New Addition


Introducing Jasper our new family dog.

He is a little jack russell and is only 8/9 weeks old at the moment.

Isn’t he just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen !


After Sam passed away we missed having a dog around so much or should I say I missed, I had to just see about getting another.

Bear in mind I’ve been afraid and wary of dogs, all dogs including family ones all my life and we have had a dog around all the time while I was growing up. So I find it both funny and weird that I now miss having a dog around so much I had to get another.

You will notice that Jasper is considerably smaller than what Sam was. Sam was a St Bernard. I just couldn’t go big again, I still need that time to get over Sam being gone. So I picked out a little jack russell, something that could sleep in our utility room and wander around the house with me and sit on my knee.

So far Jasper does all that. We brought him home yesterday while the children and I all went to pick him up hubby made his bed ready.

We had a small bit of whining and howling last night but it was his first night away from mom and his brothers and sisters so that’s to be expected and he will take a few days to settle in.


In the next few days he will get his collar and leash and take a trip to the vets.

Ruth x

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15 Responses to New Addition

  1. Marsha says:

    You will never have a dull moment with a Jack Russell. They are full of energy and do some of the craziest stunts. He will be great company for you and he will love to play with the children too.

  2. Linda S says:

    What an adorable addition to the family Ruth. He is a cutie.


  3. Jackie says:

    Congratulations on your new addition! I just love puppy tummies! He’s so cute! Jack Russells are very active, he’ll be able to easily keep up with the kids.

  4. Julie C says:

    Oh Ruth he is adorable, those eyes are warm and loving a J Russell trait I think. My Bonnie is under going tests at the moment she has a leaking valve in her heart, means her blood is flowing the wrong way. But she is still very alert and eating fine which has to be good.

  5. Kepanie says:

    He is freakin’ adorable. To have the patience to manage a large family and a puppy…I bow down! How do you potty train it?

    • Ruth says:

      The news paper at the door that you see in the picture, he learns when he goes on it he gets praise and you slowly move it towards the door. I’m also teaching him to go outside and go potty and again lots of praise when he does it. When he does something he’s not supposed to he gets a stern no and so he learns also from tone of voice. xx

  6. Sarah says:

    He is adorable! We just lost one of our three dogs a couple months ago and already my husband is chomping at the bit to replace her with a smaller dog… our other two are a breed related to a Great Pyrenees so I agree with the idea of a smaller dog, but I told him I just couldn’t handle another puppy right now in life… maybe next year! I sure love puppies, and Jasper is precious!! Thanks for sharing the pictures, I will live vicariously through you!

  7. Kim says:

    OH! He is too cute for words! I held out on the dog front for many years while raising my brood–I finally broke down about 4 years ago and now I can’t imagine our house without our Molly. Have fun!

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  9. Helen says:

    precious … absolutely precious ….

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