YOP Year 3


Checking in for another week’s year of projects post.

With a busy week of getting everyone into a school routine, Taking James to induction days ahead of his school year start tomorrow well it just didn’t leave much time for finishing projects off. I have been saying all along though that once the school routines got back into full swing finishing and working on projects would decrease so I’m not surprised.

I have finished the writing up of the Cupcake Delight Cloth pattern. In case you missed it the post is here.

It is free on my Ravelry account and after all the hard work I put into the chart pattern I included it along with written instructions as well. Lets face it it’s nice to have a pattern with the particular instructions, no matter which they may be, that we like to work with on the pattern.

I hope you enjoy it 🙂

As for wip’s.

This week I’ve been working on orders that I have received. So another Flora in similar colours, there are others in different ones along with a boy one so it won’t get to monotonous.


I have one of the two tea cosy’s on order half done. This one I’m thinking of calling Sea-foam as it has a green base opposed to the blue. It is again in the green and blue of the last one but that was what was ordered along with a delicious red and cream one. The yarn was ordered for that along with the extra colours needed for the other Floras so that delayed some of the work this week.


Just not to make the whole thing to boring I have worked on and off on my Soul Mate shawl. It is now done with the pattern repeats, I decided on the 12 repeats in the end and I’m now working on the border. I am debating adding some beads to the end of the border but again the final decision for that will be made when I get to that part.

It is a crumbled up mess at the moment and I’m looking forward to getting it off the needles and blocking it to get a good look at it and it looks red here but is actually a raspberry pink colour. I just can’t seem to get a good picture of its true colour.


I’ve signed up to do the Boo Morticia MKAL in October and I’m thinking colours and beads, so many options in my head that it’s hard to narrow it down a bit. I’m thinking something dark as the above and previous shawl were quite bright.

I have knit up my third dishcloth pattern that I designed and it turned out so much prettier than the rough drawing of it on paper. It needs to be written up  but first I have the No 1 cloth to write-up and send to my test knitters. My two best friends very kindly offered themselves up for this and I’m grateful as I know they have projects galore to be knitting and crocheting themselves. The final drawing for the cowl I have in mind is done and I’m hoping to order yarn for it in a week or two. I have a very specific idea and picture in my head for what I want, so with regards the designing it’s all looking well. I’m now adding a Design section to my yop list.

I’ve enlisted the help of my two younger boys Ruairí and Benjamin to help in the designing of some monster figures which we spent a very happy afternoon coming up with some basic ones for me to try to crochet up. Again this is something I’ve never tried before but will give it a go to see if I can produce the monster figures they’ve designed.

I also got some ideas whirling around for items for Evelyn, toy items. Whether these are things I’ll design myself or look for patterns I’m not sure. I guess as they are just ideas at the moment I’ll wait and see and decide when I come to do them.

So many ideas !

Projects for this week to be worked on will be the flora, tea cosy and the shawl. Should I get the shawl off the needles I’ll work some more on the Cornflower Milo.

Here is how the list is looking so far. I’ve not added in this week’s flora or tea cosy as they are both repeats of patterns already on the list. I may do a project page for them we shall see. Links to patterns and project pages and notes are in the list also.



  Birch Sands


 Ocean Blue


 Fruit Salad



 Copper Pot Milo



Cornflower Milo









Soul Mate






 Mrs Bunny



 Fern Cowl



 Flora McBunny






  Stormy Night






  Citrus Peel



  Cool Mint Tic Toc



 Fresh Mint








Tea at Sundown


Cupcake Delight Cloth

Ruth x

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19 Responses to YOP Year 3

  1. Beate says:

    So nice stuff you could make! I am still fumbling with my blog website. oohu. But once that is done I lay loose like you— but crochet. hahaha be blessed and happy school beginnings for the family!

  2. Gracey says:

    Even with school starting, you have been busy crafting and designing! Good luck to your kids for this school year…I start tomorrow with professional development (lots of meetings) the students start on Sept 3….

  3. Linda S says:

    Great progress on all your projects Ruth.


  4. Liz says:

    Beautiful things you have made 🙂 Can’t wait to see what the shawl will look like when it’s finished.

  5. Lucy Bowen says:

    As always, despite having such a hectic schedule, you have still managed to do a billion projects!! And they are all fabulous! I still have a week to go so will be making the most of it 🙂

  6. Kepanie says:

    Whew! What a whirlwind your week is. I don’t know how you do it, Ruth. I can only handle two kids. You were born top be a mum.
    You’ve got some terrific projects going on here. I think crocheting up an animal is easier than knitting one. I can’t wait to see your designs.

    • Ruth says:

      Thank you, I have to say I’m enjoying crocheting up the animals very much and I hope I can translate it as well into some monster designs.

  7. Marsha says:

    You are amazing, with the children and the crafting and all. So I have to ask…………..Do you ever sleep?

    • Ruth says:

      A few hours at night seem enough for me, in fact the more sleep I get the grouchier I am so I’m best hitting somewhere around 5 hours lol

  8. Wow! You’re famous now and I’ll have to put you in my list of designers I like. I would definitely make a separate category or list for your custom orders as that takes time away from your YOP projects. We don’t care who you make what for we just love looking at all your beautiful projects. That shawl is so gorgeous…my fav so far of any I’ve seen….I may just have to make one after seeing yours! LOL! Great job on the pattern designing and custom orders and wish the children a great year in school!

  9. Cris says:

    Goodness gracious your plate is full!!!! I really like the colors of the shawl you posted but the idea of something a wee bit darker for the MKAL is intriguing. My shawls are normally more muted colors so I love seeing more bright, bold color choices.

  10. kimmery4Kim says:

    Again, I find myself amazed at all you get done–the washcloth design,monster designs too! How fun that must have been! I adore the Flora Bunnies –so cute and how great to be getting all these commissions. I look forward to seeing the red and cream colored cozy—those are the colors I would use for myself. I hope your kiddos first days of school have gone well. Our schools in our city start tomorrow and my baby will be starting his Senior (and last) year of public school. How the years have flown with my little surprise baby!
    Have a great day today!

  11. Sounds like you’ve got a head buzzing with designs at the moment, I look forward to seeing them all (especially monsters designed by small boys, I bet they’re awesome!) And the shawl looks lovely, the yarn is gorgeous.

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