YOP Year 2 Update

2YoppostheaderThis is my last weekly YOP post for Year 2. Next week I’ll be doing a round up post and look back over the last year all in preparation for posting new lists for YOP Year 3 which Starts in July.

Fancy joining in, come along and look us up on Ravelry. Come Blog Along with a year of projects.

This week has been crazy busy with birthdays and parties and the whole weekend was spent with my Dad and Caoimhe and we have Elizabeth’s birthday coming up on Wednesday also. This is why I’m a day late posting this week.

As I’ve been finishing off projects and not really staring anything new as I’m holding on until we start year 3. I’ve  been working on Caoimhe’s bag. I frogged it last Sunday after last weeks post as I was not happy with the size it was turning out and I worked on it daily until Thursday evening until I realised I was still not quite happy with the way it was ending up and I was at the top ready to do the shell edge and guess what !, I frogged it again on Thursday night.

It just was not right and I wouldn’t have been happy giving it to Caoimhe so it got frogged and I am now on a third attempt to get it complete and right and I would love for it to be finished this week for her so I am going to work non stop and hopefully with a bit of luck it will be 1 Right this time and 2 finished this week.

WIP Caoimhe's Bag

WIP Caoimhe’s Bag

This is where I am at, at the moment. Those little balls are the frogged stripes and they are the amount of stripes I now need to finish it. It will need a shell edging and straps and I’ve enough of other small frogged balls to most likely do that to !

Caoimhe's Bag

Caoimhe’s Bag

This is it’s size at the moment and I have about half of the sides done so it looks the right size, right ?

Gosh Lets Hope So !!

This week sees the children get their summer holidays, on Wednesday. Then my eldest is finished his national school level education and moves onto his secondary level education. I can’t quite believe I’m at that stage already ! I’m sad in a way as he’s growing up so fast but also excited for him. He’s not had an easy time in his education this last couple of years. Being so bright has a burden to bear and I’m so sorry he’s had to experience it but his new school that he attended last year has been fantastic for him and his love of school has returned and he’s now looking forward to September. Lots of family posts coming up this week so stay tuned.


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9 Responses to YOP Year 2 Update

  1. soknitsome says:

    It’s frustrating but I can totally understand you frogging your work until you get it perfect. Good luck with finishing this week!

  2. Kepanie says:

    Oh boy, how frustrating for you to have to frog again and again. This new size looks great and a lot bigger and roomier. I love seeing the color combo every time.
    How does your school year run? We (public) run from the third week of August to the end of May. We have to 180 days of school.

    • Ruth says:

      We also have around the 180 mark for school days we start the start of Sept, well 30th August this year and normally run until around now in June.

  3. Linda S says:

    I still love the bag and the colors no matter the size. Fingers crossed that you get it done.


  4. Emma says:

    Wow, you are dedicated to perfection, frogging twice. And it seems to have been worth it, it looks great!

  5. Sandy says:

    Love the colors, I’m confident you’ll get it done..you always do! Here I am, confused as I think I’m posting the last post for our 2013 and the threads locked so I can’t even link…sigh, apparently even though today is the end of the month …today was suppose to the start not the end? argh

    Being bright in school can be very difficult, there’s lots of resentment. My DD was always well ahead is school, not just with her ability, but her maturity level too. We switched schools and she flourished being surrounded by other bright interested students. Lots of luck!

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