D.E.A.R. with me

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Oh won’t you come and D.E.A.R. with me today ?

This week I am still reading The Doll’s House by Louise Phillips

From Goodreads : People say that the truth can set you free. But what if the truth is not something you want to hear?
Thirty-five years ago Adrian Hamilton drowned. At the time his death was reported as a tragic accident but the exact circumstances remained a mystery.
Now his daughter Clodagh, trying to come to terms with her past, visits a hypnotherapist who unleashes disturbing childhood memories of her father’s death. And as Clodagh delves deeper into her subconscious, memories of another tragedy come to light – the death of her baby sister.
Meanwhile criminal psychologist Dr Kate Pearson is called in to help in the investigation of a murder after a body is found in a Dublin canal. When Kate digs beneath the surface of the killing, she discovers a sinister connection to the Hamilton family.
What terrible events took place in the Hamilton house all those years ago? And what connects them to the recent murder?
Time is running out for Clodagh and Kate.
And the killer has already chosen his next victim . . .


As I am still reading this I haven’t formed a proper opinion on the book but I am enjoying it. Hopefully I’ll be finished it next week for review.

This week the children are reading : They have again finished up some books and have started on others over this past week. This is their list. I tend to list just one of the smaller children’s books down each week as we read each evening and well you can imagine how long the list for the smaller children would get.

James is reading : The Alchemyst by Michael Scott

 Dominic is reading : Dragon Orb Longfang by Mark Robson & The Magic Thief Found by Sarah Prineas

Alan is reading : The Invisible Friend by Louise Arnold

Caoimhe is reading : They mystery Tour by Judi Curtain & Blue Gene Baby by Fiona Dunbar

Ruairí is reading : We’re going camping by Dave Hanson and Shelagh McNicholas & Muckeen the Pig by Fergus Lyons

Benjamin is reading : Clever Lad by Justine Furminger and Lisa Williams

Elizabeth is reading : Sing-Song Mum by Joan Stimson and Anni Axworthy

Evelyn is reading : My cat by Julia Donaldson

We are coming to the end of our library books so next week we shall be heading back there.

Recommendations from you the readers : I didn’t get any recommendations last week. I did pick up the free Toby Neal book on kindle last week so I can check that out soon to see if this is a series I’ll like. Someone did say they were reading Paradise Interrupted but I’m not sure who the author is, if you let me know I’ll check it out. It might be a good read. Do by all means mention what your reading in the comments I’ll check them out, sometimes you won’t know what you will enjoy until you start reading it. Also any recommendations for me to read do just say.

So did you D.E.A.R. this week ?

Ruth x

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8 Responses to D.E.A.R. with me

  1. iknead2knit says:

    I’m currently engrossed in William Manchester’s The Death of a President, a minute by minute account of the Kennedy assassination and its immediate aftereffects. Very gripping.

  2. Kepanie says:

    Your kids pick great books. I added a few on Goodreads from what your oldests are reading.
    I havrnt read this weekwnd b/c i had finished my last library book. I got a book rec by my mum – Elizabeth Berg’s Tapestry of Fortunes. So I’ll be starting her library book. And I got a notice for a book I had requested – The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly.

    • Ruth says:

      My eldest two really do have some great reads and I can see how the next two are really coming on and reading is changing for them also, it’s good to see a love of books following through. I must look into those books, I’ve not heard of either author before and you just never know when or how you find an author you’ll love.

  3. I’ve read several Elizabeth Berg books, like Kepanie, but not the particular one she’s reading. I liked her and should read more of her books but as you know I am trying to read what I have except of course for those 2 new books I bought (tee hee). I just started reading 2 new ones and I’ve decided since I always read a non-fiction, a fiction and a magazine…I am adding a financial book also. That is an area I need and want to stay on top of but I always pick a nature book instead for my non-fiction so now I will always be reading something about finances too. I’m on Goodreads with my reviews too.

    • Ruth says:

      I think I found you on Goodreads now, I didn’t know you were but it will be handy to see there what your currently reading. Of course I need to remember to go and update my currently reading pile.

  4. Joanne P says:

    You can tell the children are reading library books, I don’t recognise many of the titles! Working in a bookshop anything older than two years is either A Classic or ancient history.
    Cheeky request – Would it be a lot of trouble to ask you to put the child’s age after their name? My son is 11 and it would be useful for me to know what age child is enjoying each book!
    Also if I have any recommendations for the children.

    • Ruth says:

      I think the term classic is posted around too easily and certainly most of what is over 2 years old in bookshops wouldn’t be called a classic same as bookshops have such a high run through of books through their shelves it and can only hold a certain amount it wouldn’t be possible to know all so I wouldn’t say it’s obvious they are library books, its feels a bit like steroytyping the books. I’ll take your request on board and if you were regularly visiting this weekly post I can certainly then put it in place.

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