Introductions are needed

Once again we skip down the path of A Land Close By to visit one of its newest inhabitants.

The devilishly, debonair Sam Burrow.


Sam has recently moved into A Land Close By with his family (whom we shall meet in person at a later date). Daddy and Mummy Burrow both work for the local paper, both being co-editors and reporters. Then there is his sister Rose,but Rose we shall meet another day.

He is a bunny who has impeccable manners and he cuts a dashing figure in is braced trousers and shirt with matching cuffs. He likes to dress similar to Daddy Burrow you see.

His favourite accessory though has to be his red bow tie and this he wears with every outfit.


Sam has just enrolled in the local school and lives next door to Billy McBunny and they have become fast friends. Both share a love of adventure. Sam is also hoping to join the local soccer team as goalie, the position he played in on his last team.

When not out playing he helps Daddy and Mummy Burrow out at the paper by being an errand boy and hopes to follow them into the news business some day when he’s a big bunny.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this mini-introduction to my newest character to A Land Close By. My hope is that Sam has many more adventures, many of which I hope to share with you all.


Sam comes from the workings of my imagination as does his story. I hope both he and I are respected enough to be left here where he belongs.

Ruth. x

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13 Responses to Introductions are needed

  1. Well, I have to love my namesake, tee hee. He is so darn cute with the bow tie and your storytelling is the best. I thought you were resting after the holiday but you must love your bunnies because there’s another one. I think this one is my favorite and not just because of the name. He looks so debonair and jaunty. Yes, you must write your books.

  2. Kepanie says:

    OMGosh, Sam is adorable. Stupendous job on this amigurumi.

  3. Ylva says:

    He is lovely! You’ve done a great job with both yarn and story 🙂

  4. kimmery4 says:

    You are so wonderfully creative!

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  6. Lily Razz says:

    My gosh he’s so cute! Great job!

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