YOP Year 3 Update


The last YOP Sunday update of this year. I hope you all have had a great Christmas and Holiday season spending it with loved ones.

I missed last week’s update after saying I was back but what can I say I was just so busy with the last orders I had.

First off the blanket that I was working on that I mentioned. It caused a few late nights towards the end and with each round of the hook was taking up to an hour just for one round, well you can see now why it took some time. It was such a delight of a project though and is the first in a new range I’m launching on my facebook page (I seem to be working off there for orders at the moment until I see what my options are – do feel free to come find me I’m Spare Moment Crafts – designs by Ruth). I’ve called the new range of blankets ” Snuggle Down Blankets” and will do all sizes. Here is a picture of the finished blanket this size being a single bed size for a little girl. I’ll also show you a picture of the tag that will come attached to all the blankets, changed to either he or she as is appropriate.



I also had two Floras to finish up, one with stitched eyes and no buttons and the other a normal regular one.



With these both done I sat down to relax, play with the children and read. I don’t mind admitting I was in need of the rest as from September I’ve worked non-stop on orders and I was thrilled to have each and every one but I was also ready to do nothing and relax. I lasted two days before I had my needles out and cast on a hat for my husband. I’ve been promising him one from last year and he wanted one a bit longer than normal so I just designed him one. I took notes and may write it up as a pattern. It’s just a simple pattern but that’s all he wanted. I’ll have photos of that next week as I need to take shots of it.

I have one order due for Jan 10th and it’s an order I was designing a new rabbit for. I’ve been taking notes on it (I bought a notebook especially for my designs lol) and we shall see how it works up but you probably wont see pictures of that until after it’s received.

This week I intend to continue working on the rabbit and well I’m not sure what else as I’ve not made up my mind, perhaps after taking stock of my yop list I’ll see what I’ve to work on.

We are now half way through the yop year and I like to take a look at the list and see how it’s going. With no real set projects on the list only headings this style is suiting me but I see I still have a few areas to work on better, all those ones with just one project. I need to write-up my designs and update some of my projects on my Ravelry page. I have the Cornflower Milo to finish as well as my Morticia shawl so perhaps I shall continue with those but we shall see. I’d like to see more in the garment section for the children.

I’m still deciding on what new year challenge I will have and see how that fits in with my yop list. I will be back on Tuesday with a round-up of what’s been happening with us through November and December and over Christmas and I’ll touch on what I want to achieve next year. I’ve a few smaller challenges already set but it’s my big main one I’m after so if your interested drop back then.


Birch Sands

 Ocean Blue

 Fruit Salad


 Copper Pot Milo

Cornflower Milo



Soul Mate

Morticia Shawl


 Mrs Bunny

 Fern Cowl

 Flora McBunny

Rainbow Nesting Bowls


  Stormy Night


  Citrus Peel

  Cool Mint Tic Toc

 Fresh Mint


Strawberries and Cream


Granny Stripe Rectangle Blanket – single bed size


Tea at Sundown


Cupcake Delight Cloth

No1 Cloth

Truffle and Fudge Santa Bears


Ruth x


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10 Responses to YOP Year 3 Update

  1. Lucy Bowen says:

    Busy as ever!! The spare moments brand is looking great and glad you got a little time to relax during the holiday!

  2. This year has been amazing for you and I’m so happy for you and your new business. You’re a marketing guru I think with all the personal touches you add to go with each project. The Flora’s are all darling and each one is so unique. The “snuggle blanket” is beautiful. You’re so good with color palettes. Yes, I need to update my YOP list too and see where I am and where I’m going. Happy New Year to you and your family and I will definitely be by Tuesday to see those holiday pics of some of Santa’s favorite children. Relax…you deserve it!

  3. Haha, I have that same problem when I decided to relax – within days I have startitis again. I know all about those plain hats, just made one for my special guy, too. Love the colors you chose for the snuggle down blanket.

  4. Linda says:

    Beautiful blanket and bunnies Ruth.


  5. Kim says:

    How do you complete all those orders and still have time for life?? Wowzers! The Flora’s are all adorable but completing under deadline would do me in……and a blanket too? No way!Looking forward to what you have planned for 2014. Like many of us, updating the list and my Rav page are on my agenda. How can we be half done already? My post will be up later today–first it is time to head to church.

  6. My goodness you have been busy … not to mention EIGHT children. You’re very ambitious but you’ve done really well and all the things you’ve made are gorgeous! Happy New Year!

  7. Kepanie says:

    Those bunnies are so cute. I can imagine them skipping diwn a path holding hands and their ears flopping up and down. The blanket is great. I really like the colors.

  8. Ylva says:

    Wow, you have accomplished so much! I hope next year will be even better for your business and you will find your balance between orders and leisure crafting ^^

  9. Lily Razz says:

    That blanket is so colorful, amazing! And I’m still a big fan of those bunnies, they’re so cute! Can’t wait to see your hubby’s hat, and I love how you have a special notebook to jot down all your notes! You’re so full of great ideas!

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