YOP Year 3 Update


The second week of our Easter break  has whizzed by but this time in a much healthier way. No bugs to slow us down or stop us. We’ve met up with friends, had trips out and about and enjoyed the wonderfully sunny spring weather we are experiencing at the moment.

I’ve spent the week  crocheting and knitting on what I call my fun projects, they have no deadlines are for the children (in the case of the blankets) and for myself (in the case of the shawl).

I’ve not looked at creating characters or stories for the last week and the break has been great. I’m ready to tackle the next project this week for A Land Close By with much more gusto and drive, the break was needed. More on that in a minute though, first lets look at what was worked on.

Progress was made on the three wip’s I showed you last week.

First is what I’m calling Flanders Poppy Blanket.

The inspiration for this blanket is from the Poppy flower and if you know anything about World War 1 history you’ll understand the name, if not I would suggest looking up Flanders Fields and in particular the poem In Flanders Fields and it will all make sense then.

The first 12 squares have been finished and the black centres for the next 12 are ready for the red to be added. There is going to be a third colour to edge the squares which will be added when I’m joining them and will be green for the green stem of the poppy.


The second blanket that was started last week has also seen progress. I’ve gotten in all the colours at least once into it so far but am now going to mix up the size of the stripes… I think. Can you tell I’m making it up as I go along? This blanket, unlike the Flanders Poppy one which is intended for Evelyn, has no deadline and I’m not sure if it’s going to end up as a throw on one of the couches or gifted to one of the bigger boys for their beds. It’s certainly going to be big enough for a single bed looking at the width.

This blanket is called The Hills of Home. This reminds me of the green hills all around my home. Every direction I look at around my home has green rolling hills.


The width.


A close up of the colours used.

Lastly the shawl has been progressing, Chart A is now complete with Chart B just started last night.

I’m considering changing the name of this shawl to Drops of Firelight.

I chose these colours for the Morticia shawl as it was a Halloween themed kal but to me the evenings are drawing in and when I light my turf fires in the winter you can see the black turf with the firelight dancing off it. The black yarn with Sienna Orange coloured beads remind me of that.


Progress so far on the shawl.


A closer look at the beads but it’s still quite hard to see them, I need a better shot. They are attached onto the stitches with a 1mm crochet hook some before you knit the stitch some after.

So now with all wip’s named I can add them to the list and do wip pages and update other pages for them on my Ravelry projects page as that also was one part of this yop year I wanted to keep up and although many of my A Land Close By characters are not on the projects page all these other projects should be, so there is a job for this week. I also need to sort out the list or at least link the post up to the projects page.

This week I need to work on characters and stories for A Land Close By, I also have a top I need to see how thin I can draft and spin with my spindle and now with the children heading back to school this week I may have time to concentrate on it. Hopefully with practice I’ll soon be able to do it whether they are around me or not and I won’t need so much concentrating. The above mentioned projects I shall also be working on throughout the week as time allows.


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15 Responses to YOP Year 3 Update

  1. Christine says:

    That is it for your WIPS? Well done! I am confident you will have them completed for the end of this YoP session!

    • Ruth says:

      Hopefully, I’d like a fairly clean slate for July, I’ve got big plans, although I’ll have one MKAL shawl but that kind of fits in with next year so doesn’t really count lol.

  2. Lucy Bowen says:

    Love the blankets and the shawl is beautiful. Glad you have had a bug free week – hope this week is productive – I look forward to your characters.

  3. Lily Razz says:

    Lovely WIPs! The ripple blanket has such a lovely name, I think it’ll only get more beautiful coming along! The shawl looks pretty too.. Have a lovely week!

  4. Thoeria says:

    Pleased to hear that all is well on the buggy front:) Absolutely LOVE the red and black ….ladybugs 🙂

  5. Kepanie says:

    You’re so lucky to get two weeks off for Easter! I love your terminology of “turf fire.” It sounds so much more interesting than fireplace. The poppy blanket is cool. Drama like a passo doble! When I think of Ireland, I see beautiful, green hills. How lovely to live among that natural landscape and history. Your shawl is awesome. I was a fan of Morticia.

    • Ruth says:

      You should see the bogs that the turf comes from, here in Ireland it’s still cut and you rear it through the summer ready to take home for the winter to burn. It gives off the most delicious smell and nothing quite beats it. I’ll have to take a picture for you of each side of my house so you can see the hills 🙂

      • Kepanie says:

        What do you mean by rear? You’re growing it til you need to use it?

      • Ruth says:

        By rear I mean it’s black soggy ground that gets cut into long strips and then cut into sod shapes, this is done by machine now though it was done by hand not too many years ago, you then let the sun and warm air dry the top of the turf sods, turn them, foot them (build like little house shapes so the air can continue to dry them) and then bring them home to store them for burning on the fire. I’ll email you a picture my friend has a brilliant picture of the stages it might be better.

      • Kepanie says:

        Thank you for all the wonderful information. It was great to learn about. I had found a video too on YouTube. I think it’s a lovely tradition. Does it burn cleaner than wood? We have certain days where fireplaces cannot be used. I forget what the phrase is.

      • Ruth says:

        I’m not sure on that one, here we would burn turf mainly, if you could get a tree that was blown down you might cut it up and season it to burn in your fire but that wouldn’t be too often and you could buy wood but it would be very expensive. How interesting that at certain times you can’t use fireplaces, I’ve not heard of that, now I’ve learnt something interesting too. Here we burn fires in the fireplaces whenever we want obviously winter time being the most common.

  6. Ylva says:

    I’m glad to hear you all felt better and could enjoy the last week of Spring break! And one definitely needs a break sometimes, even from fun things. Sounds like you can get back to your magical land with new energy now 🙂

  7. Marsha says:

    I am so looking forward to your book. I just know it will be a winner. I am also glad you explained turf fires. The term we us in the US when we can not burn our fireplaces is ‘no burn days’. It is usually because we have an inversion layer in the sky and the added smoke/soot would make it quite unhealthy for many folk here. It normally happens most of the winter here in Arizona. That being said…………we rarely get below freezing here in the desert so it is not too big of a deal. Most of us have fireplaces for the aesthetic value. We have ‘firepits’ in our back yards that we use in the evenings for warmth if needed and those don’t usually get banned.

    I absolutely love the Morticia shawl. What great color and the beads just really zing it up.

    • Ruth says:

      Fascinating the differences, thank you so much for explaining. I simply can’t imagine being told here we couldn’t light our fires and the fire pit sounds great, I could start a trend over here for that but with our wet weather it may not be a good thing.

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