YOP Year 3 Update


I’m late again. It seems to be a trend this past couple of weeks. I think I need to start pre-writing these posts up ready to just hit publish.

As is normal for this last two weeks. I’ve been crafting for the fair and doing up orders.

This Flora went to her new home earlier this week.


I’ve fallen in love with this one and the simplicity of her colours. She was such a delight to work on.

I did blog about Truffle and Fudge’s story early in the week here, if you want to read about it. It is only their introduction.

I have been working on their story some more and on Floras during the week and it seems if it’s not been a crochet hook in hand it’s been a pen writing. The ideas notebook has also been out and it is filling up with ideas for new toys also. I’m so excited about them as these will be my own designs and I can’t wait to start working on them over the Christmas.

It has been so long since I picked up knitting needles but I’m sure after Christmas when orders die down I will have time to pick them up and work on the other parts of my list. I know I’ve not posted the list in a while but there has been no change to it honestly only the amount of Flora’s and Billy’s that I’ve done.

I have been gathering up the parts for the different characters in bags and in the week leading up to the fair I intend to sew them all together, but for now they remain like this,


This is on the left parts for Fudge and on the right parts for Rusty.

I am late this weekend as I was working on Truffle’s parts and spent every free moment this weekend with hook in hand.

In another few weeks I promise the posts will become more varied and I’m sure to most by now I sound like a broken record but hey ho.

Looking forward to seeing what all you other yop’ers have been up to this week.

Ruth x

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10 Responses to YOP Year 3 Update

  1. Lily Razz says:

    Oh that Flora is precious! I agree with you, the colors on her are so pretty! What a great idea to put parts in a bag to assemble them later! I have to wait untill I’m in the right mood to assemble or else I’ll go mad trying.. I am actually curious how much Flora’s and Billy’s you’ve made!

  2. Renee Anne says:

    She is quite delightful. Someday, I’ll learn to crochet…

  3. Christine says:

    I keep waiting for someone *ahem* write her pattern out and seek test crocheters… The possibly publish the pattern? On Rav and link through this blog and your followers blogs possibly?
    Impressive that you can keep on top of it all thoug. I too am smitten with the flora above 🙂

  4. Linda S says:

    Your crocheting is awesome Ruth. Looks like you’ve been doing it for years. I love all the critters your creating.


  5. Ylva says:

    What a cute photo with Flora and the blocks 🙂 Almost everyone seems stuck in either startitis or crafting gifts, it’s the tired part of the year that’s for sure. But soon the holidays will be here and we can relax and restart ^^

  6. Loving the pink Flora…all of a sudden I’m on a pink kick and can’t seem to get enough. I went back and read the story of Truflle and Fudge and how adorable. I could never have thought up such a cute story to go with them. I am so excited about this new venture of yours and how successful it’s been so far. I’m still amazed at what you accomplish.

  7. Kepanie says:

    Flora’s photo is terrific and cute! I love how you’re so organized and are concocting back stories for the amigurumi.

  8. Lucy Bowen says:

    No – still loving the Floras and her friends – no sign of getting bored yet!!

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