Stitching- Sampler


Later this week than expected is the stitching update.

The border of the sampler is finished.

It is going to be an odd size, why couldn’t I design a sampler that would fit a ready-made frame? I don’t know I’ve already asked myself that same question.

With the border done I can now order a frame and while it’s coming to me get on with filling in the squares which has already happened as this picture is from much earlier in the week.

This is 28ct linen in a gold colour and I’m using muted shades to fill in the sampler, hopefully giving it a vintage aged feel, not bright new and shiny, samplers don’t look so good that way I think.

This is also the last time until you’ll see a full size picture of the sampler until after my parents are gifted it, remember this is supposed to be a surprise, which was very nearly ruined last night when my Mom popped in for a visit and I was scrambling round trying to hide it!

You will catch snippets of colour and shapes over the next couple of weeks of it but that’s all.

Ruth x

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2 Responses to Stitching- Sampler

  1. Kepanie says:

    Is the border made up of X’s? What an interesting prep.

    • Ruth says:

      Yes each and every stitch is an X, I don’t think at the moment I’ve any half X’s I will know better the more filling in I do. I’ll take a closer shot next week of it.

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