WIP Wednesday

 WIP Wednesday

For today’s post I’m checking in with Tami and Ginny so head over to check out all the other interesting blogs taking part today.

This Wednesday sees me working on two main projects, there are others but they will keep for another Wednesday post.

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

On the left in the pale pink is the Milo Vest I’m knitting for Lady Evelyn.

On the right is the cushion back I’m working on, it’s very nearly complete.

I’m reading The Malice Box by Martin Langfield and listening to The Cloud Maker by Patrick Woodhead.




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25 Responses to WIP Wednesday

  1. Heather says:

    I love the Milo Vests I have seen. I should look into knitting one for my little nephew and my littlest, but they grow so fast!

  2. Linda S says:

    Love both the pieces your working on Ruth.


  3. Love the colours in your cushion back, it’s so cheerful 🙂

  4. The cushion back looks amazing. Love the colours!

  5. Your cushion is lovely!

  6. I love both projects and can’t wait to see Lady Evelyn wearing the vest and the cushion all put together…great job on both! There isn’t one thing you’ve ever made that I don’t love! Great minds think alike, I guess! LOL!

  7. mistea says:

    Nice cheerful colours for the cushion, looks like an alternate front.
    Pretty little vest.

  8. kimmery4 says:

    OH! Such a lovely soft pink for little Evelyn–how gorgeous she will look in it. It is such a great pattern and I agree with others, it is one that will grow with a child if you make it a little longer to start with. My daughter told me that the girls wore theirs a lot before they outgrew them last year. They add a nice layer of warmth without the bulkiness of sleeves which a sweater provides…..

    • Ruth says:

      Thanks Kim, as someone who has knitted a few of them its great to know the hints and tips that is needed to make it last especially for little ones who grow so fast!

      • Sarah says:

        Oh hey, that’s my mom commenting about my girls! I was about to comment the same thing – the Milos are so lovely for wearing around the house and they are great under a coat for outside too since you don’t have to thread bulky sweater sleeves under coat sleeves – not to mention they are really cute! My 25 month old is still wearing the 18 month size one I made last spring. I love your sweet soft pink, it is gorgeous!

      • Ruth says:

        Oh Hi Sarah, what a small world ! Huge congrats on little Rosie I just love checking out your Mom’s blog to see your gorgeous girls 🙂 I just finished Evelyn’s one and knit it a little longer. It should when shes ( mths and do her a while. I am off to check out your blog now ! thank you for stopping by mine and I hope your getting to rest, not always easy I know with little ones.

  9. Karoline says:

    Your wips look lovely

  10. Annie says:

    Love the cushion cover!

  11. Kepanie says:

    I love how you’re getting mileage out of that Milo Vest pattern. Your granddaughters will be adorable in them.

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