I’m linking up with Sarah as part of today’s KAL.

After finishing my Boo Knit Quite Continental which I called Leprechaun I looked at other Boo Knit Shawls to perhaps cast on another as the KAL is running to the end of August. It may be ambitious to try getting two shawls done in the KAL time but I can’t just not cast on another.

The choice just like the first time was vast and so many that I want to do. I was going to cast on Temptress but then a new release came along in the form of Kindred Spirit and this was the one I fell in love with.

It’s simplicity is just so understated and lovely.

I searched through my stash for suitable yarns and came up with this Austermann Kid Silk in white in my stash but I had no fingering weight either suitable or enough of so I had to get some.

I got this dark pink 100% Alpaca. I have not used an Alpaca yarn before so I’m hoping that it works well in this shawl.


I’m calling this shawl Soul Mate as when I think of Kindred Spirits I always think Soul Mates.

Ruth x

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13 Responses to Boo KAL

  1. itwasjudith says:

    wow, two shawls in a month…. impressive! go girl, go 🙂

  2. Magdalena says:

    ooh, yum!! great choices 🙂 i’m on an involuntary break, hoping i’ll soon be able to get back to knitting on my 2nd and 3rd pick a boo shawls. have fun!! 🙂

  3. iknead2knit says:

    It’s going to be knock your socks off gorgeous!

  4. Kepanie says:

    Ooh! The alpaca will be so smooshy!

  5. Helen says:

    Oh it will be lovely in the yarns you selected …

  6. Oh, those are gorgeous colors and yarns. I think I heard some one else talking about Kindred Spirits pattern or I “faved” it myself in case one day I knit a shawl. I might need them after I move North! LOL!
    I found out that my Grandmother’s side of the family came from County Atrim or Antrim? and my Grandfather’s from Donnegal. I knew about Donnegal but not the other. Where are you located? They were Virtue (grandmother) and Gray (grandfather).
    I washed floors today and rugs and vaccummed… needlework done here…yet but I did do another 2 rows on the Blackberry salad last night and will do some more tonight…maybe. At least I’ll have a few more colors for you to see on Sunday! LOL!
    Wish the children well in school this year for me and enjoy those little ones you still have at home! TTYL!~

    • Ruth says:

      Moving north I’m sure definitely needs shawls, although I’m only imagining the cold as here in Ireland it still wouldn’t reach near your extremes of heat and cold. we kind of mosey along in the middle rising a bit and falling a bit. In relation to where your relations come from. I’m in the middle. Co Antrim and Donegal are both at the Northern end of the country and I’m slap bang in the middle surrounded by lakes and forests and yes I see 40 shades of green year round 🙂 . Thank you I’m hoping for another good year at school for them, still changes coming and you never know how they will affect them but thankfully it is only two starting new schools and not the entire family like last year. But it was the right decision for them and us.

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