Reading challenge 2014

Last year I signed up for two maybe three different reading challenges as well as setting a goal for the amount of books I wanted to read on Goodreads and well despite the very best of intentions I failed miserably. I did read but the whole linking back to the original blog in the original post and keeping account and all in different places was just too much and although I continued to read I didn’t fulfill the record keeping part of it. This to me always seems to take away time from actually reading.

Also I seem incapable of linking in on set days to hook up with other people doing the same thing. This is a pity especially when it comes to reading as I miss out on quite a few book recommendations something I love to get as it makes me read out of my comfort zone and I can become lazy in that area.

So what to do, what to do.

This I have been pondering on for the last few weeks and in an attempt to keep everything in the one place and a lot more simple I’m setting my own challenges here on my blog and not linking into anywhere as lets face it I’m not going to keep that up. I think the biggest thing I can hope for is to do it all on one set day of the week.

I can’t be doing with lots of challenges either so this year I’m dropping the aim to read X amount of books as well.

So what are my challenges I hear you all ask?

  • Library Reading Challenge – I’m a big user of our local library but I’m guilty of always checking out murder mystery thrillers so this year each visit I make I intend for one of my books to be outside of what I normally check out.
  • TBR Challenge – My to read pile is MASSIVE, both in book and kindle form this I need to tackle so when not reading library books I intend to read from this. Believe me when I say I’ve enough to keep this challenge going for a good many years.

So there you have it, just two simple challenges both of which I’ll visit on my Monday update. I’m saying Monday’s in the hope that I do stick to that day. I did try making a banner that I can use for this and may have one up and running for next week but at the moment it’s just not happening. I need my IT dept. to get onto that šŸ˜‰

So there you have it. What if any are your reading challenges ?

Ruth x

The two other things I hope to blog about on these days are,

  • What the children are reading. Just like me they are all avid readers and I’m always looking to expand what is available to them to read. I’m hoping by doing this many more of you will share with me what your children are reading.
  • I also at the end of each Monday blog post want to list books recommended to me that week again in the hope that you will all keep sharing them.
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7 Responses to Reading challenge 2014

  1. You took the words right out of my mouth and the thoughts out of my mind. Remember last year how excited I was? Yeah, well…I too failed miserably and you are so right…it’s the linking up and I want to feel a “connection” to these people too and some of the “linky parties” are just too big for me to do that. I feel connected to you and Kim who I emailed last night as I’m thinking of giving myself a Kindle for Christmas and my big 65th next Saturday. Santa left that sump pump but that was it. Anyway, what kind of Kindle do you have? I want to be able to watch movies, download books, magazines and Ravelry patterns…is that asking too much? LOL. Anyway, any advice you can give me on the Kindle would be great. Also, I will do a Monday book review and I’m on Goodreads too. I will get back to you with my own personal reading challenges this year (it will be a blog post hopefully later today) but this morning is vet for dog, oil change for car and groceries before the party goers swamp the store.
    I wasn’t going to invest in a Kindle but my house will explode if I get any more books plus with a move hopefully in my future it would actually save me money as they charge quite a bit to move all those books. Plus…I could afford to get the online subscriptions to those U.K. mags I love so much like Simply Crochet and Mollie Makes. Hope your day goes smoothly and you have time to read. TTYL~

  2. Kepanie says:

    That book meme I follow has been hyping it up about the first book of the year. I finally got myself out of the bed tar pit and was delighted to find I had a book waiting for pick up. It looks worthy of a new year read.

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