YOP Year 3


Is it me or are these weeks flying by ?

WIP’s have been flying off the hook as this week has been all about crochet.

There was a slight hiccup over yarn and its arrival but I have it now and can proceed with sorting out items.

As promised this week there were posts about Rusty Reindeer and the Pathways Cowl, hit the names to take you to the posts about them.

I’ve completed both Truffle and Fudge my two bears. Their stories will be done up this week so check back for that but here is a sneak peek at both bears. Fudge is on the left and Truffle on the right.


So really these little bears along with a Billy and Flora is what has taken up my week.

This week is mid-term with the children. For me this means less time watching and I intend to hibernate as much as possible with my hook, needles and yarn. I may not get to but it is good to start off the week with a plan. So armed with this plan I intend to do some more Flora’s and Billy’s and get started on some items that will be going to the fair.

Ruth x.

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12 Responses to YOP Year 3

  1. Christine says:

    These stuffies of yours are so very cute and impressive.
    I don’t doubt you will do well at the fair!

  2. Julie C says:

    These look fun and the names are just right, I am sure they will be popular.

  3. Lily Razz says:

    Aww Truffle and Fudge are precious! And the story of Rusty is so cute!

  4. Lucy Bowen says:

    Not just you – time is flying by – Christmas will be with us before we know it!
    I love Truffle and Fudge – gorgeous.

  5. Ylva says:

    All your toys are such cuties 😀 And you’re right, time really is flying! I think it’s a good thing though, it’s so dark now but soon it will turn lighter again 😀

  6. Oh those are the friendliest little santa bears! So cute!

  7. Oh, they are SO cute! Fudge is the light colored one? Must be peanut butter fudge! I love the fact that you put stories with them. It makes it so much more meaningful. I hope you get to “hibernate” this week as I love to do that…in fact I do it almost every day! LOL!

  8. Kepanie says:

    These teddies are so cute! They will be touched and coveted at the fair.

  9. Kim says:

    Fudge and Truffle look good enough to eat………enjoy your half term break and good luck with all that crating for your upcoming fair.

  10. Karoline says:

    They are ver cute!

  11. sandy says:

    So you’re writing stories to go with your crocheted bears? Did I understand you right? I’ll have to check out your cowl since I just finished one.

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