YOP Year 3

YoPBanner_zps83dd3114First week of yop is over and has been slower on projects than I would have liked but it was as I expected for this week. I’ve been finishing off a stitched piece, my last for a while as I have a lot I want to knit and crochet so time does not allow for it as well, especially as I’ve lost the bug. An hour or two today will see the piece finished.

But I did get working on some projects. I started a shawl as part of KAL with Sarah from Crafts from the Cwtch on her Ravelry group.

This I’ll be updating on Thursdays so check back for that but here’s a sneaky peek at where it’s at at the moment.

Leprechaun Shawl

Leprechaun Shawl

I did start another Bunny Blanket Buddy for lady Evelyn. It’s ready for me to stuff and add it’s face and hopefully she will take to it as well as her white one, this one as you can see was done in pink, well the picture is not so great, very hard to pick up the pink colour.

Bunny Blanket Buddy

Bunny Blanket Buddy

Projects this coming week will hopefully be more plentiful and here’s a sneak peek at some defiinites to be worked on.

First up as part of sock challenge I’ve a toe up pair of socks I started for Ruairí. These are my first attempt at toe up socks and the second one is as far as the heel, well I think it is. I’m actually really hoping that’s as far as they are otherwise I’ve to figure it out again. For this challenge wip’s count which is good as when sorting out sock yarn I found these lol. These don’t have a name just yet but I’m going to think of one during the week.

WIP socks

WIP socks

The other definite is a tea cosy I’m going to do as part of a transfiguration class for the Harry Potter group I’m part of. I’m not sure yet if this one will be a gift or if I’ll keep it myself, that’s to be decided.

Tea Cosy

Tea Cosy

If it’s a really good week I’ll also get to work some more on the cast on Milo vest.

Other upcoming projects this month involve a clock and a hat.

Later this week I’ll have a post on a project going on in the garden at the moment, I’m very excited about it and no it does not involve plants. I may be able to knit, crochet bake and turn my hand to most of those other things but gardening is not one of them, check back this week to see what.

This is the list, I’ll update with the patterns after I update my project page.










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24 Responses to YOP Year 3

  1. Ylva says:

    Love the yarn in the Leprechaun shawl, so pretty!

  2. Sandy says:

    What’s a Transfiguration? I’ve seen some really pretty tea cozy…something that’s been in the back of my mind to make, which I didn’t think of when compiling my list. Are you enjoying the shawl KAL? I noticed someone else posted about it. I’ve always thought I needed to see something to know whether or not I wanted to knit it, and or could…you know unsure of the skill level etc.

    • Ruth says:

      Really loving the shawl KAL, I’ve not joined to many KAL’s as I sometimes fall short when other things come up so I hate making the committment but am determined to get involved in more of them. Me I’m totally guilty of picking something I like and jumping in and never thinking is it beyond my level, my only thought is if I like it and will it suit me or someone I’m making it for lol. Transfiguation in Harry Potter terms is the ability to turn or transfigure into something else, in this case a tea cosy !

  3. Gillie says:

    Good grief. I would be happy if I managed all that in a year. Do you want to come over to my place and finish all my UFOs?

  4. Those socks say “Birch Bark” to me! Very nice! Toe up is nice because you can try them on and because you can calculate exactly how long to make the leg to use half your yarn but I still prefer cuff down for reasons I can’t exactly explain.

    Looks like you’re making the same tea cosy that I’m working on. I’m just about at the finishing stage and then I have to find someone who owns a teapot so I can try it on 🙂

    • Ruth says:

      Oh I like your name, I’ll add it to the mix, thank you 🙂 I must admit I prefer cuff down also but perhaps because that’s what I started with. Will look forward to seeing your tea cosy, I’m just going to start mine this evening !

  5. Lucy Bowen says:

    Am suitably intrigued about the garden – will check back later to find out! I love the blanket buddies and a sucker for a nice tea cosy!!

  6. Marsha says:

    Busy lady, you are. Love the socks and if you learn magic loop you can do them two at a a time toe up. I do both ways and prefer cuff down, one at a time. Easier to transport in my handbag that way. Love the pink color of the bunny blanket. Anxious to see the tea cozy. That is not something you find in the US. .

    • Ruth says:

      I fear Tea Cosy’s are a very English thing, not that I’m English but being in Ireland we get them to as we do love our cups of tea also, they set the world to rights here with a good chat lol. I prefer cuff down one at a time also I must admit 🙂

  7. Keri says:

    I love the colours for the tea cozy. Can’t wait to see it.

  8. Kepanie says:

    The leprechaun is lovely, Ruth. Makes x me think of lush green shrubbery and a purple jacket little person frolicking about. The socks are cute. I like the grey.

  9. Faith says:

    I’m with mindingmyownstitches, I reckon the socks look like silver birch….have you done two at a time before? I must go at some more socks this year, but I must get some crochet out of my system first. Love the pink bunny, very sweet, I’ve made a few crocheted ones before, nice quick project.

    I like tea cosies, I made a couple last year, really enjoyable projects.

    Your shawl looks great so far….I love the yarn, so pretty. Have a great week!

  10. Emma says:

    Another one making that shawl! I am very tempted, it looks so pretty! And loving the bunny blanket, I hope you can persuade Evelyn it’s as good as the old one!

  11. You almost have me wanting to join that KAL and make a shawl! LOL! Yours is going to be lovely. I do so love those bunny blankets and they look like they would be fun to make too. What are you up to in your garden? A yarn bomb? You’ve got my curiosity up. I can’t wait to see the tea cozy in those great colors. It’s so great to see everyone’s projects for YOP 1314! What a great group!

    • Ruth says:

      Ahhhh the garden will be a surprise ! check back Tuesday probably lol. I love checking out all the new and upcoming projects also such fun !

  12. mary says:

    what, no pics of lady evelyn….I’ve had a lot of fun joining groups also..It’s a great way to reach out and make more virtual friends!

  13. kimmery4 says:

    Well Ruth–you have accomplished an awful lot in your “spare moments”!! You never cease to amaze me–now on to all that yummy yarness! The shawl! I love it–so beautiful and here’s to us both not needing to frog anymore! I feel so behind everyone else. 🙂 Smart woman you are to get that second little lovey finished for Evelyn-never good to be caught without one—and oh how curious I am to see your tea cosy pattern–your colors are so cheerful for it.
    *smiles and a hug to you my Irish friend*

  14. Liz says:

    The bunny blanket is adorable!

  15. I like how you added the trinity knots to your shawl. They always remind me of my OH because the promise ring he bought me had one on it. The Leprechaun yarn is even more beautiful stitched up than in its skein.

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