YOP Year 3 Update


Is it Sunday again? Really ? No it can’t possibly be! Not this soon again!

Well ok, if your sure then here is my yop update.

What have I been doing in this past week? This seems to be a fairly familiar question of late and the answer this last few weeks is always the same so for now if you are expecting anything different I’m sorry to disappoint.

I have completed the rainbow nesting bowls and they are just awaiting on an order of two Rusty’s. I showed you all a picture of them last week so I won’t bore you to tears with another.

During the week I did get the opportunity to hand deliver a Billy and it was such fun to catch up with a friend and see him (Billy) go to his new owner. This is the Billy.


I have been working on items for the fair and have all the body parts needed for the Rusty Reindeers I want to take to it. Now they are all still sitting in a bag but they are done. I will need to have a mass sewing together few days before the fair.

I’m now working on the Fudges I want to take.

This weekend has been declared a crochet weekend with pieces being done both yesterday and today so I’m getting this update in early to free up the remainder of the day. But while sitting yesterday Truffle and Fudges story finally came to me. It quite often takes me sitting down crocheting or knitting for my mind to settle and quieten down and hey presto! It comes up with the idea.

On Friday I had the ideas for some new items that I want to do over Christmas and the new year so I’m looking forward to those.

All ideas have been scribbled down in my notepad, which I’m pleased to say is filling up and I guess I now have my goal for 2014.

During the week I did have posts on what we did during October which you can read here and I also did a book review of The Swansong, I can’t recommend this book and it’s first one Wraiths enough, read about it here.

So really that is all or mostly all that I’ve been up to this week in a yarny sense.

Are you sure it’s Sunday?

Ruth x

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9 Responses to YOP Year 3 Update

  1. Lily Razz says:

    Time is flying by right?! I have the same feeling! The Billy is so cute and I love the picture with the blocks! Good luck with the mass crocheting and sewing!

  2. Faithf says:

    To be honest I’m not sure it is suunday either, but for some reason I’ve done my yop update too! I like Billy he is very cute! Lovely to meet the recipient, and see them enjoying something you’ve made.

    Hope your crochet day is really productive and you get all your jobs done.x

  3. Kepanie says:

    Yay! Love how Billy was set up. You come up with great back stories. Ever think about writing a children’s book?

  4. Christine says:

    Billy is beautiful 🙂
    I like hearing your stories week after week…. Even if they all seem to be the same. I think it is great that billy and flora ( is that her name?) are so popular!

  5. You put me to shame! I got so little done I’m not even posting but I’ve been cleaning and scrubbing and doing some outside work as i have house guests coming for Thanksgiving. I love your Billy boy and so glad you’re getting stuff done for your fair.

  6. Lucy Bowen says:

    I never tire of the Billies and Floras!! They are lovely with great stories 🙂

  7. mary says:

    it must have been fun to deliver Billy.. It is a pleasure to see your crochet creations..and I’m sure they are going to be a big hit at the fair!

  8. Ylva says:

    I know, the weeks are just crazy now! I kind of never noticed last week passing by. Making plans and goals for the next year is always fun 🙂

  9. It was Sunday … but apparently it’s Monday now 🙂 Love Billy with is building blocks!

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