in two weeks and well the main part is nearly stitched but I still have two side panels to design never mind stitch so you can see why little progress has happened on other things.

I really would like this done, ordering the frame has turned into one of those never ending sagas of one drama after another and the frame is needed so I can frame as soon as I’m finished. Then add into that my Mom nearly catching me with it in my hand, it was a mad scramble of hiding it rather quickly. She’d have spotted straight away that is was something to do with her as the pictures I’ve stitched are relevant to them.

Anyway enough with the drama, hopefully by next weekend I’ll be telling you I’ve it finished and am just waiting for my parents to see it before I show it off here…well here’s hoping.

I have been working on my list and I now have a problem… can you see the recurring theme this week?

I seem to have made two lists! Yes two!

Both are so different to each other,

One is pretty typical of what the last three years have been i.e projects picked and put into category’s it’s long and ambitious and it’s full of creativity and areas for me to just let loose and design and create, so you see pretty much like normal.

The second is to work from a certain book full of patterns and it’s no less ambitious due to the amount of projects in it, I may have to set a limit on the amount of projects I aim to complete from out of it. It’s completely different to what I’ve done for the last three years and in that sense it’s a little more exciting, it has challenges and processes I’ve not actually done before in knitting, I dont’ think insurmountable ones but certainly ones I’ve not done before.

Now you see my dilemma, how to choose…

I need to decide somewhat lively so I can have yarn for the first few projects, the first few projects on both lists need yarn purchased for them oh the hardship of stash enhancing πŸ˜€

By all means throw your six and eight pence worth into the ring on which list in the comments.

If you are wondering what this YOP year is all about check out our group here on Ravelry or indeed to join in, we love new members joining us.

Ruth x

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7 Responses to YOP – Year 3 Update

  1. I laughed to hear about the drama around getting caught out on your secret stitching project. Made me think of last year before Christmas when I ordered some earrings online for my sister. They arrived in the mail, I opened the parcel and put it on the counter beside my computer. The next day my sister popped in unexpectedly – she never does that – walked straight down the hall, through the kitchen to my office area over to the 2″ x 2″ box, exclaimed over the earrings and offered to buy them off me 😦 What are the chances of that?!

    You know from my lists that the second option is more likely to appeal to me. I find working from a book teaches me techniques and construction ideas that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. And sometimes the patterns that are outside my comfort zone are the ones that I end up liking best.

    • Ruth says:

      Funny my mom doesn’t normally pop in unexpected, she normally buzzes to let me know go figure this was the time lol… that made me laugh though about the earrings..
      I did think option 2 is very you and I admire how you start with a book and work through it, I love hearing about your projects, I just wonder if I would be able to stick with it… we shall see.

  2. cleancup says:

    I love the idea of working out of a book, but I don’t think I have the willpower to make it through the year– I don’t even stick to my own list for an entire year! On the other hand, having something that makes you try things you might not usually try is always a winner… I guess I’m just more likely to take a class than use a book; having to physically show up with “homework” is a bigger motivator for me than admitting to my lack of stick-to-it-ness on the internet!

    Good luck πŸ™‚

    • Ruth says:

      I’ve never ever stuck to my list, not in the three years I’ve always added on, changed bits or simply taken bits out so a big deciding factor would be could I stick with it…we shall have to see I suppose.

  3. Lucy Bowen says:

    Funny about your mum – and I am sure you will be finished by next weekend!
    Is there a way you could combine both lists? Maybe take one project from the book a month and do it alongside your regular list.

  4. I love books and working from them for the same reason as MMOS stated but I failed miserably last year as I got waylaid by present projects. But did I learn? No! I just ordered books I have been wanting all year and finally ordered and then when I get them and chose my projects from the books and Pinterest and Ravelry then I will need to order yarn for all of them or at least for the first ones…..oh, it is difficult but exciting at the same time! LOL!
    I love the colors you chose for the blanket. It is going to be so pretty and I can’t wait to see that present for your Mom and Dad.

  5. Kepanie says:

    I’m not sure if I’ll join year four. However, I think you could do some of the book and single patterns. I’m always about being realistic with my knitting list although I didn’t accomplish much in year three.

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