YOP Year 3


These yop weeks sure are flying by, it doesn’t seem like a week from I last posted.

I am trying to get this post in early today but more on that later,

Firstly. Lets take a look at what’s been finished.

I have two finishes from last week, which I will give you a sneak peek at. I have started to give each finished object their own post so to see them proper come back Monday and Tuesday for a look at them.

First up a sneak peek at the Fruit Salad socks. Two evenings finished the second sock off !

Check these out proper tomorrow.


Thanks to two films two evenings early in the week I got the Fern Cowl finished and blocked. Find out more on what films and more pictures on Tuesday.


This brings us now to wip’s on the needles. On Wednesday I had only one WIP, isn’t that quite unbelievable ! My one wip was Flora Bunny. I am still waiting on the safety eyes to arrive to finish off the head, which I need to do to have yarn to complete the legs so for the moment this is at a standstill. I ordered these from the UK last Saturday and I’m still waiting. I also ordered yarn from Turkey on Saturday, it was despatched on Monday morning and I had it in my house in Ireland on Tuesday morning ! Does this sound crazy to anyone else ? Both getting something from Turkey that quick and not getting something that is less than an hours flight from me !

Anyway I digress, here is Flora Bunny in her different parts.


After giving thought to the Milo and if the size 6 would fit Caoimhe or not I decided to cast it on late on Thursday and take my chance with it. This one I’m calling Cornflower Milo as the colour she chose just reminds me so much of those flowers !


If you spotted Thursays Book KAL post you will see that my yarn to start another cowl arrived. It was in the package from Turkey. It is this wonderful dark pink that is 100% Alpaca. I’ve not used this fiber before so I’m really hoping it turns out good. Have any of you used Alpaca ?

This is the Kindred Spirit shawl that I’m calling Soul Mate


That about sum’s up what is on the needles today.

In other fibery news. Also from the package from Turkey there was yarn for four garments for the children. Two sweaters for Ruairí and Benjamin and two cardigans for Caoimhe and Elizabeth. These are intended for Christmas gifts. I’m still not sure if that aim is over ambitious but I’d say none of you are surprised by the aim lol !

I mentioned last week that I had a design or two in my head for a cloth. Well it actually turned out to be two designs, one of which is knit up in a sample and I am in the process of writing up the pattern with the aim to maybe releasing it ! Very nervous and excited about that and anyone with any tips on doing so would be so gratefully received. You know how addicted I am to cloths and to have two of my own designs, well it’s quite thrilling !

You remember the Fresh Mint tea cosy that was completed last week. It was dispatched off to the girl who ordered it and she loved it so much she ordered two more for Chirstmas gifts ! How wonderful is that !

As I said earlier I had a purpose in getting this post done up early today. Yesterday I awoke to a stiff sore neck, which plagued me all day. I kept putting a heat pad on it which did ease it but as most of you know Mom’s don’t get sick time off and Mom duties don’t lessen because of feeling sore. I did do as little as possible but lets face it that was a wayyy wayyy over ambitious aim and I’m going to try doing the same today. I’m laughing at that aim two. On the plus side hubby is taking the bigger four up the fields fishing and so I’ve only the smaller children. I couldn’t quite feel the love of knitting anything yesterday and when I was sat resting I read, a dangerous thing as it resulted in a book and a half being read ! I would also add here I make THE worst patient imaginable. I’ve no patience with being sore, which makes me tired which makes me grumpy. Picture a bear woken up mid winter and that’s pretty much me. Perhaps when reading yesterday that’s why most of the family left me to it ! lol

Anyway enough grumbling (it’s not even like there is anything major wrong with me ! ) and lets take a look at the yop post. Links for all the above projects are on the list and the project pages are all up to date. Way to go me ! 🙂



 Birch Sands

 Ocean Blue


 Fruit Salad




 Copper Pot Milo

Cornflower Milo





Soul Mate




 Mrs Bunny


Fern Cowl


Flora Bunny




 Stormy Night




 Citrus Peel


 Cool Mint Tic Toc


 Fresh Mint






 Tea at Sundown

Ruth x

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23 Responses to YOP Year 3

  1. lottieknits says:

    Fab projects! I especially love the cowl 🙂
    Alpaca is nice to knit with, it’s quite drapey, so it’s good for shawls. Good luck with your designs 🙂 xx

  2. I hope you feel better soon, and you get a bit of a break today! The socks are so cute, and it looks like you got some yummy yarn in the post! And the cornflower blue Milo will be so pretty.

