YOP Year 3 – Update


Oh it has been a few weeks hasn’t it. 3 really I’m sure but I was just repeating myself as I have been doing orders and making items for the fair non-stop from September and really there are only so many ways I can write about that to make it sound different and exciting.

I’m now coming to the end of the last few orders before Christmas and I’ve one for after Christmas so far and that’s good. I’m ready for rest it’s been tiring but oh so good and I’m feeling pretty delighted with myself. What started off as a new years resolution this year ( learn to do crochet ) has turned into something so much more and has taken off in ways I never would have imagined.

So this week for catch up I’m going to show you some pictures I took at the fair. The fair for me was a great success. I got some really great feedback and the stand in general went down really well. This was all good as it’s one thing me thinking I had a good product and having the public and prospective customers think they are a good product. Even the Truffle and Fudge went down really well these above all else I was thrilled to bits about as they are my own design. This has spurred me on to designing some more over the last few weeks and over the Christmas I’m hoping to work up some more samples and then I may even write some patterns who knows.

Flora McBunny's all set

Flora McBunny’s all set

Billy McBunny ready to go

Billy McBunny ready to go

Rusty Reindeers all in a row

Rusty Reindeers all in a row

Rusty's off to post some letters

Rusty’s off to post some letters

Truffle and Fudge all set

Truffle and Fudge sat under the tree

Truffle and Fudge resting after their snowball fight

Truffle and Fudge resting after their snowball fight

This week I’m finishing up the last few orders as I said. One of the orders is a blanket for a new line of what I’m going to call Sunggle Down Blankets, I am hoping to have pictures of that next week

I still need to fix up my list but really it has only contained toys for the last few months. I’ve given a page to each of them at the top of the blog showing some of the different colour combinations I’ve done. I’ll take a look at the list over Christmas and make adjustments to it for the last six months of the YOP Year, it’s hard to believe nearly 6 months are gone already!

I’m now off to catch up with you all as I’m long overdue a visit to see what you have all be up to this week and indeed the last few, no doubt I’ll finish my visits with lots more ideas πŸ™‚

Ruth x

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11 Responses to YOP Year 3 – Update

  1. Gracey says:

    Congratulations on he success of the fair…..

  2. Ylva says:

    Glad to see you back! These last weeks seems to have been quite busy for everyone. I’m glad the fair was a success! Your crochet cuties are great so I’m not at all surprised.

    I hope you get some time to relax over the holidays πŸ™‚

  3. So glad to see that the fair went so well for you. You’ve been missed but we all understood and so happy that a fellow YOPer made it BIG! LOL! Truly, maybe I could even do something like that someday or be your outlet in the U.S. Ha! Ha! And now blankets? You are amazing. I bet the children are so proud of you. I’ve been slacking but hope to get going again now.

  4. Awesome looking stall at the Fair! I just bet they were all a huge hit! You’re going to be crocheting bunnies and reindeer for the foreseeable future, aren’t you?

  5. Lucy Bowen says:

    The stall looked fabulous, with so many toys!! You must have been going day and night to get them done – but worth it, and now time for a well earned break!!

  6. Lily Razz says:

    Oh they all look lovely! You did an amazing job on your stall, yay you! It must have been crazy for you the last couple of weeks, you can be so proud of yourself.. Happy holidays!

  7. Kepanie says:

    OMGosh! LOVE! You were no doubt a hit.

  8. What prompted the New Year’s Resolution to crochet? All of the toys are very adorable.

  9. Chris says:

    What darling animals. They are sooo cute!

  10. Annie says:

    So cute! And I love the xmas tree in the background. πŸ™‚

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