YOP Year 3 Update


Happy Easter readers, it is a beautiful sunny Easter morning outside my window, spring has most definitely come.

This week has seen everyone down with a tummy bug so it has been a week of not much energy to enjoy the weather we are getting and I’m really hoping the second week of our two week break will be spent outside enjoying it although I’m not quite sure on that one.

It did mean that projects got finished, which I’ll show you presently and with thoughts having turned to the next yop year I need to tidy up any remaining wip projects that may be hanging around. I also need to locate my list and see where the finished projects fit in.

First finished this week was the Fresh as a Daisy blanket I was making. This is heading for an Xmas present for one of the girls, Elizabeth most likely as she just loves pink and is as bright and cheery as a daisy.


I decided to join all the squares with a dc (UK terms) and to put the ridge on the right side.


The border I hymmmed and hawed over somewhat eventually coming up with my own one made of fretwork and lace. I love the border and think it adds just the right edge to it.


I also finished off Miss Winkle early Sunday evening so onto the blocking mats it went Monday.


I got 37 loops out of my yarn before casting off and I used an Icelandic cast off which gives a lovely stretchy finish to a garter edge.

It has been worn and it’s gorgeous, lovely and warm and yet light enough that you don’t over heat, just perfect for Spring.


So with both these projects cleared from my corner I debated what to start next. Should I work on some new characters I thought but then decided no I had other things in that area I was concentrating on so needed something  a little mindless to work on.  I had one blanket done but if I’ve intentions of gifting these to the children at Xmas I need more so I hauled out my yarn for the next one. Again this one is for the girls, Evelyn most likely. It just happens that the blankets for the girls are already planned in my head.

For this blanket I’m using Black and Red so far with another colour to be added for the third and joining rounds. I have a specific theme with this one also just like I had with the Daisy one. For the squares this time though instead of making it up in my own head I’m using a square from the book 200 Crochet Blocks by Jan Eaton, it’s square 161.

As you can see I have the first 12 black centers done with the red added to 2 of them. This will most likely be a 48 square project also, or at least that is the loose plan at the moment.


Some time ago I’d also gotten yarn in these next colours for a larger blanket. This blanket is unlikely to be done though before the end of this yop year, I’m expecting it to run into at least the first 6 months of the next yop year but that’s ok that is my intention. This is to be one of those big mindless working projects that I can pick up and put down.

As you can see on the first round I’m not quite finished and have about another 50 stitches to go.

I’m using a ripple pattern from Lucy at Attic24’s blog.


Ok so that is lots of starts with not much wip or clearing of any wip projects is it.

I did come across my Morticia shawl which I started as part of the Boo group KAL last October but then Christmas and orders got in the way and I had to lay it aside.

I took it out and well I don’t mind saying for a moment I looked at it and wondered where I had finished and I hadn’t much of a clue.  I had 3 columns with nos in the first and just one no in the second column and a note at the bottom telling me I had one repeat done. So with a little bit of thinking about what I possibly meant I concluded I was had finished the numbered row on the second column which I thought must represent the second repeat. That all sounded good but when your faced with a thin lace project with beads and your about to start where you think you finished well it can cause a hairy moment or two but I figured I had to start somewhere and I was either right or wrong.

I was right…whew boy did I give a sigh of relief.

I went on to finish the second repeat and now I’ve one last repeat in this section A that I am doing. I dare not put this project aside again until complete and off the needles. Plus I’m planning on doing her next KAL later in the summer so I need the needles 😉

This though is only a work at night when little ones are tucked up in bed project because with the black yarn and sienna coloured beads it needs concentration.


So there you have my completed and started projects for this week. Very productive I think you’ll agree.

I would imagine I’m going to be working on these three projects this week, well unless I get a bout of startitis.

Looking forward to catching up with you all in the yop group.


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12 Responses to YOP Year 3 Update

  1. iknead2knit says:

    Miss winkle? I really like the pattern- can you tell me what its from?

  2. Christine says:

    That winkle shawl is fabulous! And what a nice blanket! Looks like we both had a rockin’ productive week. I will be posting later 🙂

  3. Faith says:

    Love the daisy blanket, so pretty, and I think the lace border is just perfect. I have to say, you made me almost fall off my chair, sorry, did you say, thinking about the next YOP year, I refuse to believe we are at that time already….don’t mention it again….well, not in my ear shot anyway!

    Love the Miss W, it turned out brilliantly, I like the ones that stripe the most I think. I’ve done that with patterns before when you think its perfectly obvious what you meant at the time, and then coming back, it clearly isn’t! I love the Boo shawls, I regularly wear my first beaded one, they are all so pretty, love yours, the beads against the dark yarn are really effective. Happy Easter Ruth!

  4. Ylva says:

    Love the shawl, perfect yarn for it! And I admire your guts to restart a project like that Morticia, sounds super scary to me! Well done you 🙂

  5. gracey says:

    Oh I love your Miss Winkle….I’ve seen so many of them this week…maybe I need to make one now…I know there was a KAL…..the other projects all look great….good luck on finishing them.

  6. Lucy Bowen says:

    A very productive week but I am sorry you have all succumbed to the tummy bug – you must be due a break and hope this week is it!! Love your Miss Winkle and the blanket is adorable. Your Morticia will be fabulous.

  7. Kepanie says:

    Wow. These projects are thumbs up. The daisy blanket? Pretty and very sweet. Your new shawl? 💞 The red and black are dramatic with one another. It’ll be interesting to see what other color you add in. The new ripple? I find the greens soothing, like rolling hills. The Morticia shawl is like an Argentine tango.

    • Ruth says:

      Oooo what lovely descriptions thank you. I love how you got the green soothing rolling hills from my ripple blanket that’s a clue to the inspiration, I’ll reveal more when I get a chunk of it done.

  8. Annie says:

    So many people have been doing the Miss Winkle, and though it’s quite lovely, I haven’t been convinced to consider it myself until I saw yours. Blocking is such a hateful step–love your brilliant solution of using a dowel instead of 10,000 pins for the loop border!

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