YOP Year 3 Update


I’m late! I’m Late!

We have been watching Alice in Wonderland this past week on mid-term and I very much feel like the white rabbit at the moment.

Not only did I say last week I was hibernating, which I sort of, kind of did. Well the latter part of the week was hibernation and the first half was a round of play dates and visiting. All in all in meant I didn’t catch up with everyone last week.

I have this morning visited you all though, well last weeks posts and over today I hope to catch up with this weeks posts with you all.

My fingers need a rest from crocheting, not that I’m not enjoying it, I am but the fingers do get a tad sore after hours of it.

This past week has seen some more Floras and Billys done. I think I need a photo post of some of the cute pics I’ve taken. I’ll organise that later in the week so do come back. All the while I’ve been crocheting them I’ve had new stories for both Flora and Billy run round my head. I must write down those ideas before the idea flickers and disappears.

Here is one of the latest shots.

This picture is titled…because some days are just for books and blankets.


These were a double order that went out to another happy customer. You know I didn’t quite think people would have wanted these and the other items as much as they did and I am hopeful for the upcoming fair.

Speaking of the fair I’ve been crocheting Rusty the Reindeer parts. It’s quicker to do all the parts and then sew together. Rusty is extremely fiddly as he is so small but is so high on the cute factor he’s worth it.

Just another pic to remind us of how he looks other wise this post would be boring 😉


I really need to do Truffle and Fudges post up also. I’ve lots of other shots for them on my camera but there story just hasn’t spoken to me yet. I will be doing these up for the fair so perhaps it will come to me then.

So this week I’ve done another Billy, which I’m meeting the customer in person later this week to give it to her so I’ll show you his cute picture then. I’ve another Flora started and I’m working on those nesting bowls I did, another order (really who’d have known *amazed)


I know you’ve all seen these before but really I’m working on the same pieces and although I’m not bored with them it does make for a boring update for you all to read.

I really need to update my list but what’s it going to say, Flora and Billy’s by x amount lol

I have had to close my order book for Christmas orders as I can’t guarantee anything more before Xmas and with the fair and needing some items for that, well you get the picture.

I’m already planning on what I want to do over the Christmas and in the new year. I’ve some more wonderful ideas for crochet, patterns to write up which I’m hopefully going to sell in the new year, stories to work on and then my list, garments for the children and hats being very top of the list.

I’m back later this week with a family update, that will happen tomorrow. Wednesday will see a yarn along happening and I’ll be discussing the books I’m reading, yes I’m still reading and I’ve got a story by a local author on the kindle which I’ll tell you all more about and then hopefully Thursday will see an update with lots of pics of Floras and Billys.

Ruth x.

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12 Responses to YOP Year 3 Update

  1. Christine says:

    Squee!! That little reindeer is so very cute! Very high on the cuteness factor indeed.
    I imagine your life is nothing but flora and billy creations. You appear to have tapped into something…

  2. Keri says:

    I can not even begin to express how cute the reindeer is!!!!!! Thank you for sharing him with us. It brightened my morning coffee nicely.

  3. They are all so wonderfully bright and cheery. I even love the nesting bowls! I’ve seen those stacked ring patterns, which would also be awesome in rainbow brights. I’ve been making up cup cozies, and just like you I’m making all the parts to assemble later – much quicker 🙂

  4. Marsha says:

    Ruth, I simply adore the bunnies and the reindeer. They are just so cute and cheerful. You have done well with your items and the nesting bowls are a marvelous idea for youngsters. I am sure you will do very well at the fair too.

  5. Lily Razz says:

    You’re so busy Ruth! I can imagine your hands needing a rest! The nesting bowls are so lovely and colorful! And the picture “…because some days are just for books and blankets” is just so cool. Because because some days are just for books and blankets!!

  6. Linda S says:

    You are one very talented and busy lady Ruth. Love your toy animals.


  7. Ylva says:

    You have been busy, that’s for sure! Loving your creations 🙂 What yarn weight are you using for your Rusty, Flora and Billy? I’m always using sport weight for anything toy-like but yours look a little bigger than that! Which one do you prefer and why? 🙂

    • Ruth says:

      Rusty is done with a dk weight acrylic and a 3mm hook and boy is he fiddly, he stands at only 4 inches high. Flora and Billy are both done with an aran weight 100% cotton and a 3.5mm hook and they stand at about 16 inches. I like both for different reasons, Rusty as he’s a bit quicker but Flora and Billy because they are not so fiddly lol.

  8. I would love to be able to sell some things but not sure I would have as much success as you plus your work is impeccable and I’m so slow! LOL! I had an idea for the Fudge and Truffle pair…how about helping Mrs. Claus make candy for the holidays? You don’t have to use it…it just came to me while I was looking at them with their cute hats on.
    The reindeer is so darling and Flora and Billy too cute with the books and all cozied up with blankies too! Take care of your hands…they’re the only ones you have! TTYL!

  9. Kepanie says:

    Never get tired seeing these projects. Take care of your wrists and fingers. You’ve reminded me Ineed to check to see if Alice is on oour TiVo. Me and girls are hooked on it.

  10. Lucy Bowen says:

    They are always so lovely and always make my day to see them – never boring!

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