WIP Wednesday


For todays post I’m checking in as normal with Tami and Ginny

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

Another wonderfully sunny day in this part of the world and after this post I’m heading out to enjoy it with the children.

On the left is a Lucy bag from Attic 24’s blog. This one is for Caoimhe for her birthday and although in this pic looks slightly pink it in shades of purple. I wanted a smaller darker stripe running through it so I played around with the pattern to get it, I have other ideas with this but you’ll have to wait to see those !

On the right is as far as I got with casting on the second Milo vest from last week.

I’ve been reading Friendship Bread and listening to Gone Girl.


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4 Responses to WIP Wednesday

  1. Kepanie says:

    This start of the bag is terrific, Ruth. I love the color combo and how it’s coming out. That is one great, warm orange for a Milo vest. I admit I do shop by bookcover eye candy. I hope that Bread one is a good one.

  2. Linda S says:

    Your crocheting is putting me to shame Ruth. Love all your projects.


  3. Oh, she’ll love that bag when it’s done! I like your dark stripe in it too….really makes the colors stand out more against the white. I’ve been working outside a lot…mowing, gardening etc. It’s hard to find time to do hand work until I fall into bed and then I want to read and I’m even too tired for that. Fresh air! Wonderful but very tiring!
    I want to try a MIlo vest ever since I found out it could be for boys too. I also saw another design of hers I liked. KIm says her patterns are great.

  4. kimmery4 says:

    Lucky girls! I love your projects, Ruth. The book does have a pretty cover–and I am getting ready to start a book found here on your blog, I think!

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