Return to Stitching.



Now there is a title I didn’t think I’d be using just yet.

I’ve had no desire in the last two years to pick up my needle and thread, and I do have lots of both, and stitch something.

But recently the right circumstances arose where it was needed.

My parents this summer celebrate their 40th Wedding Anniversary and like all couples having reached that milestone want for nothing and indeed if asked would need nothing but that certainly doesn’t mean you can let it go unmarked.

After a recent conversation with my sister about what gift I was thinking of for them, I don’t mind admitting I hadn’t thought. It was in back of my mind as something I must get round to thinking about but it got no further….UNTIL my conversation with my sister, thank you Iris for the kick up the bum.

Now it was in my thoughts I began to think what was I going to do/get/give and after running through all the possibilities drew a blank. I needed something that would be special to them and yet fit in with coming from me. I seem to only gift handmade gifts so how could I possibly do anything else, it just wouldn’t seem right.

Combining all these thoughts together I thought of a stitched anniversary sampler, great I thought that should be easy enough.

So I spent last weekend trawling the stitching stores online for anniversary pieces. None of them were suitable or at least suitable to what I had in mind.

I wanted something that told the story of their last 40 years together, not just some generic hearts and flowers names and dates thing, that was too impersonal.

I decided the best way to get what I had in mind was most likely to have a go designing a piece myself. After all how else I was going to get a piece personal to them from a shop bought design from a designer who didn’t know their story?

With graph paper in hand I gathered up the elements that I wanted to represent.

Them, their children and grandchildren as family is very important to them, the home they made together and for us, thrown in with a quote, nothing to mushy as that’s not their style. I’ve been tweaking things all week here and there but it all came together surprisingly quick and in the end is a design I think they’ll like and which I’ll love gifting to them.

Then came the part of putting colours to cloth and deciding what went where and with what. Tubs of threads came out in the search along with many different colours of fabric.

I finally settled on a 28ct Permin Linen in Antique Gold, this is my favourite colour to stitch on so really it was first out and in the end what I decided to go with.

I’ve brought together threads from Crescent Colours, Weeks Dye Works and Gentle Art Sampler Threads, chopped and changed them along the way until I had a spread of colours I was going to be happy with.

Now comes the part of starting and taking all these elements and making them fit together into one cohesive piece.

As you’ll have seen from the pictures, I’ve a start made on the border to frame the centre pieces, there is an outside border also which has two elements left for me to design but I need to see all the other elements in place first before I can do those.

You will also see the range of colours I’m using, it seems like a great many but many are a few stitches here and there for a splash of colour and interest.

I am going to be only showing glimpses of parts of it over the coming weeks with the entire piece being revealed when it is complete, it still has to remain a surprise to them.

Ruth x .

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7 Responses to Return to Stitching.

  1. Kepanie says:

    You go, Ruth. I can’t wait to see more.

  2. KerryCan says:

    It sounds like this is going to be super special–how great that you decided to design it yourself! Looking forward to hearing more!

  3. typenstitch says:

    Hurray! Back to cross stitching! I’m eager to watch your progress, Ruth!

  4. iknead2knit says:

    Once, cross-stitching was my craft of choice, I’ve recently gotten the urge to pick it up again. Great idea, I seem to gift mostly handmade things also.

  5. Joanne P says:

    Welcome back to the stitching fold! I am looking forward to seeing your progress, especially as this will be such a personal piece for you.

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