Bok Bok…2









IMG_3215Work this past two weeks has been steadily progressing on the chicken run. With having gotten the frame up to make it larger it was then time to move the children’s play area things out which we did to the side of the lawn as you can see from the children hanging out on them, including the bigger ones lol.

Chicken wire was run round the perimeter of the chicken run. We ran out of the amount we had so we had to buy a roll and we only needed 10 meters from another and we found a hardware that would sell 10 meters off the roll. It’s an old school hardware where you can go in and buy your nails weighed out and they come in a paper bag, that kind of one.

As you can see from the second to the third photo hubby took the old gate down and made the area for the new gate a bit thinner. Then the children wanted to help him tack down the chicken wire so they raided their toy box for the toy tools and out they went and joined in lol. I’m not so sure they were such a great help but they had fun doing it !

Hubby made a new gate again from timber hanging round the house, used the hinges from the old gate and some bolts from it to and hung it up yesterday and put wire on it.

I love that most of this project so far has been done using pieces from around the house.

Next up will be to bury sheets of galvanised mesh 15 inches into the ground, this is to deter the foxes digging under the fence and getting in. We hope that’s deep enough and from what we read we think so. Then we have to run some more chicken wire over the top to make kind of like a roof. My cousin has had awful trouble with foxes climbing up and getting in and has lost so many chickens this way so we figure we may as well do that now rather than wait. We have the sheets of mesh again enough to go round the perimeter but have to purchase some for the top. Once that’s done it’s time to start with the chicken coop. We are thinking of going with six chickens first and see how we get on, we think the run will hold twelve comfortably but we prefer to see how we go with six first.


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7 Responses to Bok Bok…2

  1. soknitsome says:

    What you’ve got looks great – I’d never have thought that additional reinforcing/fox-proofing was necessary but after what happened with your cousin’s chickens it does look like you’re better being safe than sorry!

  2. Kepanie says:

    This is looking awesome. I s wondering about the top and if you had to worry about hawks?

    • Ruth says:

      We see hawks from time to time flying around, not sure about them and chickens but I reckon chicken wire across the top should take care of them, well I hope so lol.

  3. suth2 says:

    We used to have chooks, five, and they were wonderful layers. We also had trouble with foxes but only when I forgot to shut the gate of the coop at night after the chooks had been scratching in the garden to get rid of bugs.

  4. Sarah says:

    I read this last night but got interrupted so I didn’t get to comment! I love how involved the whole family is in this project. I can’t wait to see your chickens when you get them. Ours have backed off on laying and I’m wondering if they only lasted a year as good layers. Our two new pullets haven’t started laying yet so even though we’re feeding 11 hens and 1 rooster, we’re only getting 5-8 eggs each day. Plenty for our family but a little irritating that we’re feeding a bunch who aren’t pulling their weight, haha!

    • Ruth says:

      Lol I love it not pulling their weight ! I must remember that. How do you find the 11 hens and rooster ?, as I said we are thinking of starting with 6 first.

  5. typenstitch says:

    This chicken run looks like a fantastic project! Your hubby is a talented carpenter! How nice that you had most of the lumber and supplies already. It’s so cute how the kids got their toy tools to help out.

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