Casting on and finishing stitching

With a new year in YOP starting and shawls being on my list I thought now was the perfect time to sign up to Sarahs group on Ravelry for a KAL.

Check out her group here and her blog here.

We are having a shawl KAL and are each picking a shawll from Boo Knits on Ravelry. I after much debating settled on Quite Conintental, there were a few in the running so expect to see another Boo Knit shawl before to long!

In my stash I had some Fyberspates Silk that I won called Leprechaun, if you’ve followed me for sometime and my old blog you will know just how utterly perfect this yarn is for me and I’ve been saving it. I won three skeins of it and I’m using one for the shawl. I should have enough in 1 for the shawl I’m thinking.

Fyberspates Silk in "Leprechaun"

Fyberspates Silk in “Leprechaun”

But first as the title suggests I’ve some stitching to finish up. I have a wedding commission piece I’m stitching for my Aunt who just loved the piece I did for my cousin and thought how perfect it was for a wedding gift. I am truely flattered so I agreed to do one for her and frame it so she could use it for a wedding gift for her husbands niece. I have not stitched in a few months as the mojo has gone, don’t get me wrong I am enjoying stitching this piece but I know any length of time on it and I’ll want to leave it there so I’ve been working steadily on it this past few days and evenings and will continue to do so this week and finish it up. This will free me up to devote my time to my fiber crafts which at the moment is what I’m wanting to work on. This is quite normal for me as the last few years once the summer has hit I’ve not wanted to stitch so for now once the wedding piece is complete I’m going to put my needle aside and give myself over to fiber !

Of course in true fashion not only with the yop list and the signing onto the 26 pairs of socks and this kal I’ve reaquainted myself with the Harry Potter group on Ravelry. I had to be less involved with so much on between knitting and stitching but now with stitching set aside I think I can combine YOP with the HP group. I have my first pattern printed for a HP class which will also work for my YOP but more on that on Sunday.

So for now here is my shawl which I will cast on later this evening,

Quite Continental

Quite Continental

I think I’m going to have to call this shawl Leprechaun after its yarn as it is just so perfect !


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14 Responses to Casting on and finishing stitching

  1. Oh that yarn is SO perfect! Can’t wait to see how it knits up and it’s lovely to have you knitting along with us xxx

    • Ruth says:

      Thank you, I’m so excited about it, probably because the shawl will end up for me as I don’t knit shawls for anyone else lol 🙂

  2. Renee Anne says:

    That is some lovely yarn (of course, anything with “Leprechaun” in the title usually means GREEN and that’s my favorite).

    I’ve lost my knitting mojo entirely lately 😦

    • Ruth says:

      Oh no to loosing the knitting mojo. I know what its like to loose the stitching one but I’ve got my knitting and indeed crochet to fall back on, I dread to think what I’d do if I lost that to ! 😦

  3. Wow, that yarn looks stunning! I can’t wait to see the shawl.

  4. Linda S says:

    What beautiful yarn Ruth. But I will miss your stitching. You are the one that got me hooked on the Bothy Thread cut-thrus.


    • Ruth says:

      I love seeing them come together and will still be checking yours out but for the moment the bug has gone walkabouts and this is the second year running so I’m going to put it aside in the hope it returns stronger. 🙂

  5. Deb Hickman says:

    This pattern is gorgeous, I had a hard time choosing one, like you another one will be on the needles after I’ve finished Cloud Illusions. Perfect yarn too, love the colours, I’ll look forward to see how the colours knit up. Glad you got some beads, mine arrived today, they are perfect and quick service. Deb x

    • Ruth says:

      I used Pavi Yarns before but only for yarn and they were fab then, not sure why I didn’t think of them for beads until you mentioned it. Have just been looking at my shawl and I’m not happy with the tension on one side, one is good the other I’m not happy with so this evening I’m frogging and starting again grrr but I need to be happy with it. 🙂

  6. kimmery4 says:

    Well, I sure do love your yarn and pattern! I am sorry for the need to Frog, but guess what? I am frogging mine today too–I just think my garter tab start looks too messy. It is very hard to knit lace weight yarn with size 7 needles-so sloppy and loose! I hope you have good luck with go around #2.

  7. Lucy Bowen says:

    That yarn is fabulous, I’m sure it will look perfect and will be a great gift to yourself!

  8. Kepanie says:

    How thrilling to win 3 skeins of yarn! What a score! It looks great. Can’t wait to see how this shawl looks in it.

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