Sweet or Savoury Saturday

I’ve been meaning to get back to posting my recipes for some time and I’ve decided to carve out some time on Saturdays to share them here.

I’ve titled it Sweet or Savoury and I do honestly cook meals obviously for the children but that never excites me as much as sweet items and dessert, if I could I’d have dessert first everytime ! I will share some Savoury recipes but do expect a lot more sweet recipes !

So in true fashion the first I’ve chosen is this Orange and Chocolate Cheesecake. It’s a no bake, doesn’t use any gelatine, obviously you can if you want, and is the easiest peasiest recipe ever. I have two go to versions of no bake quick and easy cheesecake recipes that I use constantly I just mix it up with different flavours. The original cheesecake recipe was a strawberry one that I will eventually get to share but for Lady Evelyn’s christening I decided to try out a new flavour so this is what I came up with.

Orange and Chocolate Cheesecake

Orange and Chocolate Cheesecake

Orange and Chocolate Cheesecake

Ingredients :

For the base :

400g Digestive Biscuits – crushed

125g Butter- melted

For the Cheesecake filling :

450g Cream Cheese

200ml Fresh Cream – lightly whipped

125g Icing Sugar

1 Orange Jelly – made up and cooled, not set though.

1 Orange – juiced and zested

For the Chocolate Sauce :

150 g plain dark chocolate

150ml cream

Method :

  1. Mix the crushed digestive biscuits with the melted butter and place in a spring release tin and chill in the fridge for at least 20 minutes to set.
  2. In the meantime make the chocolate sauce by melting the chocolate with the cream in a bowl over a saucepan of simmering water. Remembering to not let the water touch the bowl. Leave this to cool once all the chocolate is melted and mixed with the cream. It needs to be cool to work with it for the cheesecake.
  3. Mix the cheese and sugar together until mixed.
  4. Add the lightly whipped cream and fold in.
  5. Add the orange zest and then add a little of the cooled jelly and the orange juice. You are aiming for a dropping consistency. You only need a little of the cool jelly so you can add all of the fresh orange juice if needed. The fresh orange zest will give it the most orange flavour though so that is essential. The jelly is only to help it set better although it is possible for them to set without it also you just have to make a thicker consistency.
  6. Pour onto set base.
  7. Now you have two options for adding the chocolate. You can add a little of the chocolate to the mixture once you’ve poured it onto the base and marble it in using a skewer to get this affect or you can do like I did and leave the cheesecake to set for a couple of hours and then pour a very thin layer of the chocolate sauce over the top and pop back into the fridge and leave to set until the chocolate is hard.
  8. I tend to make mine the day before so the next day I garnished with  a fresh orange twist and popped the side on the tin and enjoyed !
  9. If like me most of the time you’re not counting calories a dollop of cream is wonderful along with it, not necessary but lovely nonetheless.

It’s not the best picture as the day of the christening I was lucky to nab once last slice to photograph as it was gone in double quick time so I definitely need to improve my food pictures but it was a testament to how delicious it was that there were none left to get a proper picture of. In future I will take them before !

I have a few more desserts from that day to share and I’m doing the desserts for Caoimhe and my Dad’s upcoming birthday in June. They both share the same birthday, June 23rd, and this year my Dad celebrates his 60th so we are celebrating with a whole party weekend and all the family are getting together. Birthday meal for the grown ups on the Friday and bbq with bouncy castle on the Saturday and birthday party for them both on Sunday.  As I come from a family of 7 and we are now all grown with our own families it is going to be huge ! I can’t wait. My brother is taking care of the food, as he is an actual chef times like this it comes in handy and as I said I am doing desserts ! So lots of upcoming recipes but like I said more on the sweet end than the savoury. I’ll have to mix it up some !


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4 Responses to Sweet or Savoury Saturday

  1. Book Blather says:

    This sounds much easier than a baked cheese cake, I might give it a go! Thanks!

  2. Kepanie says:

    I live how you treat yourself to yummy looking desserts!

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