Catching Up

It has been some weeks from I sat and caught up with what everyone was doing of late.

September rolled in with back to school and new starts and beginnings and the days and weeks have just ticked on by so quickly that I now find myself in October with Autumn approaching and I haven’t caught up for September.

So let’s head on back to the start of September and see what has been happening with us through some pictures.


James started the month off with heading on for Secondary school. This here in Ireland is the level he’ll be at until he sits his state exams and heads on to college with some luck.  Isn’t he handsome in his uniform. The light is not so great as this was taken very early in the morning as he needs to leave the house at 7am to catch his bus and returns at 4.30pm. His uniform is a grey shirt and trousers and a wine jumper with school crest. It’s a long enough day and he’s juggled the different classes and teachers and timetable so very well. The main point though is he’s loving it. He’s a book and school kind of kid and loves information and schooling like a magpie loves shiny objects.

A couple of days after this saw the return of the other children to school.


This also saw the start of Benjamin’s schooling years. I know all to well once this begins the years seem to fly by even faster and with him being my last baby boy off I was a bit sad. He thankfully was full of beans to be off and to get started and that is how it should be.


Ruairí and himself are in the same classroom just with Ruairí in Senior Infants and Benjamin in Junior Infants. I think it’s good that Benjamin has that. At least in the first few days he could look around the classroom and find his buddy. It was quite manic the first couple of days and he didn’t like that at all. He’s not into crowds and noise. Yes I see the wonder of that to what with him being from a large family but it just goes to show how it doesn’t feel large and intimidating to him. Once he got over that and things settled down he started to love it even more.


This also sees the start of Dominics last year in National school. Next year he joins James in his Secondary school. When picking a school we hopefully picked one that will meet the needs of each of our children. They are all so different and have different things they will want out of their schooling years but we still wanted them to have the support system of having siblings in the school.


Once back to school happened so did extra activities and so began the toing and froing that happens for these events.

Our household is busy enough so we do try to limit each extra activity to one per child and in what interests them most.

That means piano lessons has started back up for Dominic and Caoimhe. They have been practising all summer on their given pieces and they sit their next exams this coming November.

Alan has begun his guitar lessons with a different teacher and is really loving them. He’s also getting into playing hurling with the school. For anyone who doesn’t know just give hurling a google lol.

James has started back into some writing classes and is as ever loving those as they are just not about writing but about many different things.

The smaller ones don’t really do anything extra at the moment not until they find what interests them most.

During the day now the house has quietened down a good bit and with only Elizabeth and Evelyn at home until school ends the house is pretty quiet. Evelyn didn’t like the quiet at all and she took some days to get used to it.

She has now turned 10 months and is cruising along the furniture and has now gotten two teeth. These I didn’t think were ever going to come ! I did threaten dentures so perhaps that’s what did it lol.


As you can see here she loves playing with Dominic and is completely in love with music but when carrying her she was the same. If I ever needed to check movement all I needed to do was turn on some music.

Fotor0100482159 - Copy

As for princess Elizabeth, oh my she is my character. This morning she wasn’t pleased with what I asked her to do so she told me she was off to sit on her bed and she wasn’t going to be my best friend ever ever ever again ! Strong words indeed from a 3 year old but boy she does make me laugh. She did come back out in a minute or two when she wanted to colour and informed me that she was my best friend again now and asked was I happy, to which I replied I was very happy.

This picture sums up my princess just like the story a minute after this picture she was smiling again but boy is this picture priceless.


At only 3 she feels she can and should do the things the other bigger children are doing and just can’t understand that no it’s something just for the bigger children and she is too small. So she has many moments of displeasure with me during the day but that’s fine  I wouldn’t expect it to be any different and means I must be doing something right. After all our children should be displeased at some stage with us shouldn’t they ?

My friend Kim over at Page after Page has been thinking of a blogging schedule. This has been on my mind for the last few weeks. Everything slowed down during the Summer holidays and things stopped and gone is my blogging schedule and it’s something I need and want to get back. So I’m going to try getting back with some sort of order.

I have been reading lots and will do a book post next Monday, I need to organise the books I’ve read and list them.

On Wednesdays I hope to return to Yarn Along with what I’m reading for that week with what is on my needles.

Family update posts I’ll do on Fridays as of yet I’m not so sure if those will be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Sundays are for yop as you all know.

That leaves Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays for revealing finished objects and introducing new things. I’ve been liking giving items their own posts when they are done so these days should slot in and fill up nicely.

That is as ever the plan for now !

