Bok Bok

It has been a wish of mine for sometime to get some chickens for the garden. I do a lot of baking and eggs are always in demand in the house for that as there is quite simply nothing better for baking. Then take into mind the meals and breakfasts with them also and well in a household as big as ours it makes sense ! I do want to add at this point I’d like some pigs but my husband already knows that and just smiles at me lol.

Anyway back to the chickens, we had an area of the garden fenced off for the smaller children, it saved them being run over by balls flying and bicycles with the bigger children but now as that is not so much an issue and them all getting bigger we decided to take that fenced off area and turn it into a chicken run. My husband will then build a coop for them when the run is complete so we are a few weeks away yet but here I’m going to show the process.

Fotor0709103959Here you can see one side of the fenced in area needed a new fence along our boundary fence just to protect better against foxes getting in. It is normal in the last few years for us to see foxes out during the day as well as at night time and if our dog Sam doesn’t eat his food quick enough we have caught them a time or two at his dog bowl. Sam is a St Bernard so he’s outside pretty much most of the time and he’s the other reason we need to extend the fenced area up and net the top to stop the chickens flying out. He would think all his birthdays had come at once having fresh chicken lol !  For the first few days the smaller children left their play toys in the area so they could sit and watch husband and the bigger children Alan and Caoimhe in particular help out. Caoimhe has made it her mission this summer to be husbands apprentice fetching and holding and carrying and so as a reward he has let her do a small amount of screwing in the screws and she’s been happy out with this.

Do days 1-3 saw a new fence with railings in.

Fotor0709104441Days 4-5 saw the new extended posts added. This will be its finished height. Side railings were also cut this day.

Fotor0709104715Day 6 saw all the rails put up and screwed and ends cut off.

All the timber we used is from timber sitting around outside and so far we’ve had enough to do the run and will have enough for the base of the coop to raise it off the ground.

Next we are clearing out the area and re-locating the play things to the remainder of the back lawn which is the lawn to the left of this picture. We have wire of different sizes around as well so we will be using all that up first. Some has to be buried down a bit in between the posts as it deters the foxes from digging down under the fence to get in as they are met with wire.

So there you have our progress for the last week, more next week with how things are progressing.


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9 Responses to Bok Bok

  1. Marsha says:

    How exciting! Fresh eggs are the best! Your hubby has been quite busy of late. So nice that the wee ones want to help him too.

  2. Kepanie says:

    This is such an interesting post! It was fascinating to read. I love how you thought of the younger children by giving them a fenced in area so they’re safe. Now you’ll have a great spaced chicken run! That will be so cool. What kind of chickens are you hankering for? How many will you get? Will some be as egg suppliers and some for food? You must take a pic of a visiting fox. That will be awesome to see.

    • Ruth says:

      We are not sure what kind of chickens we are getting yet, that will probably be decided when we go to buy them. Some will be for eggs and some for food. The ones for food you can separate and fatten up as they near a year old or they can be left but the idea is to keep a rotation of them going. The children realise this is what is in mind so they are aware they are not pets and are picking names approiately lol. I will try and get a picture of the foxes for you.

  3. Linda S says:

    Love your yard Ruth. Good luck with the chickens.


  4. Sarah says:

    Oh fun!! I would love to see a picture of a fox too! We were doing this same process just over a year ago and it was so much work! I am not totally satisfied with the finished product as I feel there are a few other things to do still but we have safe chickens who are giving us lots of eggs and that is what matters to me! We even hatched three new ones this year, and that has been fun and interesting as well as putting our first rooster in the freezer for stew. I love doing chickens and have so much more to say but I think you are in good shape!

    • Ruth says:

      Its great to hear feedback from someone in the know and who has just done it. We have just researched and then just taken what we’ve found and worked with what we had here in our yard. we will have some supplies to buy but hopefully not much. How did putting your first rooster in the freezer go ? I’m only getting chickens now because I told my husband I had to be able to do that as well as have eggs lol. Please let me know if we miss a stage or something.

  5. SoCal Debbie says:

    That looks like a huge area for chickens! How nice that you already had most of the lumber and haven’t had to spend more money yet for supplies.

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