  3. Sara says:

    Beautiful knitting, that alpaca will make a lovely shawl, hope you feel better soon and ready to tackle all your new knitting projects.

  4. Linda S says:

    Everything looks great Ruth.


  5. Marsha says:

    So excited for you to release your very own patterns for cloths. The socks are so pretty and I can imagine Flora in all her glory already (even without eyes). The new Milo is aptly named too.

    Feel better!

  6. Lucy Bowen says:

    Hope you have managed a bit of a rest today, and you feel better soon. I don’t think the Xmas presents are over ambitious for you – in fact, I expect you will fit in some more!! Can’t wait to see the patterns for the cloths 🙂

    • Ruth says:

      Thank you, I’m glad someone else doesn’t think it over ambitious, we shall see if this time I have bitten off more than I can chew lol 🙂

  7. Kepanie says:

    Ouchie. that pesky still neck. I get those sometimes too. Keep your sweet neck wrapped up in a cowl. I find that helps.
    Tremendous progress Ruth on these projects. Hooray on those fun, salad socks with the cute buttons. The fern cowl is a lovely smooshy green. Congrats on getting commissioned for two more cozies.

    • Ruth says:

      Thank you after some heat today applied to it I am starting to feel better and less grump like. I’m sure everyone around me will prefer it also, a trip home to my Mum tonight helped loads as well. It seems we are never to old to go back to Mom when feeling under the weather. 🙂

  8. cleancup says:

    Alpaca’s one of my favorite fibers to work with, but it’s warmer than (sheep’s) wool, so I don’t get to knit much with it! It tends to drape and grow, so it’s perfect for a cowl or shawl.

    Good luck on getting your design out there, it sounds very exciting!

  9. So sorry about your neck! That’s exactly how I was with my back…no patience with being under the weather at all! Those little fruit salad socks are the cutest! Where do you get your yarn it is stuff I never see and it’s so pretty! Who are they for? Miss Evelyn or your other little one? So sweet with the little button, was that in the pattern? Is it functional or just decorative? They are just so sweet! I am not surprised you got more orders or that you are designing your own patterns. You are so talented and both your knitting and your crochet is beautiful…..you have “the gift”! I was looking at your doily you made and I have perle cotton #8 little balls that I use for applique but I think I need a lot more than that for the doily. It’s getting time to place an order. I hate to spend the money but I do love it when it comes in the mail!!! The same thing happened to me once; I ordered from U.S. and from U.K. at the same time and the U.K. arrived days earlier then the U.S. package!
    I love the cowl too and that green but I can’t wear green even though I love it. I’ll be back tomorrow!

  10. Gracey says:

    Such great projects! I love alpaca…it is very warm! But it will grow….

  11. Carolina22 says:

    Love the socks and the cowl! Both are beautiful 🙂 Hope you feel better soon! I also love alpaca 🙂

  12. kimmery4 says:

    Well “Boo” to the sore neck! My girlfriend has been dealing with a sore neck for a week and she said it is making her grumpy too. She is not able to quilt because of it. I just commented on your Monday post for the darling socks–now I can’t wait to hear more about the cowl.
    Hey! Where were the photos of the cloths? I would have settled for just a tiny sneak peek! 😉 Can’t wait to see your pattern all written up and then try it for myself. I am trying to work on more dishcloths as I love seeing them all folded and waiting to be used in my kitchen towel drawer. It doesn’t take long for them to get a bit worn and faded looking though, so I want to have a stock pile ready to go in as replacements.
    Regarding the shipping….go figure! My package from California took way longer to get up here to Washington than I thought it would last week–but I sure love the tracking options so I kind of know when to expect tings to arrive.

    Really lovely work this week Ruth-I hope your neck feels better and your week is great!

    • Ruth says:

      There must be something in the air with necks as my bestie has a sore one also. We were lamenting together all weekend, all be it over an ocean as she lives in the UK but still it does make a body grumpy. Thankfully today it’s just a little stiff and I can move it a lot more. Sneaky peek of the cloth coming up later this week 😉 I love cloths to and your right about them getting worn and tatty looking. I’m finding the bamboo cotton mix I use is the best by far for wear and tear and use also.

  13. Ylva says:

    Those socks are just adorable, and really all your projects look great! I love alpaca, it’s the best! Kind of a mix between soft-to-touch cotton and warm-and-snuggly wool 🙂 I’ve yet to work up something bigger in it though!

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