 Ruth x

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12 Responses to Catching Up

  1. Renee Anne says:

    So is the Senior Infants/Junior Infants kind of the equivalent of Kindergarten and preschool here in the US (about 3-5 years old)? Or are the boys older than I think they are?

    • Ruth says:

      Our children here start school at around 4/5 that’s for Junior Infants, they prefer them to be nearer to 5 and then senior infants is a year older than that so 5/6 years old.

  2. kimmery4 says:

    I loved reading this Ruth! Your kids are adorable and I chuckled at the description of Elizabeth’s personality as it reminds me of my Grandy, Millie a bit. 🙂

    James looks like such a serious fellow and I can imagine he does wonderfully at school. Do your kids attend publicly funded schools or do you private pay? I ask this because you get to pick their schools and here in the Sates you pretty much have to go to the school that lies in your homes boundary if attending public school. If we want to pay out our own pocket we can choose any private school we want. I so wish we had had the money to pay for private school for our kidlets–they are so much better than public around here, but alas, the privates cost thousands per year per kid–sometimes as much as a year of post-school college costs!

    I also ask as most public schools here do not require any sort of uniform–and boy I wish they did!

    I love thinking of the noise and bustle of your household when all the kids are there–I miss the days when all four of mine lived under our roof–and when they all manage to be here at the same time now, (plus 3 Grands) I love the noise! There were some years when I thought I would not survive the busyness–but I did! 🙂 I imagine have some quiet time each day or evening to knit helps keep you grounded? It does me.

    Have a wonderful week–I like your proposed blogging schedule–seems very do-abe.

    • Ruth says:

      They go public, all private ones here would run to thousands also but we can still pick which ones they attend. In a 20 mile radius of us there would be at least 6 different secondary schools and all you need is a place, now some of those are harder to get a place in as the more local you are to it the higher your chances. We were lucky in that we got a place for James in his first preference of Secondary schools and with him being there it will be easier for the others to attend. I’m quite used to the noise having grown up with 4 brothers and 2 sisters so it just feels like an extension of my childhood. Yes the knitting helps restore those batteries and brain cells. 🙂

  3. Linda S says:

    What a beautiful family you have Ruth. I can’t get over all the gorgeous blue eyes. You are one lucky lady.


  4. What a great post! James is very handsome and looks like he’s part of Hogwart’s Academy. He is a young man after my own heart. I loved school and learning and still do. Benjamin in school already? They are all such beautiful children and they always look so happy and like they get along so well with each other. And Princess Elizabeth…what a hoot she is with her drama! LOL! So many times when mine were growing up I had to hide my smiles and laughter and they are so entertaining who needs t.v.?
    I have to tell you, in the U.S. “hurling” is the same as throwing up/vomitting so it took me a minute to realize it doesn’t mean the same in Ireland! LOL! Good luck and happy times to all of your children this school year!
    As for the blogging schedule….I too need to reorganize and get back to a schedule and update my Ravelry projects both in Ravelry and on my blog and books….oh boy, I’m behind in it all but the cooler weather here has invigorated me so hopefully that will help. I do have more to do now though….walking 3 miles a day (I just can’t handle it in the heat) and I’m working outside from now until next Summer! LOL! You and Kim and others keep me going and inspired….thank you! TTYL!

    • Ruth says:

      Oh how pleased he would be to hear you say that, he is a Harry Potter fan ! I was a book worm at school also and just loved it. I did think the hurling would confuse some a little so I did have to smile at that. We shall see if the schedule works out, life has a way of getting in the way sometimes. Looking forward to seeing more blog updates from you to.

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  6. Ylva says:

    You seem to have a big lovely family! All your kids are so beautiful 🙂 And I agree with Sandra, he does look like he’s just about to go off to Hogwarts!

    I had a good laugh about princess Elizabeth and the drama 🙂 Almost can’t wait to have kids of my own when reading posts like these 🙂

  7. Kepanie says:

    My gosh your kids are a a beautiful bunch. James, your oldest, he has gotten more mature. He is indeed handsome in his school uniform. The fun bunch in their uniforms were too cute. The mischievous glint in their beautiful, blue eyes. Okay, your three year old looks like willfull one! That stance with her crossed arms. And of course, baby Evelyn is adorable. I want to hold her!

    • Ruth says:

      He has indeed matured and just over this past summer ! Yes there is a definite mischievious glint in those boys eyes, there is normally most days but what fun they are ! Oh my Princess Elizabeth is my most willful child. Even now at 3 she knows her own mind and doesn’t mind making a decision and makes it pronto ! We are all getting lots of cuddles in while we can with Lady Evelyn.

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