YOP Year 3 Update


I am a day late with my update but here none the less.

Yesterday the children and I enjoyed a walk to see a megolithic Calendar Stone as part of  a locally organised Spring Equinox festival in the area.  It was such a beautiful afternoon for it and a great opportunity for the children to learn part of their heritage and history. Here in the midlands of Ireland you can’t travel a mile without coming across parts of our history that are thousands of years old. Not hundreds but thousands and thousands. It amazes me when people come to Ireland it’s always the well known sites they tell you they have to see to see Ireland when in fact if you head into the midlands of the country that is where most of the people would have lived (why would you live beside the see on an island that could be invaded, you’d have travelled into the centre to live) and that is where you’ll find the Ireland of thousands of years ago.

I’m sure though you’re not all here for a Irish history lesson, but just if you visit you’ll know where to come.

You are here though for a catch up on the yop list. So well what have I been working on *note I’m trying to frantically remember now what I did actually work on.

I worked on Miss Winkle the shawl as part of the Crafts from the Cwtch rav group kal. I’m loving this but then it’s a shawl and when I knit a shawl they are always for me so it’s my selfish knitting part. It is also for my shawl section on my yop list. This is the latest picture I’ve taken although I think I’m a loop or two further on. It’s such a great easy pattern to knit, I took it with me to do while the children had a table quiz competition, they finished joint 4th, but it was perfect knitting project material.


I’ve been working on re-make of Sam Burrow, again making him suitable for children of all ages and I’ve a new Billy to do. This will be the last order I take to sell for the moment because for now I’m concentrating on the designing and pattern end of things. I’ve a few things to do with that for the next week or so and then I can show all. I know I’ve been saying that for ages haven’t I but it’s all finally at the stage where I can.

So there you have it, not a lot produced yarn wise but it’s been a busy week.

Ruth. x

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17 Responses to YOP Year 3 Update

  1. Renee Anne says:

    What I find amazing about Ireland is that in a fairly religious country, you still manage to mix religion and the idea that the Earth is more than six thousand years old. I do like that. 🙂

    Also, I love that the shawl is striping right along 🙂

    • Ruth says:

      Our history pre-dates anything Christian. Our old pagan and druid religions were here long before Christianity, that is how far back our history goes.

      I’m loving how the stripes are forming 🙂

  2. Lucy Bowen says:

    Can’t wait to see your patterns 🙂 Your Miss Winkle is looking fab – I must admit during the very early stages (2/3 loops) I wasn’t too sure about the colours, but now I see it and it is lovely 🙂

  3. I love your “history lesson”….being of Irish heritage but from what I know we were from counties Donegal and Antrim….Northern Ireland but it I ever get over there you can bet I will stop in the Midlands….to see you!
    I love the Miss Winkle….I’m thinking next YOP list will definitely have this shawl on it as I’ve heard many good things about the pattern and I love the colors you’ve chosen. Are those all separate yarns or a “self-striping”….either way it is so pretty.
    Do you knit English or continental? I “throw” my yarn over the needle but it seems so much faster when I watch the continental knitters that I am wanting to teach myself that method. Good for you and the pattern making. I’m still struggling to come out of hibernation this Spring.

  4. Lily Razz says:

    Aw, Miss Winkle is so colorful… So suitable for spring! I agree, there’s so much more to a place than only the ‘touristy-sites’, I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland but it’s still on my bucket list 🙂

  5. Kim says:

    Well–when I come to Ireland, I am staying with you! So I guess I will get to see all the ancient, ancient sites. Living in America and never traveling out of the states, it is hard for me to picture things that are not merely a few hundred years old! But don’t panic and run to clean the guest room yet–international travel doesn’t even appear on husband and mine’s list of near possibilities. 🙂 Your Winkle shawl is beautiful–what yarn are you using? I have to say that I am really into selfish knitting lately as I have one shawl almost done and another one set to start with a mkal on April 3rd.
    Have a wonderful week–

    • Ruth says:

      I’m rather liking selfish knitting, I really must do more of it next year.
      I wasn’t rushing to clean the guest room when I read your post I was thinking ohhhh what could I show you 😀
      I’m using a Rico Superba self striping sock yarn.

  6. Kepanie says:

    Can I come live with you? I love Ireland and it’s all from books, I’m afraid. Your shawl is wonderful! I love how the striping yarn really works with it. Those loops are fascinating.

    • Ruth says:

      The shawl is such a great movie project, once you get the first couple of loops done, it’s just what I was in need of lately.
      You know I wouldn’t stop living here for anything, I’m surrounded by green fields, lakes and forests and all in a 8km radius of my house, add into that the history in that same area and I don’t really need to step outside of my area much.

      • Kepanie says:

        It sounds so beautiful where you live. Our country is not as old as yours. Our beauty is way different.
        Ruth, my little one has a fever. Was 102 at 6:40 pm. I got up at quarter till one am to check. That thermometer went off on high as soon as I put it in her mouth. Scared the freaking crap out of me. Made her strip and and gave her water. And having her sleep out of her blankets. Down to 101.3 after a second dose of Children’s Advil. I won’t be sleeping well.

      • Ruth says:

        High temperatures freak me out as well, oh I really hope the temperature has come down and stayed down more importantly and you got a chance to rest, worrying time for you. xxx

      • Kepanie says:

        Yay. You got it. I thought all that typing I goofed up and it disappeared. Thank you. I kept her home yesterday. No fever but she needed sleep. She took a long nap and is looking forward to normal food.

      • Ruth says:

        Oh that is great to hear. I wasn’t on the computer yesterday I had a business course to attend, I know funny me saying that isn’t it. Add into that my net is playing up something funny so it takes ages to load one minute and next zip zap done.
        Poor pet needed the rest and at least you were saved the extra worry that her having gone into school would have caused you. Hugs to you both. Don’t you think sometimes it would be easier for us to be sick for the children and save them from it, I always do.

      • Kepanie says:

        I concur. I worry about her the most. I will never forget her sitting up and jerking like a puppet with her eyes rolling up at 15 months.

      • Ruth says:

        That sounds so scary, my own have never gone through that and here they keep telling you that a high temp is a sign of the body fighting something and try not to worry but that is wayyyyy easier said than done

      • Kepanie says:

        Roseola, one of the childhood diseases, was the culprit. High fever for three days. Non itchy rash afterwards. She had two seizures within twelve hours. Had a stay in the hospital. Doc tried to take a spinal tap bit she was too small. She got poked a lot.

      • Kepanie says:

        Febrile seizures aren’t harmful. It’s common for young ones when their body can’t handle the high fever. She susceptible til seven.

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