YOP Year 3


Checking in with a yop post.

As usual the week has gone by in a blur of early mornings, busy schedules which nessitated a lot of time watching.

I have though accomplished the two goals sets last week and the way to do it, less computer time so if I missed visiting your blog last week I do apologise and I shall make a better effort this week.

First from last week was the Flora McBunny which did indeed get finished off and was sent to her new owner.


Here she is relaxing before starting her voyage. She reached her destination and has been named Blaithín (Blaw-heen) which means Little Flower and is Irish for Flora/Florence.

I have also completed the tea cosy Sea-foam and my shawl Soul Mate, both of which will have posts this week and yes the family one I forgot to update on last week. It really was a case of not enough hours this past week.

Anyway as you know with finishes you have to have starts.

The next Flora has been started, this one will have different colours as was picked by my friend so it should be good seeing her in some different colours. There have been more orders and further enquiries so for the next while I’m going to be busy with this little bunny.


I have started some Rainbow Nesting Bowls also for Evelyns birthday. I got the large red bowl complete and this was used for my first Harry Potter Class, the Quailty Quidditch Supplies class. I am currently working on the orange one and this will be used for Quidditch for get to know your Nimbus. The others I’m hoping to turn in for various other classes also along the way this month.


I am also ready to start the second tea cosy that has been ordered. This one is in red and cream. Name to be thought of this week.


These are pretty much what I will be working on this coming week with the odd cloth or two thrown in. I still need to write up instructions for some and get them published up to my Ravelry. I have two further designs in cloths I need to knit up to see if they work and I’m hoping to cominbe these all together with Harry Potter classes.

Last week I spent ages gathering in the size of the list which looking at last week, well really every week seems to be expanding down the page. The list really isn’t this long ! It seems to have a mind of its own when I place it into my posts. This week I’m going to try a different approach and see if it works with it lol.


Birch Sands

 Ocean Blue

 Fruit Salad


 Copper Pot Milo

Cornflower Milo



Soul Mate


 Mrs Bunny

 Fern Cowl

 Flora McBunny

Rainbow Nesting Bowls


  Stormy Night


  Citrus Peel

  Cool Mint Tic Toc

 Fresh Mint




Tea at Sundown


Cupcake Delight Cloth

Ruth x

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15 Responses to YOP Year 3

  1. Kim says:

    Flora Bunny is gorgeous………I need to practise my crochet skills, I’d love to have a go at making her or something similar for the grandchildren………pretty bowls too,

  2. mmmyc6 says:

    Very nice floras! I have been toying with the idea of making some nesting bowls also… After seeing yours… I may need to…

  3. Blaithín looks great! I love the flower! And well done on getting a class in already, I’m hoping to get my socks done and in, and then fill in the other classes later.

  4. Renee Anne says:

    I think I love the bunny…not that I can crochet but I hear there are knitted versions 🙂

  5. Linda S says:

    Congrats on another adorable bunny. Love the bowls your making.


  6. Kepanie says:

    I love Irish names. They seem so magical and like a beautiful melody. The bunny came out wonderfully. You are on a roll with that pattern. I love the idea of nesting bowls for Evelyn. They’re great tactile objects and unbreakable! No doubt she’ll be munching on those.

  7. You have been busy but look how much you got done and after all you are a business woman now too in addition to everything else! LOL! Blaithin is precious and I love your cushion she’s sitting against. Is that the one you made last year? So pretty! I love the nesting bowls. Lady Evelyn will love those! Another tea cozy and bunny too…. I always think I got a lot done until I look at your list! LOL! TTYS!

  8. Gracey says:

    The Flora is adorable…and I love thecuhsion behind her…great that you have such an interest in her…

  9. Flora is very cute – I can well imagine that anyone seeing her is tempted to place an order for their very own right away. Red and white will make a lovely cosy!

  10. Ylva says:

    I’m really looking forward to seeing more of your cloth designs, I’m all into cloths atm ^^

  11. Lucy Bowen says:

    I love the Floras!! And the nesting bowls look great 🙂

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