YOP Year 2 Update


I’ve just realised we have a little over 4 weeks left of this year for year of projects !

This week has seen a little more work on projects than last, mainly due to the fact that I’ve had to sit and amuse Elizabeth more as she is good but is hurtling around like normal or thinking she’s fine and suddenly falls and hurts herself again. We are due back to the dr Tuesday week  and I dread to think what the x-ray will show !

I finished the market bag I was crocheting for my cousin’s birthday. It turned out lovely and I think will make a wonderful beach bag. I’m going to get round to crocheting one for myself for my books to take them to and from the library.

Market Bag

Market Bag

Market Bag

Market Bag

I also finished the Milo Vest and thanks to the hints and tips I got on Wednesdays WIP from other ladies who have knit this I added an extra inch or two to the length so Lady Evelyn will get a little longer. This will fit her come September and hopefully as she get’s her feet under her some then and slims down as they do it will last a good few months. So thank you for all who gave the advice, its hints like that, that end up being invaluable ! I just need to block this now but here’s a picture before blocking. As you can see it is in a lovely pale shade of pink and the girls chose the X +O’s cable for Evelyn’s vest.

Unblocked Milo Vest

Unblocked Milo Vest

I have also been working on the cushion cover and it is nearing the stage of putting together so we shall see now how that goes !

This week I’m hoping to get the cushion cover complete, block the vest and work on if not finish Alan’s stormy sky socks. I want to get as many wip’s out of the way before the end of this year’s yop, leaving a clean slate for next year.

Now I have the chance to get some knitting machines from my grandmother who is no longer able to knit but I don’t know the first clue about knitting on them, she has the instructions so I’m not worried about figuring it out but I kind of feel this is cheating a little at knitting ! What are your thoughts on knitting machines ?

Finally before I leave you I have some pictures of Lady Evelyn, Elizabeth was not in the mood this week with her arm for pictures but Evelyn was a willing model, I can’t wait for the summer when I’ll have all the children to take photos off.

Here she is sitting up in her play pen playing safely with her toys, I don’t quite trust the sitting up yet as she is still at the stage of just flopping back lying down when the mood strikes and that does nothing for a momma’s heart !


Lady Evelyn

Lady Evelyn

Lady Evelyn

Lady Evelyn

Ruairi this week got some funny glasses in school as a prize, well his best friend Jake (who he calls Duke and has done from they met last September lol) and him both got some so had great sport on Friday evening playing around with them on. Here he is modelling them for me !

Ruairí modelling his funny glasses

Ruairí modelling his funny glasses

Always being a great boy to share and involve his sister, I really think he sees her as someone to silent go along with his games lol decided to let Evelyn model them also and who could resist snapping a photo of that, I sure couldn’t !

Lady Evelyn playing it cool and modelling

Lady Evelyn playing it cool and modelling

This photo is just to funny for words and makes me laugh whenever I catch a glimpse of it ! I think it’s her expression combined with the glasses !

Now that I’ve finished showing off family photos I’m off to check out everyone’s work.



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17 Responses to YOP Year 2 Update

  1. Gracey says:

    Love the markey bag…the Milo came out great….and I need a pair of those glasses…

  2. Renee Anne says:

    She is adorable and she will love her little Milo vest. I added it to my YOP list for this week. It’s been in my queue for awhile now so I thought it might be time to get going on it. I don’t know if I should make the biggest one for Little Man, though…I probably will. We’ll see how things go.

    • Ruth says:

      It really is such a quick and delightful knit. I’m knitting one each for my other girls, they picked their colours and we ordered their yarn so hopefully this week it will arrive.

  3. Karoline says:

    Congratulations on finishing your bag and vest, they’re lovely.

    Cute photos of the kids, loved the one of Lady Evelyn wearing the glasses

  4. Linda S says:

    Congrats on the great finishes Ruth. I love the market bag. Adorable pics of the kids as always.


  5. mary says:

    Ruth you’ve become great at crochet..I love family pics with silly kids and am very glad Elizabeth is on the mend.

  6. Okay, now I have to remember everything you said so I can comment…but not necessarily in order of how you said them! LOL! As for the knitting machine, I’ve never used one but as a mother of 8 children (you, not me) I would dare to say that anything you can do to lighten your load could never be considered cheating! LOL!
    I love the market bag and the flowers turned out so cute on it. I’ve crocheted for years and yet you pick it up and are off and running with items that look way better than mine! How did you do that? You are like Wonder Woman! You’re so talented! Of course, I have to make one now too! Ha! Ha!
    I hope the doctor goes well this next week and little Elizabeth is healing up just fine. My heart goes out to you and her. And Lady Evelyn, if she doesn’t have the most beautiful smile…her pictures always warm my heart……except for the one with the glasses! LOL! What a hoot they both are in those glasses…too funny! Especially since my eyes really look like that lately with allergies. I don’t really have allergies but I mowed the grass the other day and it was windy and they got pretty irritated and looked like those “funny eyes”!
    Well, my list will not even be close to complete but I’ll be smarter this year…I hope? I always have BIG plans in everything but it’s fun to dream BIG! Take care and give all those gorgeous children a big hug for me!

    • Ruth says:

      Half the enjoyment I think is making a BIG list, I always do and I never ever complete it but I’m ok with that as I love to set the bar high and aim as best I can for it. Hope your allergies ease soon, they really don’t sound like much fun ! Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment on my crochet, I’ve always loved it and until this year when I made a real effort to get stuck in and not be daunted by it, I have to say I love it ! I keep wondering what next I might be able to make lol. I’m going to make one of those bags for my library book bag also as I love it so much and my berry and biscuit bag as I call it is getting so much use ! It seems I’ve found a way to feed my love of bags lol.

  7. The market bag is great – it will make a fabulous beach bag. Love the little flower ornaments too. The screwball glasses are awesome on both kids!

  8. Sarah says:

    Oh my goodness, those glasses are too funny!! I love it!

    Your Milo turned out adorable, I love that pale pink. I did the XO pattern on my Milo this month as well. Yours is sweet and stands out so nicely! I’m glad you added the inches – I just realized my two year old Millie is probably going to be able to wear her 18 month size one for until she is at least 2 1/2 because of the extra length I had knit onto it so hopefully Evelyn will be able to get lots of wear out of hers too!

    Thanks also for your thoughts on left-handed knitting in your comment on my blog!

  9. Kepanie says:

    LOL! That’s like Mad Eye Moody eyes! Hilarious, especially on the baby! I hope your other daughter isn’t suffering with her arm injury.

  10. Kepanie says:

    Oh and bag is terrific! Love the addition of those little flowers.

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