YOP Year 3 Update


No finished objects this week but progress updates and pictures instead.

Firstly Hills of Home blanket has had 5 more rows added to it completing the first large stripe I’m adding to it, well I’m making it up as I go so we shall see what happens next.


Drops of Firelight shawl has progressed also to 6 rows short of Chart B completion. It is growing nicely now and I’m still in love with it as much as ever, I can’t wait to finish and block it to open it all out.


Flanders Poppies now sees 18 of the intended 48 squares done. The centres for 6 more are already done. This is a close up of an individual square.


The other thing I’ve been at this week with the children back at school is spinning. This is a Corriedale top that I’m spinning and my main aim is to get a thin yarn or at least as thin as possible. This I suspect will be a dk weight which is fine, it means I am getting there and with some more practice and a lighter spindle which I’m getting made it should all help. I’m going to keep spinning this top and try keeping it even which I don’t think I’m doing a bad job of at the moment and then I shall set it and knit something up with it. How exciting is that!


Those are the projects worked on this week and are the projects lined up for this coming week to work on.

I have also been working on a design for a cross stitch piece for my parents upcoming wedding anniversary but I will do a separate post on that tomorrow if you want to check back and see it.

Ruth x .

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10 Responses to YOP Year 3 Update

  1. Christine says:

    I am so excited to see that shawl. It is looking great so far!
    Good for you with drop spin doling… Dying and spinning yarn eludes me… Not sure if I will ever try it…

  2. iknead2knit says:

    Everything is lovely, but I especially like the Hills of Home. You just might have inspired me to pick up a hook again!

  3. Kepanie says:

    You have been very productive. I just realized those square are pink and navy blue, not red and black. I love the greens. Made me smile as I thought of my childhood blankie. The shawl is so pretty with those winks of beads. You look like you’re spinning well. I need to give mine another whirl this summer.

    • Ruth says:

      The squares are red and black but it’s so hard to get a good picture colour wise of them, I’ve been trying for the last two weeks when I’ve been working on it, will have to try harder, but pink and navy sound great as well I may have to do something with that.

  4. Lucy Bowen says:

    They are all looking lovely!! The hills of home is gorgeous and I can’t wait to see your yarn knitted up.

  5. I don’t know how you do it all considering you have a houseful of kids too!! Pretty colours on your spindle. I’m looking forward to seeing that spun and plied ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Jessica says:

    That shawl is beautiful!

  7. kimmery4 says:

    What a lot of loveliness you had to show! Well done on it all–and you are spinning now?? Wow! I would not even know where to start with that hobby-thus I am refusing to cross over to the dark side! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Have a super week, full of joy…

  8. Ylva says:

    I love the ripple blanket, such nice shades ๐Ÿ™‚ And the spinning looks really even, good job!

    • Ruth says:

      Ohhh thanks, even was just what I was after, I’m slowly getting the hang of making it thinner but even is essential I think to learn from the start ๐Ÿ™‚

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