YOP Year 3


Another week whizzes by and it’s been spent starting a Boo Knit MKAL for a new shawl called Morticia.

I’ve known this shawl MKAL has been coming up for the past month and trying to whittle down the choices in yarn and bead colour.

I finally settled on  this.


Black 4ply yarn with sienna coloured beads. The shawl is knit with lace weight yarn but I wanted something a little heavier. The pattern is being released in four clues and this is heading on for half way through the first clue.

I’ve been working slowly on it in between other projects and for the moment it needs to continue on like that. I don’t expect I’ll have it finished by the Halloween date but that’s ok to.

I have been working on the boy version of the bunny and waiting all week, not so patiently, for stuffing to complete it. It finally arrived on Friday but it has meant that I can’t post out until Monday so this coming week I do hope to have a release post.

I have started another cloth, I’m using these for Harry Potter classes and will need them for Xmas gifts and the stall at the fair.

It’s a very simple linen stitch one I’ve designed.

I need to spend a good week at this stage writing up my patterns but with what’s planned for the coming months that’s not looking likely until late December. I really never thought I’d be saying that ! Me writing up patterns ! Who’d have thought !

I have been trying to finalise the list of things I might need for the fair but trying to gauge how much of each is what’s causing the headache so while I ponder that I’m just going to keep making.

I am way over due on a family update post. It has been so busy of late. Each week I say that and I still haven’t managed it but tomorrow there shall be one !

Just a sneaky peek though here is Lady Evelyn who has turned 10 months already. To hear what else she’s been up along with all the other children come back tomorrow.


Ruth x

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14 Responses to YOP Year 3

  1. Gracey says:

    Your Mortica will be beautiful…I know a couple of people involved in the KAL….and OMGoodness! The cute!

  2. Renee Anne says:

    I can’t believe she’s that old already! Also, I think I like that shawl…I’m not a shawl type person or a bead person but something about it is calling me. ::sigh:: I need more time in a day…

  3. Kim says:

    I’ve yet to knit a shawl and your Mortica looks gorgeous…….I love the effect of the beads.

    Lady Evelyn is such a sweetie.

  4. Linda S says:

    Love your new shawl and Lady Evelyn is a cutie.


  5. Kepanie says:

    Oh my gravy, Evelyn is a beauty! She is adorable. I want to hold her and smell her baby smell.
    You are brave to knit with black yarn. I always have squinty eyes which doesn’t help my jacked up eyesight. I love the Morticia name of the pattern. I grew up on the Addam’s Family.

    • Ruth says:

      It is so Halloween and I let the name dictate the yarn colour really and I’m glad. The black is not going to bad but I think because I’ve to stop and add beads I’m going slower. Come back today for more sweet photos of her lol.

  6. Morticia looks beautiful – and aren’t you brave to knit in black. I’d never be able to see my stitches with my poor light! 10 months already! Where did the time go! She’s a peach!

  7. Lucy Bowen says:

    Morticia is looking great – I’m doing one myself in between other projects. I can’t wait to see the boy bunny and your next cloth!

  8. Love that little sweetie pie! I too wish I could hold her and cuddle with her. Look at that gorgeous smile.
    Your shawl is gorgeous…I love the black and the name (Addam’s Family fan also) and with the beads I am SO tempted!
    I love that Alien you did so I can’t wait to see the boy and I started on wash cloths this week too! Great minds think alike!

  9. Kim says:

    Beautiful little Evelyn! She looks like such a happy little girl. Morticia is going to be gorgeous, Ruth! The time you took to choose the yarn and beads will be so worth it. I secretly think you will have it finished by October..,you don’t fool me! 🙂 I will be checking back with you tomorrow to get an update on your family—I love peeking into your world–and not in a creepy stalkerish way!

  10. Ylva says:

    Oh, waiting for supplies is the worst kind of wait! I hope we can see the finished bunny soon, they are so cute 🙂 Your bunnies even inspired me to get back to amigurumi again ^^

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